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  • In Short Order -- Mary Bell

    in Health

    Mary Bell has been a spiritual healer, author and teacher for over 20 years.
    Do you have a physical trauma? Are you dealing with depression and grief? Do you have a physicial illness? Have you experienced an emotional trauma? Are you or someone you love dealing with PTSD? If you or someone you know is suffering, please tune in for this amazine show.
    Join us in the chat room or call in at 718-664-9291 with questions and comments.

  • Low Testosterone In Men

    in Health

    What is testostorone? How is it metabolized? What happens if it is too low in men?  When should it be prescribed? Are there natural ways to increase testosterone?
    Listen to the docs at AIMS clinic in Tempe, AZ to learn all about testosterone, how it is made and metabolized, what it does in men, what happens when it is low and how physicians can help men with Low T. 

  • Losing a Child to a Congenital Heart Defect

    in Health

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000200 EndHTML:0000003747 StartFragment:0000002470 EndFragment:0000003711 SourceURL:file://localhost/Volumes/USB%20DISK/H2Hw-Anna%20Series%201%20Program%20Schedule.doc “Losing a Child to a Congenital Heart Defect.” is an extremely emotional show, and it doesn’t have the happy outcome we’d love for all of our shows to have, but I believe it’s an extremely important topic and one that warrants our attention. To consciously decide not to talk about how many children we lose to CHDs would do a disservice to the thousands of innocent lives lost each year. During this show we honor not only the children we will talk about today with three loving mothers, but we also honor all children and adults who have died because of their congenital heart defects.
    While the United States death rate from congenital heart defects dropped 24% from 1999 to 2006 among children and adults, there are far too many people dying from congenital heart defects. Today we will talk with three mothers whose children died too soon. We’ll hear about mothers’ experiences with having a stillborn baby, a baby post-Norwood and an adult child who died long after it was thought she would.

  • Red Door Spas: What's New!

    in Health

    The Elizabeth Arden legacy is rich having its beginnings in 1910 with its first spa on 5th Avenue, New York City.  Elizabeth Arden was a suffragette and an advocate for women's freedoms and rights.  The red lipstick that the company came to be known for was a symbol of stregth and produced for the women serving in WWII.  In 1946 Ms. Arden was the first woman to ever be placed on the cover of Time magazine.  Clearly a forerunner of today's liberated women, Arden also promoted the holistic practices of healthful eating, yoga and skin care as the only foundational route to "beauty."  That sentiment is alive and well today at the multi-state locations of Red Door Spas.
    Find out more about the Arden tradition of beauty and wellness as we explore new treatment options at the spas including the speed service menu.  

  • PEMF Radio Show, sponsored by electromeds.com

    in Health

    Testimonies, continued discussion that most diseases can be avoided as well as pain, and naturally with PEMF's. Lose weight without even trying. Get the secret today!
    PEMF Pro Michael Alpough gives daily information concerning health and PEMF fields. 
    Join us weekdays 1 PM Pacific time for 30 minute of great information not being discussed in the main stream media.
    Get Healthy and get Wealthy by joining us daily for the PEMF radio show! 

  • Living With Hope : WEGO Health Awards

    in Health

    Part !!:
    Meet the winners of the 2014 WEGO Health Awards!

  • Who Owns Federally Funded Research Products?

    in Health

    Many important medications available today have been developed with public dollars and yet are costly to patients. The government, especially through the National Institutes of Health (NIH)  has funded many seminal research directly contributing to the discovery of transformative medicines. Congress enacted the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980 which allowed universities to patent the results of federally funded research and then license these patents to commercial entities. In 2013, Senator Patrick Leahy asked the NIH to expand the availability of Myriad’s genetic tests to identify BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 which predict high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The essential discoveries that made the test possible were developed with government funding and that the cost of the test ($3000) is unaffordable for millions of women; the request was denied.
    Undifferentiated stem cell separation technology used in bone marrow transplants was heavily supported by NIH funding, however, the procedure is extremely costly to the patient and unaffordable for patients without insurance.
    The retroviral drug, ritonavir- a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease inhibitor was developed with government funding to Abbott Laboratories and Columbia University. This is a major medicine for the treatment of HIV, but its pharmaceutical cost in America is 4 to 5 times higher than the same drug in other countries.
    Recently, patients with Fabry disease requested an open license for an enzyme replacement therapy developed with government funding at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and licensed to Genzyme. The NIH rejected the petition.

