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  • Episode 35: Back to School - What Parents Need to Know Before The School Year

    in Education

    This session of WADA ADA Live! will explore what parents need to know to help their child’s school year get off to a good start. Topics include establishing a good relationship with your child’s teachers and staff; helping a child who is very anxious about going back to school; who decides when an IEP should be scheduled; how to prepare for the IEP or 504 meeting; ideas for following up after the IEP/504 meeting; and what students with disabilities going on to college or vocational training need to know.
    Join Georgia Fruechtenicht, Special Education Parent Mentor for Coweta County School, as she answers some of the most common questions from parents about how to collaborate with teachers and staff to make the school year successful for their child.
    ADA listening audience, you can submit your questions about IDEA, 504 and ADA at any time on ADAlive.org.  

  • Stories From The Heart ~ 3rd August 2016

    in Education

    Please call in to join Libby and jolly Wednesday's at 5:30pm Eastern US time weekly, for sharing stories from the heart about both earthly experiences while moving through the matrix without a legal name, and spiritual connections to the big part of you, of who you really are! Sharing our stories is so valuable to both the teller and the ones listening. Standing in our power is so much fun. We stop feeding those who attempt to control us as we remember who we really are and we end all spiritual contracts with The Legal Name and with the entity that created it!! Come join us in this inflowment of empowerment. Check out more info about The Legal Name Fraud here: http://truthprevailsallways.info/legal-name-fraud/ My New LNF Flier here: https://truthprevailsallways.info/legal-name-fraud/do-you-know-online-flier/ http://legalnamefraud.exposed/ You can also check out my writings and sharings here: http://jollygoodsense.me/

  • The Future of America, Inc. W/ Alex Lightman & His 50 Point Presidential Agenda.

    in Higher Education

    Join us as we interview our very own Alex Lightman on The Future of America, Inc.. Alex will be presenting his 50 point presidential agenda based on his post linked here. You can follow along with his list on that post as we talk them over on the air.
    He will be spending approximately 1 minute on each point. Get ready for the Lighting Round! Or shall I say... The Lightman Round!!!
    Alex's ideas are truly brilliant, and I look forward to discussing his plan on this episode

  • wealthmoney radio Show

    in Education

    Byron Dale and Greg Soderberg explain the difference between a debt-based money system and a wealth-based money system. They also explain the just drop the devastating consequences of using a debt-based money system.
    They also explain the beneficial consequences the people will have by using wealth-based money system.

  • The Church Of Israel's Bible Study

    in Education

    The Church Of Israel's Bible Study

  • White Buffalo Radio-Zayra Yves, Poet, Artist, Activist

    in Education

    Our guest is Zayra Yves, award winning poet, writer, artist and activist. Join us for her profound journeys of discovery, personal and spiritual evolution, her experiences of the White Buffalo at our new sanctuary during our first annual Vision Quest and White Lions of South Africa.  Share our deep philosophical discussion where spirit, soul and body met in life changing action. Zayra donates all proceeds of her creative works to charities and is now in the process of creating an over-all charity to support all that she believes in.
    We are treated to 3 pieces from her new work in progress of being created with the working title of Wild Horses.  32:00 Elephant Story 35:48 Unabridged 41:00 Muses
    Learn how you can be part of the solution wherever you are.
    ZayraYves  zayrayves.com
    Blog: medicinetalkradio.wordpress.com
    White Bison Association
    Music: Intro: Arizona Spirit  Outro: White Buffalo  from Charles Button and Friends double album White Buffalo, Bigger than Real released by Sacred Mountain Records

  • Speaking Out Against Child Abuse with Host Laurie Ann Smith

    in Education

    My name is Laurie Ann Smith-Tornerup. I am a child abuse survivor. I grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home in which my parents were both diagnosed mentally ill, psychologically ill when they were arrested and brought up on child abuse charges. I have been on my healing journey from the abuse since May 22, 2007 doing the majority of the work from 2009 to present. I am a Child Abuse Prevention Public Speaking Advocate speaking at events and my own online radio shows since November 2009. Recently I co-founded Advocates United For Humanity, a 501c3 Not for Profit, with my sister advocates Donna M. Kshir and Lee Roberts. We have worked together since 2009 to promote education and awareness about the issues of child abuse, child abuse prevention, domestic violence, teen dating violence, bullying, drug addiction, suicide prevention and help for survivors of abuse. It is my hope to be able to continue to promote child abuse prevention awareness and be an encouragement for survivors as long as I live and breath. Over the years I have had thousands of people support my work and I thank you all for your support and for all you do to help save children lives.

  • Meet and Greet w/ Warren Wilson Pt. 2 : The Real Value of Authoring a Book

    in Education

    This episode is Part 2...Meet and Greet with me, and my guest, Author Warren Wilson to talk about the real value of writing a book.  More authors are realizing that there are greater rewards than profiting from book sales or from the increased value of having a personal brand. What are some things to think about when writing YOUR book?
    According to, http://nonfictionauthorsassociation.com/beyond-book-profits-the-real-benefits-of-writing-a-nonfiction-book/   
     The best reason to write a book is that it helps you recognize that writing is not merely a way to share your ideas with others, but writing is also the best way to discover ideas and connections lurking in your brain. The benefits come from the writing, not the selling, of your book. And, that's not all...
    Come join me and my guest, Author Warren Wilson for Part 2 of the meet and greet session and find out more about "The Real Value of Authoring a Book."  And, the 15th caller for the $50 gift prize will be announced on this show.
    So pull up a seat and get your lemonade, or coffee and ask questions, give comments. Listeners are welcome to join in.

  • Another Fork in the Road: Panel - Benefit of Service Animals After Brain Injury

    in Education

    Brain injury wreaks havoc in so many survivors lives. But did you know that dogs, special service dogs, can help a survivor with just about anything in their lives? They actually become an integral part of the survivor's family. On this show, survivors, Juliet Madsen and GeorgeAnna Bell will discuss how their service dogs have helped them.
    Every TBI survivor and caregiver has encountered a fork in the road that has diverted his or her life-plan. A car accident, a fall from the roof, doing one more chin-up, or a door literally slamming one in the face are just some causes of traumatic brain injury. College plans, walking down the aisle in the perfect dress, or the coveted job quickly slip from reality as dreams turn to struggle. These unexpected life-happenings that divert one from his or her chosen path in life can be devastating. But as Yogi Berra once said, "If you come to a fork in the road, take it." Life is all about choices!

  • Neil Haley Interviews Author Connie Rankin

    in Education

    Houston businesswoman Connie Rankin has gathered the stories of 10 successful women into a book to inspire all women to reach for the heights and achieve their dreams. The women in the book all overcame incredible odds in order to create themselves as exemplary role models for their families, their communities and ambitious women worldwide.
    The story of God Gave Us Wings in Connie’s own words:
    This time last year, I had lost my way. After years of being highly motivated, family-oriented and spiritually enriched, all I cared about was running my successful commercial real estate firm. The joy was gone and nothing else mattered ... not my family, not my friends, and not my community.
    One day in sheer desperation, I cried out for God to give me back my joy – His answer wasn't what I expected. I was to write a book called God Gave Us Wings to empower others to move past their fear into faith. Boy, did I try to negotiate, especially when I heard Oprah's story was to be part of the book.  I said, no way, this just isn't possible. Imagine next hearing – I Am! This brought me to my knees crying out, saying – Yes you are!
    When you are desperate, you cry out for help — but to whom? The women in God Gave Us Wings, including me, found their cries answered by The One who said, “I am the way.”
    For more information, please visit www.GodGaveUsWings.com and www.BridgeLiteracyNow.org