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  • Summer Safety

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    We all want to enjoy our Summer but there are safety measure that must be taken and widsom must be use in doing so that everyone is safe and still have a good time.  I will share with you some of the most common health hazards that take place during the Summer and what you can do to have a safe and fun Summer

  • LIF Talk with Cherie-Featuring Christal Hardy-"Organo Gold Distributor"

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    Christal Hardy
    “I am more than you see”- “I wasn’t born to fit in, I was born to stand out- That’s why I’m OUTSTANDING!
        Christal is an energetic, caring, motivated & loving mother of 2 boys ages (10) Lonnie Jr. & (9) Maurice Mills.  Christal desires to leave a legacy and a family business for her children.   She is a twin, and amazingly has twin brothers.  She has been a resident of North East Philadelphia for 14 years but a native to Burlington, NJ. Her mission is to help people make an educated decision on choosing a healthier beverage & personal care items. Being a part of Organo Gold is like a ministry within itself.   The testimonials alone of how Organo Gold products have helped her family and friends & her personal testimony are amazing!     She has seen that Leadership is”key” to being successful. Back in 2010, Christal received her first experience of volunteerism  & charitable initiatives when her sister Christena  Hardy (CEO) of The Chosen Generation Project, appointed her to be the V.P of Marketing, Treasurer, and Public Relations. Christal was recently honored at Anne Frank Elementary School for a Volunteer Luncheon Tea. She has been a vendor at the Women’s Conference at the Bright Hope Baptist Church, and in June, she was a part of the 300Kings & Queens Teen Summit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  On deck she will soon be in the “Coffee News”, which is a fun, family weekly publication provided FREE to restaurants, coffee shops and waiting areas in the Bucks County area.  
    Website: www.christalhardy1.organogold.com  215-680-2544, Instagram: cjshealthyessentials, email:,chardy751@gmail.com or chardy751@clear.net
    Facebook: Organo gold gourmet beverages and personal care items

  • The Gluten Free Voice with Jules Shepard

    in Health

    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and advocate Jules Shepard hosts a weekly show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips and otherwise lively conversation.

  • Unraveling Your Food Mood!

    in Nutrition

    One of the hardest things about overcoming emotional eating habits is that you just can’t stop eating to alleviate the problem! Learn the 3 secrets to unravelling your “food mood” and overcoming emotional eating once and for all with Registered Dietitian Susie Garcia.

  • #TheHotCorner with @drrayt

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    In this show Dr. Raymond Tolmos, a Miami Chiropractor, speaks about health, sports, slow pitch softball, current events, and whatever the listeners want to chime in about. This radio show is meant to be interactive, informative, and entertaining. There will be lots of great information and insight given. Listen in and try to keep up with #TheHotCorner! @DrRayT @ISPSO

  • A Message to my Sister: I've Got a Testimony

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    A Message to my Sister: I've Got a Testimony is a powerful show focused on Breast Cancer.  Women from all of the world will call in to discuss their fight and victory over Breast Cancer and how it has affected the Friends and Families.
    The HOST of the show - Victorianne Russell is a breast cancer survivor.  For more information about Ms. Russell go to www.tlc-global.org


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  • Recurring Episode

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    This is just a test show.

  • Encouragement from NSDF - Seize the Day!

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    Tonight NSDF brings our listeners, present and future, Encouragement.  Why is encouragement necessary? Because without feeling positive support in your everyday life, living with seizure disorder can be fatal. Over the years many have come to us on the brink of choosing isolation or worse because they have no encouragement to keep moving ahead and discover the good in thier every day life. 
    Do you find welcoming encouragement a challenge? Call in and let's talk about it 1(646) 721-9207
    Gratitude 4 tonight's sponsor: The Advocate (Dickson TN)
    Celebrating:  Tools of Letting Go   Guardian of the Night K9 

  • DSMA Live with Jay Haapala - Flying on Insulin!

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    Jay Haapala is a high school student in West Virginia who's on his way to becoming a private pilot! In May he applied for a FAA Third Class Medical certificate and after 1.5 months of persistant hard work and effort he is now legally allowed to fly an aircraft solo and eventually fly as a private pilot. 
    Tune in as we hear Jay's story and take a journey through the clouds with him!

  • Dialysis Talk

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    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.
    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.
    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC
    15 years advocating, and consulting within dialysis care.
    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

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