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  • GirlTrek Church Challenge & 9-Day Prayer Trek Launch

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    Tune in to find out more about GirlTrek, a national movement of Black women and girls inspired to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives.  For more information, please visit www.girltrek.org.

  • Health & Nutrition News with Joyce Goodman

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    Joyce Goodman reviews all the things you'll ever need to know about health and nutrition and well-being.  She hosts a show with Peter Mingils on the Building Fortunes Radio "Health and Nutrition News" segment every Tuesday at 8:30 PM Eastern on http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com
    Building Fortunes Radio.... Learn how everyday people do extra ordinary things to build a fortune.
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  • Heavy Metal Intoxication

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    This episode will discussion all aspects of metal toxicity with the following metals
    - Mercury
    - Aluminum
    - Lead

  • DSMA en Vivo: Conversando con Claudia Longo acerca de la diabetes en Argentina

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    La diabetes tipo 1 está muy cerca del corazón de Claudia, su esposo vive con diabetes tipo 1 y ella ha aprendido a ser apoyo para este. Además Claudia es muy activa en su ciudad de Bariloche, llevando información a los miembros de su comunidad tocados por la diabetes. 

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    Episode 29: Orthorexia

    in Nutrition

    Because we've both had experience with eating disorders, we're sensitive to the symptoms and problems surrounding them. Orthorexia is defined as an obsession with eating healthy foods. There could be worse things, right? Well...not necessarily. While it's awesome to buy local, look for the organic label, and try to purchase and eat foods that are close to nature, it's a problem when it gets out of hand. We discuss the signs of orthorexia, what symptoms suggest you have a problem, and how to handle eating out when you do have dietary restrictions. 

  • Your Body After Cancer Treatment

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    "Although your treatment has ended, you are still coping with how it affects your body." In this second part of our current series, Mark Burright talks about fatigue and pain as it is related to the cancer journey after treatment. He'll give some suggestions about how to deal with these effects and things to discuss with your primary care provider. Join us for the next installment of this great series.

  • The Dr Synonymous Show

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    Dr Synonymous (Pat Jonas, MD) reviews blogs, tweets and the medical literature.  He is a Board-Certified Family Physician who is holistic minded and curious about the human condition.
    Listen in as he reflects on the health care system, Family Medicine and holistic health.

  • Over the Top Radio - Bicycle Law with Bob Mionske

    in Fitness

    Bob Mionske joins us tonight to discuss current issues facing cyclists and will field your questions.  He is a nationally-known cycling lawyer and advocate for the rights of cyclists. A former U.S. Olympic and pro cyclist, Bob amassed a record of over 100 wins during his racing career. Bob represented the United States in the 1988 games in Seoul, South Korea, where he made the winning break in the men’s Individual Road Race, finishing in fourth place.  In 1990, Bob was the U.S. National Champion in the Men’s road race.  Bob again made the United States Olympic team for the 1992 games in Barcelona, Spain, assisting teammate Lance Armstrong to a fourteenth-place finish. Bob turned pro after the 1992 games, racing for Team Saturn for one season, and then retired to become director of the team for 1993.
    At the end of that season, Bob left pro cycling behind and headed off to law school. After passing the bar exam, Bob set up the first bicycle law practice in the nation representating professional racers and defending the legal rights of weekend warriors, commuters, and messengers. Bob also began writing his internationally accaimed bicycle law column, Legally Speaking, featured on VeloNews.com. Bob's perspective on bicycle law and the rights of cyclists has also been featured in national magazines, including Esquire, Bicycling, and Outside.
    You are welcome to join the conversation.

  • #Suicide Awareness Month w/ @ConsultBrandy

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    Joining the show tonight to talk suicide awareness will be mental health therapist, Brandy J. Flynn.  Brandy was recently voted Best in Black Memphis Best Consulting / Professional Service for her efforts in the mental health field.  I welcome her back to the show to preview her upcoming seminar: Breaking the Barrier of Mental Health: Suicide Awareness Month.
    We will discuss how people should pay attention to kids when they cry for help, who has the highest rate of suicide, and more!  Below is a summary of what's to come from her 9/27 seminar:
    This will be the platform where we can come together to vent, educate, advocate, and possible intervene and prevent suicide form occurring with a love one. Do you know the signs of suicide? Do you know what to do when someone tells you that they want to kill themselves? What if they took the action of suicide? You will gain the answers to these questions and more at the panel talk. I hope to see you there.
    Wear yellow for Suicide Awareness Month!
    Show No. 397
    Interview 20-30 mins.
    Other topics: TBA and NFL Week 4 Preview
    Show scheduled for 120 mins.

  • Better Healthcare and Dental Options in America

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    Are you one of the 44 million uninsured -- or underinsured -- Americans seeking healthcare today? Do you know your coverage options with the arrival of Affordable Care Act?
    Tonight we'll be talking with expert Todd Meddings, who has sold more than 16 million health insurance policies. Todd will shed light on why individual insurance is so costly, why policies get cancelled, how the ACA will affect your bottom line at tax time in 2015 and other options for affordable care.
    Topics include:
    Why are people conditioned to think health insurance is the only healthcare option? Why is insurance so expensive? How much is Obamacare really costing people? What are the other options beyond traditional insurance? To learn more about affordable health coverage options, call us at 800-480-5770 or 720-663-9815 or visit http://www.benefits-for-everyone.com.
    Thanks for listening!

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    Excuse Me, Your Hormones are Showing

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    Our guest today is Puja Madan, the creator of WildRadiantWoman.com. and our topic is understanding our hormonal blueprint for healthy, happy living. Our host, Shirley Gutkowski, will dive deep to find out what we can do to have more balance in our life related to our often out of control hormones.  Why do they get out of control and what can we do about it. 
    Puja also offers powerful  wellness and productivity programs for women entrepreneurs and leaders, empowering them through lifestyle choices. Her formats vary - online courses, 1-on-1 coaching, workshops and relaxing retreats, but her mission remains the same: to support women live their healthiest, happiest life. An MBA and a graduate of the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Puja also writes regularly for publications such as the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, ElephantJournal, Complete Wellbeing and others. Puja has been practicing and teaching meditation since 2002. She combines the wisdom of the East with practical techniques of the West that create powerful results for women who work with her. 
    Join us today for a peek into the world of your hormones, it may just change your life.

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