  • Complete Health Dentistry with Dr. Peter Boulden

    in Health

    Doctors of the USA welcomes Dr. Peter D. Boulden, DMD, FACE, FAGD, FIADFE, FACDS, dentist-owner of Atlanta Dental Spa and one of the most credentialed cosmetic and general dentists in the US, to talk about what are the specific steps required to improve the health of your mouth and, ultimately, restore your entire body to wellness. Listen in as he also shares the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry porcelains that are gorgeous, look like real teeth, and are created to recapture the smile of your youth without the need for sticky adhesives.
    Dr. Peter Boulden has an extensive and celebrated list of scholastic achievements in his field, beginning with the very prestigious distinction of Fellow to the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE), where he also serves as a member on the Advisory Board. The Academy (made up of the most renowned cosmetic dentists in the world) created an extensive, rigorous process to evaluate professionals who are committed to advanced learning, attention to detail, and clinical excellence. With only three Fellows in the State of Georgia, Dr. Boulden and his partner, Dr. Estep make up two of these prominent academic positions. Dr. Boulden is a master at the relationship between the smile and how it relates to facial symmetry and recently received his Fellowship in the International Academy of Dental Facial Esthetics.
    In the summer of 2011, Dr. Boulden also received his Fellowship to the Academy of General Dentistry making it his fourth fellowship.
    Check out the Atlanta Day Spa website.
    Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

  • Dr. Robert Echenberg will discuss PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder)

    in Health

    There is a fine line between pleasure and pain for many chronic pelvic pain patients.
    Dr. Echenberg, will be our guest to discuss:
    What is PGAD Whom it affects Therapys for PGAD Please join us.

  • HOT Health & Fitness Tips with Althea Moses, The Olympian

    in Fitness

    TOPIC: How can the Thermic Effect of Food burn additional calories after you've eaten a meal?
    Produced/hosted by Althea Moses, The Olympian with 
     30+ years of health & fitness experience.
    I trained 13 years (in the US) and became a:
    -Junior Olympic Gold Champion in the Triple-Jump
    -1996 Track Olympian in the TJ 
    -UCLA graduate (BA & MA)
    -Founder & Fitness Director at Althea Moses Health & Fitness Co.
    -Published Author of Two Things Menopausal Women Can Do To Lose Weight & Keep It Off
    -Inventor of the innovative fitness technique, Circlemark Circle Hand Gesture
    -Creator & Fitness Director of the innovative fitness exercise & class, ALTHEA  
    My goal:
    *Provide HOT Health & Fitness Tips from an Olympian's & other global health/fitness experts' point of views 
    *Provide information needed to make nutritional & fitness choices.
    *Help you choose to live & maintain an active, healthier lifestyle - one step at a time. 
    First Lady, Michelle Obama, created the Let's Move! program for kids to move their bodies & reduce child obesity.
    I've created, ALTHEA, to move your body & teach you how to manage & lose weight to reduce obesity, feel & look better within...minutes - and have awareness about your love, power, sacred space, and wholesomeness. 
    Phone: 800-693-5458 or 310-740-1157
    This show is for adults & educational purpose. We do not claim to treat, cure, prevent, or mitigate any disease or illness. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise or dietary program.

  • The Gluten Free Voice with Jules Shepard

    in Health

    Gluten-free expert, author, coach and advocate Jules Shepard hosts a weekly show offering news, interviews with intriguing guests, gluten-free baking tips and otherwise lively conversation.

  • A Message to my Sister: I've Got a Testimony

    in Health

    A Message to my Sister: I've Got a Testimony is a powerful show focused on Breast Cancer.  Women from all of the world will call in to discuss their fight and victory over Breast Cancer and how it has affected the Friends and Families.
    The HOST of the show - Victorianne Russell is a breast cancer survivor.  For more information about Ms. Russell go to www.tlc-global.org

  • #TheHotCorner with @drrayt

    in Health

    In this show Dr. Raymond Tolmos, a Miami Chiropractor, speaks about health, sports, slow pitch softball, current events, and whatever the listeners want to chime in about. This radio show is meant to be interactive, informative, and entertaining. There will be lots of great information and insight given. Listen in and try to keep up with #TheHotCorner! @DrRayT @ISPSO

  • The Body's Untold Superhero - The Liver

    in Health

    The Liver: Regulates your moods Filters toxins Creates bile for digestion Stores toxins when your body can't release them Creates hormones And more! Did you know the liver has over 500 functions? How to heal your liver? What is your liver really doing for you and what you can do for it?

  • Synergy of Life: Vegetarianism Part 2

    in Health

    On this week's show, Mikial and DJ will continue to discuss the true meaning and principles of vegetarianism as well as expose the false concepts of vegetarianism and holistic living. Also they will discuss preventing diseases starting in our childhood through holistic parenting. MIkial will also attempt to establish a peace treaty between those eating a animal base foods and plant base foods. Feel free to call in with your questions and comments at (914)338-0665.

