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  • voice of the breaze

    in Spirituality

    Voice of the BREAZE, is a daily reminder that you have the power to start your day with clear & positive energy, and  follow your joy, oxygen & ease - with the five steps of BREAZE. Samuel Jakob Kirschner, voice of the BREAZE, talks about daily experiences of how we can partner our challenges with the breath, and demonstrates through the five steps - how you can turn your stress to breath & celebrate the present moment with music & movement. Good for all ages.


    in Women

    "Me God and A Cup Of  Coffee" is a show that recognizes that every day must start with a morning conversation with God.  Through sharing your experiences with others we realize that "We are more alike than we are different".  Join us for a morning conversation. Grab your mug and fill it up.  #347-996-5568, Saturday at 8 a.m. weekly.  

  • Truth or Traditions: Hosted by Mowreh Elesha YisraEL

    in Spirituality

    Mowreh Elesha YisraEL is a Prophet of YAHWEH and the Man of Elohim, he lived for 70 years and was a Servant of YAHWEH who witnessed for YAHWEH for nearly 50 years. He is the Founder of the Congregation called the House of YisraEL, which began in 1968 in Cincinnati, OH. Mowreh Elesha is a Teacher of teachers, raising up many Mowrehs to Teach the Word of YAH. His work helped establish the House of YisraEL of Atlanta, GA the House of YisraEL of Jackson, MS the House of YisraEL of Jacksonville FL, and the House of YisraEL of Raleigh, NC. Mowreh Elesha is the Founder of the Sacred Laws  of the Most High Conference held three times a Year. Mowreh Elesha reached thousands of people every week on his Radio program "Truth or Tradiitions that aired over 10 years in Cincinnati, OH on 1230am The Buzz. Now we of the House of YisraEL are happy to bring you those classic dynamic teachings by the Man of Elohim; Mowreh Elesha YisraEL,  who's legacy will live on forever. 


    in Spirituality

    MINISTRY HELP is a service to the church world-wide. Our God-given vision is to edify the Body of Christ through personal assistance to Ministers and Ministries. 
    SPECIAL: Ministry Insight on Preparing a  Non Profit for Community Service
    SPECIAL: 21 Messages with Insight on The Gifts of The Spirit; revealing the power to prosper as given to the Body of Christ according to God's Will. Every believer is given at least one spiritual gift. Imagine, what it would like if we would all exercise the spiritual gift God has given us to profit the church! I Cor. 12:7.
    Offering Godly Counsel, Scripture Insight and Help with Church Development such as: Startup Legalities; Completing a 1023** for Tax Exempt; Website Building**; Building Permits; By-laws** and more. 
    Welcome to FEED MY SHEEP MINISTRIES World Evangelism bringing you a PURE WORD for EVERYDAY CHRISTIANS with host The prophet Mary Washington, Ft. Worth, Texas Visit us at www.thevoiceofreasons.org and contact us at everydaychristian@live.com. 
    We appreciate your being here and ask you to Partner With Us in carrying the Gospel to the nations making disciples; you monthly gift of $25.00 will help us reach more people in a greater way and fulfill the great commission. Thank you for your generous donation.


    in Relationships

    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW – THIS SATURDAY MORNING (JULY 12TH) FROM 8:00AM TO 10:00AM. (EST) TOPIC: "CASE STUDY OF A BROKEN MAN” – Many of us watched the television show “THE TEST” when Jay who has 33 children by 17 women was a guest along with 3 of the mothers, his 25 year old daughter, and Jay’s mother. As I watched this show I felt many different emotions and I would like to discuss them with you LIVE on radio this morning. Let’s do a case study on a man when he is broken and the results of it. Mostly importantly let’s talk about the remedy, let’s talk about redemption. Maybe it will help us to better understand our men and our children’s father.
    Join me, Tony LB Word, and others this morning from 8:00am to 10:00am (EST) as we discuss this topic. You can listen to my show anywhere in the world by phone at (646) 721-9565 or by internet. You can also call in and give your opinion, looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Daddy's Little Girl-Topic ( INSECURITY ? )

    in Lifestyle

    Most dads love their daughters, but they're uncertain how they can show that love in a way their daughters understand...or figure out what their girls really need from them.On this show we will talk about positive and the negative views on the male sex.  Your daughter or you will live in a world with boys and men. Pay attention to the way you address her as well as to the way you talk about women. Be thoughtful in the way you speak to your sons about girls and women, and set limits on appropriate language. The tone you set in your home can either negatively impact how she believes or positively set the way she lives out her life.

