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    Talk Star Wars Episode 46 | Time Travelling Star Wars Fans

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    On this week's episode of Talk Star Wars, Marc, Rob and Paul wonder if Jyn was once a part of the Empire, consider which film they would want to travel back in time to see again, and wonder if Han actually helped Kylo do that thing he did...
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  • RRBC RAVE WAVES BlogTalkRadio "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE" with Host Gwen Plano

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    Welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB'S BlogTalkRadio production of RAVE WAVES "ASPIRE TO INSPIRE," where HOST, GWEN PLANO is joined by Co-Hosts JOHN W. HOWELL and JOHN FIORAVANTI. Join us for a thought-provoking and inspirational half-hour!
    This segment of ASPIRE TO INSPIRE is sponsored by the RRBC WRITERS' CONFERENCE & BOOK EXPO.
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  • Heathens and Liars of Lickskillet County

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    Topics of conversation:
    Creativity -  Habits vs. Muse International Politics - Refugee Policies Balancing Being a Writer with Being a College Student Growing Up in the South Work as a Spoken Word Poet


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  • World of Ink Author Spotlight with A. Law Shettleworth

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    Welcome to the Featured World of Ink Network here on BlogTalkRadio. We at the World of Ink Network bring you shows each week on topics such as books, writing, author interviews, self-help and much more.
    Your host today on WOI's Author Spotlight show is Virginia S Grenier. She will be talking with Award-winning Picture Book Author A. Law Shettleworth about her book, "Oh, Brother, Why Is He My Brother?" Her book teaches children how to love, respect and appreciate each other.
    A. Law Shettleworth is the daughter of an African-American father and a Chinese mother, Antonette Yolanda Drayton grew up in Hong Kong, where she attended Chinese schools before moving to the United States in 1997. While in Hong Kong, she was given the Chinese name Kayee Law (???). Antonette resides in California with her husband and two sons.
    Today's show is sponsored by Halo Publishing, Int. http://www.halopublishing.com Be sure to follow us at our blog, Facebook and Twitter. Also, look for all our World of Ink Network hosts on Facebook and Twitter. The World Of Ink Network has endeavored to create radio shows geared toward excellence in the reading/publishing community. As our company has grown to a viral reach of nearly two million, we have decided to step into a new and exciting adventure. If you'd like to be on our network or need commercial advertising, marketing and writing help, please visit our website http://worldofinknetwork.com
    As always you can listen to any of our shows live or on demand, at any time you'd like here on Blog Talk Radio, Facebook or iTunes. If you would like to chat with the host or our guests today, you can call in, the phone number is (714) 242-5259 or post your questions and comments in our live chatroom or on Facebook or Twitter using #WorldofInk.

  • Marsha A. Moore Returns as My Guest Author on October 24th

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    It's a two-fer tonight when Marsha A. Moore returns as my guest author on October 24th. Come listen as she reads from her Samhain story, Witch's Cursed Cabin, and her newest release, Blood Ice & Oak Moon, a Coon Hollow Coven Tale. * * *
    Blood Ice & Oak Moon Esme Underhill is about to discover a darkness hidden inside her that could destroy her chance for independence and possibly kill her.
    Esme’s mother took her young daughter away from Southern Indiana’s Coon Hollow Coven to prevent her from learning about the unusual witchcraft she had inherited. When Esme is twenty-seven, her beloved Grammy Flora passes away and leaves her property in the Hollow to her granddaughter. With this opportunity to remake her life and gain independence, Esme attempts to emulate Grammy Flora as a wildwood mystic who relies on the hedge world of faeries to locate healing herbs. But fae are shrewd traders. When they open their world to her, she must meet the unknown malevolence of her birthright.
    Thayne, the handsome king of the fae Winter Court, faces his own struggle to establish autonomy as a new regent. He is swept into the tempest of Esme’s unfolding powers, a dangerous threat to his court. His sworn duty is to protect his people, despite Esme’s beauty and allure, which tear at his resolve.
    Both Esme’s and Thayne’s dreams of personal freedom are lost…unless they can trust each other and overcome surmounting dangers. 

  • Spotlight Andre Kane

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    My Heart’s Desire by Andrea Kane
    Lady Alexandria Cassel scorned London's frivolous social whirl, seeking adventure as a stowaway aboard a merchant ship. Drake Barrett was the vessel's powerful captain—and a cynical duke who disdained a noble's shallow life. At sea he revealed neither his origins nor his wealth, and to Alexandria he was simply a man who made her cool reserve fly with the winds… whose desire for her was as wild as the ocean they sailed.
    Caught in the crossfire of war, they were shipwrecked on an idyllic island, where they tasted perfect passion… and tenderness. But Drake dreaded the day of their rescue—when his love would discover that the virile man she adored was at the pinnacle of the aristocracy she despised. Hardly did they suspect the base treachery that would soon threaten them… and the dangers each would brave to join forever their hearts and lives!

  • Shining Phoenix

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    Today's episode is for all of those elemental writes collecting dust in your archives. Read them here, let us see your beauty!

  • Author Omar Tyree

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    Omar Tyree, is a New York Times best-selling author, journalist, lecturer, poet, screenwriter, songwriter, playwrite, host, blogger, publishing consultant and literacy advocate, who has won a 2001 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literature in Fiction, a 2006 Phillis Wheatley Literary Award for Body of Work in Urban Fiction, a 2008 Citation from the City Council of Philadelphia for the African-American Children's Book Fair, and a 2010 HBCU Legends Award for his tiresome work in urban literacy.
    Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he graduated from the prestigious Central High School in 1987, Tyree first attended the University of Pittsburgh as a Pharmacy major and an aspiring football player. After spending his first two years at Pitt, he found his new passion and calling as a writer and storyteller, penning his first published series, “The Diary of a Freshman” along with two novels; Colored, On White Campus, (now titled College Boy in his Urban Griot series) and Flyy Girl, which became a contemporary urban classic that spawned an entire genre of so-called “urban/street lit” books.

  • Writestream Tuesday: Against The Wind with Lee DiPietro

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    Lee DiPietro was born in Beverly, MA on April 11, 1958. She is the middle daughter of 5 girls and grew up in Long Island NY.   As a child she developed a love for sports, playing field hockey basketball and lacrosse in school and during the summer played tennis and swam for her local club teams. In college, she played lacrosse for Boston University. After graduating in 1980, she married her husband Lee (yes same first name) DiPietro and moved back to Long Island in 1981. Their first son, Tim was born in 1983 and Lee juggled a part time career of interior decorating and motherhood.
    in April of 1985, Lee was introduced to the world of running when her sister encouraged her to run the last 10 miles of The Boston Marathon with her. The cheers of the spectators and the thrill of running on that famous course reignited her thirst for competition.  The following November Lee ran her first race ever, running in The NYC Marathon. Without any formal training, Lee struggled to finish in four and a half hours, then vowed to run again.
    Her second son, Cryder, was born in 1987.  Lee prided herself on first being a good mom and wife and second being an outstanding triathlete.  She was a nationally ranked age group triathlete, competing in several World Championships before eventually committing to race in the 1994 Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.  In that race, in her first ironman competition, she won her age group and finished 17th overall among the women
    In September 2015, Lee published her first book, Against The Wind. In this memoir, she tells her story of her family’s incredible life threatening ordeals in 2010 and how her career as a runner and triathlete taught her and her family to face obstacles they thought beyond their means.