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  • Comedy Playhouse - Prep-A-Zishun Preposterous

    in Comedy

    The Merriment begins in earnest - With only a Laugh a minute interludes
    with Verity Biz-Mouff providing the News she Chooses to Lose, Ms Misty Shores
    providing the latest Education Report via her hand puppet and co-conspirator Grady Flaytion.
    Some very Useful Zen Humor provided via the Sin-tallating Sin-sation Cintra
    The Latest Olympic News from our Bazillian Bombshelter of a Gal Ms Rita Bahia-Rio
    and with a Froward-flash  from the Perilous Past - with Senator Elect Ms. Gwendolyne of The Seventh Seas
    performing her interpretation from a Searing Censorship Tome a little piece entitled...
    Ya'll just have-ta be here!
    TUNE IN 8:30pm Friday (Eastern) and with just a wee bit of LUCK some Fluff from Bhagdad thrown in.... duck!
    produced for Florida Media Labs by that microscopic mime from MIME to yers
     Rick Spisak Writer / Producer / Director Comedy Playhouse

  • HIp Hop Fridays

    in Entertainment

    Weston World One Network: We are proud to play the hottest music from Unsigned to major Signed Artist with that heat. if you want to get your music on our show contact us at www.westonworldone.com click on contact. Go right now and download the free mobile App at the Google Play store search Weston World One ((((that's it That's all one click does it all))))

  • Legacy Of 1804 with Dayanne Danier #Haiti

    in Fashion

    Host Alice Backer of www.kiskeacity.com welcomes fashion designer Dayanne Danier of Fleur de Vie and Bien Abyé. Fleur de Vie takes place every fall and brings diaspora volunteers to Haiti for a back to school event. Bien Abyé is Dayanne's fashion line. (More at www.kiskeacity.com)

  • Conversations On Creativity With Susan Block and Dr. Paul Smith

    in Entertainment

    Susan Block and Dr. Paul Smith discuss the cognitive contribution towards the creative mind. This is the first of 6 series. 


    in Radio

    Welcome to Food Talk with Chef Ernesto, The coolest Chef on the planet!
    Join us as we talk with our friend and fellow chef
    Show airs at Friday 6pm Pacific!!!
    Click the link below to listen to the show.
    Or you can call in and listen on the phone. 213-769-0900. 

  • Why are the Bad Apple policemen using the Cowards Card so much?

    in Entertainment

    Discussing Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson who shot Michael Brown an african american. Wilson stated Michael tried to take his gun in the back seat of the squad car. I was not there I only examine from both sides.
    Eric Garner August 23, 2014 in Staten Island died from a chokehold from police officer for selling loose cigarettes, can you believe it!!!! A LOOSE CIGARETTE. I know what I saw on that video, and being a military veteran that was just COWARDLY what that officer did.  Maybe we should start a program to get every african american, mexican, asian and anyone else registered to be firearm qualified. HMMM, firearm dealers will make quadruple the money.
    What about the crooked cop Daniel Ken Holtzclaw, 27, a former collegiate standout football player at Eastern Michigan uniform in Oklahoma raping black women.
    Why are some of you blaming everything on whites and not policing yourselves and your neighborhoods? I have something to say to everyone that is part of this dynamic makeup, yes you all.  Some of you fake black politicians that only know the law of SELFISHNESS, african american citizens that will not RESEARCH who they vote for, if some of you vote at all. SOME of you SUNDAY SAINT SIDELINERS that are faker than the message you receive on your MAKE ME FEEL GOOD AND HOLY SUNDAY..and I'm just getting started on this group.
    ROOT DOCTORS OF SCRIPTURE using HYPNOVISION on weak minded believers and teaching greed on a SLY. Can you say GAYANA TRAGEDY and click your heels. Call in give your thoughts.
    (646) 668-8425

  • "Emotional Unavailability 101: The Ladies of Atlanta Ex's"

    in Radio

    Whether it’s songs, movies, or TV shows…Over the last 10 years, you’ve heard us use countless real life examples of Emotional Unavailability to illustrate many of the behaviors that prevent women from being found by the man that God ultimately has for them. Please join me on “The Dedan Tolbert Show” LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST as we discuss “Atlanta Ex’s: How to Forgive & Let Go of a Failed Relationship”. To hear an in depth analyzation of each situation depicted on the show and how they 100% mirror the vast majority of relationships in the black community, call 646 200 0366 or listen LIVE online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “REAL Radio that Matters”.

  • Where Does Ferguson Go From Here

    in Radio

    Now that Ferguson has received the attention of the world, where does the community go from here? How does this broken and hurting community UNIFY and change their city for the better? Will they have a massive voter registration drive that will sign up every unregistered voter in St. Louis County? If successful, wil...l they take their voting power and remove their current Governor, Mayor and District Attorney from office? Will they DEMAND a new Police Chief that will work for all the people of Ferguson and provide transparency in the police department? If Ferguson was able to accomplish these things, maybe people could begin to say Michael Brown's death was not in vain but brought about positive change for the city of Ferguson. Center Stage has covered the murder of Mike Brown for the past two weeks, please visit the links listed below to listen to the show. ( 1.) Mike Brown's Murder Catalyst for Unrest in Ferguson, Part I ( 2.) Mike Brown's Murder Catalyst for Unrest for Ferguson, Part II ( 3.) Spanish Lake and Its Connection to Unrest in Ferguson. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/centerstage/2014/08/16/mike-browns-murder-catalyst-for-unrest-in-ferguson http://www.blogtalkradio.com/centerstage/2014/08/23/mike-browns-murder-catalyst-for-unrest-in-ferguson-part-ii http://www.blogtalkradio.com/centerstage/2014/08/26/spanish-lake-and-its-connection-to-unrest-in-ferguson

  • free style friday's

    in Entertainment

    Call in get that shit off ya chest
    every friday on the woodgrain show

  • Off The Cuff! Should Black Entertainers By Held Accountable?

    in Entertainment

    This is a continuation of last shows topic. This episode of #OfftheCuff, The Guillotine Team gonna focus on Celebrity Accountability, Should we the Black Community hold more of these entertainers more accountable when serious scenarios like Mike Brown happen? Are they obligated to look out more for the Black Community or do you feel they done enough? We also gonna touch up on other topics such as our opinions in regards of the Mike Brown funeral, Why we need to BOYCOTT VMAs, Gillie Da Kidd vs Soulja Boy and others.  Gonna be alot of HEADS being chopped on this episode

  • "Takeover Fridays" with Az-Iz on Real Talk After Dark Radio--Sickle Cell/Charity

    in Entertainment

    Az-Iz and B Gerzy coming at ya for Real Talk After Dark Radio "Takeover Friday" edition with ya boy Az-Iz on the 1s&2s!!! We will be spinning HOT, indie music as well as covering some hot topics such as what it means to REALLY participate in charity as well as raising awareness for sickle cell anemia. It's gonna be another GREAT show as usual. We may even have a SPECIAL guest tonight discussing sickle cell with us so make sure you DO NOT miss the show!!! tune in by clicking the link or call (646)200-3396 after 9pm EST to tune in!!! #snowdat

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