  • Healing Frequency Week Part IV

    in Health

    As the week continues we will be dicussing more on Reiki and the impact that music plays in shaping and tuning the healing frequencies necessary to help the body heal and run at an optimum efficiency.  Callers to the show are welcome and questions can be emailed to info@phixyourhealth.com prior to and during the duration of the show.

  • Dialysis Talk "Dialysis Nurses Speak Out"!

    in Health

    "Dialysis Talk" would like you to join us in welcoming two brave and honest nurses that work in the dialysis industry.   We will conduct their interview anonymously (their names will not be given).   We at "Dialysis Talk" are respectful of all opinions.  They stated that they would like to give their side of the terminations that are going on everyday  in dialysis clinics nationwide.   Their Stance - It is justifiable  to terminate a patient using behavioral contracts.  Our Stance - It not justifiable to terminated  patients to die.  **We invited the ESRD Network but they declined our invitation.
    Patients are welcome to call in with any questions or comments.
    Frank discussions with Dialysis patient's, healthcare workers, doctors and clinics about care issues in Dialysis.
    An open forum to help patients and caregivers work together to improve training and the overall health of patients.
    Hosted by: Dialysis Advocates LLC
    15 years advocating, and consulting within dialysis care.
    For more information go to dialysisadvocates.com

  • Integrative Medicine: A Case Study

    in Health

    How does integrative medicine work? One of Dr. Ken Weizer's patients was diagnosed with melanoma cancer and went into decline. She began chemo, lost weight, her hair was gone, and she was emotionally and physically drained. But how is she doing now? Dr. Ken gives us a picture of how integrative medicine assisted her.

  • Wisdom of Women Talk Show featuring author Cynthia Luce

    in Health

    Join hosts Lynda Cheldelin Fell & Lori Leighton on the Wisdom of Women Talk Show on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at 7 pm pacific / 10 pm eastern time as they talk with Cynthia Luce, author of the book "Invisible Girl," about how to identify and help young girls at risk.  For show information, visit www.wowtalkshow.com.

  • Detoxifying our Body with Juicing: Denise and Ron Soderstrom

    in Health

    Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and guest, Denise and Ron Soderstrom who bring juicing to the forefront for detoxifying our body. 
    We'll be discussing the why's of detoxing our body, the process, guidelines as more and more people move into taking charge of their health and wellness and move into self care for more energy.
    Find out how they are aiding the wellness of their community and how they have improved Denise's level of functioning due to Multiple Sclerosis.
    Contact Denise and Ron Soderstrom via their website @

  • Working in Wild Places for Business

    in Health

    Integrity and authenticity are vital to the long-term success of your business.  In today’s fast changing and extremely turbulent marketplace, businesses and those that work for them are seeking new meaning and purpose as well as the skills to stay competitive and resilient.
    Wilderness work offers participants the opportunity to reconnect with nature and themselves, taking them away from the familiar, every day experience of work and home routines.  Nature is a great leveler and creates opportunities to learn organically, stretch ourselves and meet challenges with new inner strength and knowledge.
    Skilled facilitation maximises the link between experiences in the wild and personal and professional development for individuals and groups. Discovering new qualities and strengths, and returning to the workplace with fresh perspectives and confidence, is a vital part of the process.
    More info:

  • No BULL Weight Loss Radio - Diet

    in Weight Loss

    Host Jerome Armstrong brings you the TRUTH about losing body fat, losing weight, diet, exercise, and supplements and how to change YOUR body in the fastest, most efficient manner.
    For more information visit http://www.FiveSevenTraining.com or e-mail FiveSevenTraining@gmail.com

  • Getting Sober & Finding Recovery

    in Health

    Join Bob Zima, Frequent Flyer to Hell and Back, for thirty minutes of satirical lampooning and parody of dealing with and healing from the Bullsh!t of Life.
    Today, Bob tells the tales of his diagnosis of alcoholism and how he got his head out of his ass and his ass off of the couch to find sobriety. Wasn't easy.
    Bob is a fiery and outspoken motivational comic and performer who satirically and genuinely mixes his E-True Hollywood life story, psychological and theological education, counseling profession and humor into an action packed show of ideas, commentary and "WTF" just happened moments. Wanna heal? Then take a big gulp of the espresso.
    His shows are for mature,open minded adults who truly want to get their head out of their ass and their ass off of the couch then start living. Bob uses language and ideas to trigger reactions in people so be prepared.
    Visit my website.http://www.bobzima.com

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