  • SDG 148 Persecution is Coming so PREPARE

    in The Bible

    Matthew 5:10-12
    We all know we are looking at the end times and the soon return of Jesus. And for those of us  who are looking up and preparing for His soon return we WILL face persecution. See Matthew 5:10-12 10 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness'sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11 Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. 12 Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.  The shadows of this last day are lengthening and I know that Jesus Christ is coming soon. And a mark of the last days actually being fulfilled right now and that's the persecution of the saints of God. And sadly Bible believing Christians are the new whipping boys in the world today. Ridicule other groups today you'll get in trouble, but today Bible-believing Christians are fair game. We've become the butt of jokes, and soon we'll receive the wrath of the world!
    The truth is there's no way to be a genuine Christian and escape persecution. (2 Timothy 3:12) There are no ifs, ands, and buts about that...  ALL who determine to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. So this message is all about how to preparing for persecution.
    So stay tuned to learn about the reasons for persecution: for righteousness sake, for the life we live and for The LORD we love.  And the results of persecution: They will revile, persecute and say all manners of evil against us falsely.  And finally how to respond when persecuted like a king, rejoicing in The LORD and with love!

  • Saturday Worship Service / Preacher / John McPhaul

    in Religion

    Welcome to our Saturday Worship Service for those who may not be able to attend church and anyone else for whatever reason they choose to join us in this worship experience. YOU ARE WELCOME

  • Think and Grow Rich Mastermind with Ramonda E. Fields- Real Estate Agent

    in Lifestyle

    Join the International Mastermind Association (#IMA)  by calling 661.554.9219 every Saturday morning at 8 AM EST as we walk through Napoleon Hill's best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich. 
    Ramonda E. Fields, has aligned her talents with the most recognizable commercial brand in the industry; Coldwell Banker Commercial Benchmark to specialize in Multi-Family sales. Her passion for commercial real estate was first realized during her time as a marketing assistant and agent trainee at Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Services; where she specialized in both multi-family and retail properties.
    As a result of the tightened lending parameters and high vacancy rates, Ms. Fields accepted an opportunity to learn the loss mitigation process from within Bank of America as she helped pioneer their Jacksonville short sale department. This experience enables her to offer tremendous value to banks currently disposing of their distressed commercial assets, particularly multi-family.
    Ramonda is also the co-founder of, Victory Fields Real Estate Investment Group; she focuses investor advising and development. Ramonda has over 15 years of sales leadership and management experience and brings an attitude of excellence and a commitment to success in all that she does. She is passionate about empowering others to create, build and maintain financial freedom, and has also launched an organization designed to teach foundational job training skills to youth ages, 14 to 18.
    During this Masterminding at it's finest - REAL TIME DISCUSSION, we invite you to read along, comment, discuss the benefits, and share your ideas on the Accountability Principles that have helped thousands of other successful people.
    WWW.INTERNATIONALMASTERMINDERS.COM http://www.facebook.com/groups/181961594694/ Twitter: @intlmastermind

  • HOPE Forum

    in The Bible

    If you are looking for the Relevant Word of Comfort & Hope radio program, you will find it here.

  • Social Media, Marriage,

    in Radio

    Join us this Saturday April 5, 2014 8-10am on SoS Radio!!!!!!! We will be discussion the following:
    The Pros and Cons of Social Media Is Marriage Still Relevant? Are We Really Guilty by Association? (in light of the recent controversy with NFL superstar, DeSean Jackson SoS Radio!!! Wake Up and Feed the People!!!!

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