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  • WTF - w/Kevin A. Phillips - Creating a FUNctional LIFE!

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    With more and more people being diagnosed each day with a Brain Injury as a result of truama, unemployment is on the rise. It was Ortega Y Gasset who defined "Genius", as the ability to invent ones occupation. As the World's first OFFICIAL TBI THRIVER, Kevin dares to share his insight and experiences to inspire others with Brain Injuries to create a More FUNctional LIFE using a unique perspective with "WTF?". THIS WEEK:  
    Tune in this week to add another perspective to your daily repertoire.  If there is something in particular you would like to hear Kevin discuss, join us on Fridays and share in the chat room with the "Marvelous Maggie" (Kevin's 24/7 Partner and Professional Care Assistant)

  • Your Health, Your Choice--At least for NOW!

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    The more complicated our world gets, with unprecedented health threats assaulting us from every side, the more important it is for us as individuals to take our health back, and understand our options. It has been easy up to now to live in default mode, assuming that our govt and its agencies have had our best interests at heart, only to wake up to the possibilities that profits and other agendas may have been prioritized over our health and wellness all along. We still have opportunity to share ideas and solutions that work, but may not always be so blessed to have access to the resources we often take for granted. Your Health, Your Choice looks at the best ways to support our spirit, mind and body with the best natural, (often low cost or even free) options that are easy to obtain and to use. Join host Sandy Bloomfield as she explores the many facets of your health, and the choices you have - at least for now!

  • The Dark Side: Healthcare Providers - Providers Make the Worst Patients

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    The dark side revolves around the fact that people don’t talk about how when we are sick, how badly we treat those that take care of us. But it’s also a matter of how providers communicate with patients when they are to the point where patience is thin. Good healthcare is based upon communication and is a creative process and it involves understanding. Sometimes it involves seeing things from a different perspective. A trend that I’ve noticed as a patient and as a provider is that neither patient nor provider tends to acknowledge or express that there is a conflict. This is Counter productive and Unpleasant for both parties.

  • Ehon Radio

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    Call in 7nights 11pm #646-200-0966

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    Get Your Life On Track: Knowing What's Coming with Vic Ketis

    in Health

    People often say that they would have done things differently in hindsight... But, what if there were ways that you could have an idea of what is on the way? 
    Guest: Vic Ketis
    Vic is the founder and principal of the Australian Academy of Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and I Ching, a leading provider of education in Australia which presents extensive courses and programs for practitioner training and general interest subjects.
    Host: Lucinda Curran
    Join us to find out more about "the future."

  • Skinny Fiber Vibe At 5

    in Weight Loss

    Skinny Fiber Vibe at 5 was created for motivation and inspiration to the masses! OurWarOnWeight with Skinny Body Care is an AMAZING JOURNEY that is raising Obesity Awareness across the world at a very fast pace!!! Networking with Dream Chasers and Motivators around the world with SuperMom Stepping Outside The Box and taking a stand to REACH ALL THAT REACH BACK and shocking the world with facts, reality, real results and testimonies from real people! Making a lucrative income from the COUCH! After joining us as we kick off to a new era of exposure please feel free to watch my 5 minute video and take the FREE TOUR at www.MySkinnyDream.com
    We also offer the 90 Day Challenge on every episode where you can prepare your body to lose weight with one of the safest most lightweight supplement on the planet....and it FLAT OUT WORKS!!!!
    I am so proud to be a part of a company that not only supplies an AWESOME weight loss product that gets the job but where the people we team up with extend life long friendships and top of the line training from the best in the industry....Follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/QueenSupreme2012 or check out the The 90 Day Challenge at www.SkinnyFiber90Dayz.com

  • Fighting to get back, fighting to heal black

    in Health

    Fighting to get back, Fighting to heal black. How do we heal the Black family? How do we create opportunities to act on the BLACK CRISIS in Memphis? How can our platforms shed light on the problems, causes, solutions and REAL CATALYST FOR CHANGE. What has happen to the black man? what happen to you black Man?Do you realize you have stopped the Black family? Did you forget how to love your BLACK WOMAN?

  • Morning Connection - More Than Just Muscles

    in Fitness

    It's a brand new day and this is our "Morning Connection"! This is your daily ritual to start your day off focusing on what you REALLY want most in life.
    In this daily podcast, six-time National Bodybuilding Champion Skip La Cour discusses strategies that help you become more successful both inside AND outside of the gym.
    Get your daily dose of motivation and mental toughness! Have Skip's Morning Connection tips emailed to you bright and early every morning. Go here now to sign up for them.
    Skip La Cour owns Mass Machine Nutrition. He is also is a one-on-one coaching specialist for those wanting to take their bodies AND lives to a higher level. Skip holds you accountable to the success and promises you've made to yourself with weekly 30-minute coaching sessions that take place on the same day and at the same time. Go here now for more information.

  • Health and Wellness By Jean

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    Listen in and learn what foods from the earth can address illness, hear what the doctors will not tell us, and prepare yourself for a healthier, more complete you in 2014.  Meet Mzjeen at www.onespiritmanagement.org and join our blog.  Position yourself for residual income by visiting www.jeanzgold.com (click products and services).  Let us determine that we will be well, and that we will accumulate wealth this year.

  • "FOOD~Getting the right fuel for your body."

    in Nutrition

    If your body was a car, what types of fuel would you need to work efficiently?
    Are you giving your body regular unleaded ~when you need super unleaded?
    Solutions to help you perform at optimal levels on our next blog talk radio show.   Join us on Saturday morning at 8:30

  • Natural Ways to Avoid and Control Diabetes

    in Health

    The latest Morbidity and Mortality report (MMWR) released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that from 1995 to 2010, there was at least a 100% increase in the prevalence of diagnosed diabetes cases in 18 states. Forty-two states saw an increase of at least 50%.
    Earlier this year, a report in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine estimated that 42% of the U.S. population will be obese by 2030 and an additional 30 million Americans will be obese in 18 years.
    Obesity is a major risk factor for Type 2 diabetes, and like the increased prevalence in diagnosed diabetes cases, the rate of obesity in the United States also increased over the last decade, although it now appears to have steadied.
    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as we discuss why diabetes is on the rise and your natural and medical options for prevention, control and cures.
    Call into the studio with your questions and/comments: 347-945-7433.

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