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    Fantasy Football Tonight

    in Sports

    Join Todd "The True Guru" Farino and RC Rizza as we discuss fantasy football from a perspective like no other.  Each week we will discuss the latest news trends, along with key injuries and of course our sleepers and creepers segment.  Join us for our eighth season of making champions!

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    Normal Life, Then it Exploded on Recovery Now With Kim Justus

    in Health

    In 2004, Kimberly Chapman suffered two ruptured brain aneurysms and was astounded by the lack of public awareness and sparse research of such a widespread and often fatal condition. Recognizing the need for brain aneurysm advocacy and other types of vascular malformations of the brain, she personally established several international support networks to provide information, resources and motivation for survivors and family members. Kim has created a patient advocacy program inside The Joe Niekro Foundation which offers patients and caregivers educational information along with a huge amount of resources to find help.This mission with the Joe Niekro Patient Advocacy Program is to help survivors realize that recovery is possible and will help patients learn what to expect during the healing process and new coping strategies. 
    The program is designed to motivate members to follow a wellness plan and to make a difference in the community, while creating a forum of mutual acceptance, understanding and self-discovery
    This show is a gathering place for anyone seeking recovery from the challenges of life on life's terms. Survivor's share their experience, strength and hope. We discuss useful tools that have helped us lighten the load, of our journey through recovery.
    More will be revealed! Tune in, stop in and call in. This is a "we" recovery program, because it is in the "we," that we find the new "me."
    We focus on the four A's of Recovery...Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Adaptation. This is a place for survivor's striving to become thrivers.  :)
    Most nights we will have a featured guest, the second part of the show is Open Mic and some great Indy Music, sure to inspire!
    Host Kim Justus, author of In a Flash: Miracles Here and Beyond found at inaflash.org & "Like" at facebook.com/inaflash.org

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    in Relationships

    PLEASE JOIN Author Ro Cutno & Coach Khayr on MAN LEADS RADIO @ 10 pm EST with THE HOTTEST OF HOT TOPICS each & EVERY Wednesday night (347.205.9089 is the call in number.) Tonight, we're going to be addressing one of the MOST important parts of relationships - THE PERFECT WOMAN.  Most men don't think that this women exist and most women don't either.  What you hear tonight will amaze you!!!   A MUST LISTEN TO FOR BOTH MEN & WOMEN!!!
    After interviewing OVER 1000 men from AROUND THE WORLD, Ro Cutno INSIST that "Man Leads, Women Follow, Everyone Wins"  Ro Elori Cutno conducted a two year long study on the nature of good men. Wisdom and insight from 16 countries and 5 of our great continents, demonstrates that healthy men are wired in very similar ways. We learned that good men such as these can only be happily paired with women who understand them.
    Basically it goes like this: Man wants to feel strong to please woman. Woman understands this need. Woman is appreciative. Man pleases more.
    A simple scientific truth can go a long way, especially when broken down step by step. This is a book which everyone in the Modern Western world needs to know. Written as a manual for both men and women, the detailed findings within this book's pages will change the way that you see love forever.

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    The Other Side of Country Music with Cain | Top 40

    in Radio

    EOTM : Online Radio : Goes A Little Bit Of Country You can now hear all of your favorite Country music rolled into one exclusive online radio program, including new indie artists and plenty of EOTM hot picks. Cawthon, known by his fans as EOTM's sports writer, joins the radio network from KEXP 90.3 FM University of Washington where he served as afternoon host. As he makes his transition to EOTM Radio, Cawthon promises a program whereas listeners can hear all of their favorite country music rolled into one exclusive online radio program, including new indie artists and plenty of his own hot country music picks, in addition to interviews with tastemakers from the country music world as well as taking calls from night owls across the globe. EOTM Radio will offer around the clock country music and programming, harnessing the power and resources of EOTM Radio. EOTM affiliates will also play a prominent role in this new endeavor of which has helped the network reach more than 2.5 million listeners since its inception in 2007. EOTM Radio and Media has become a breeding ground for new and emerging talent, giving existing radio personalities and future signings a platform in which to work and share their vision.
    Be sure to subscribe to recieve alerts to future shows.
    For more information on this broadcast or others under the network call 213-290-3573 or email pr@eotmradio(dot)com.
    Photo credit: EOTM Media/Getty Images

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    in Culture

    Maria Iliou is your Director Manager, your Host for ANCA Stories on Wednesday's. Maria Iliou talking to our special guest Joey Hill, sharing his stories, working , his children on autism spectrum....starting school, get ready, buy new clothes for school...time to proccess in steps get ready for changes as summer ending by September 20..Autumn starts. Sensory issues , sensory overload, noise sensitives, social interactions or being excepted or fit in, or not understanding language of words from other children.
    Maria Iliou is Ambassador for Long Island, NY

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    Simplicity with Brian Treybig Celebrates it's 300th Episode

    in Spirituality

    Weird News and Insight tonight and our 300th episode!
    Simplifying your world with your host Brian Treybig.  We bring you helpful topics, free tarot readings, psychic experiments and special guests weeknights at 10pm central.  Call in to speak with the host 646-478-3271
    Follow us at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/simplicityradio
    Like us at https://www.facebook.com/simplicityradio 
    If you would like to advertise with Simplicity message us on Facebook or email us at briantreybig@gmail.com

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    WHAT'S UP!

    in Self Help

    What's Up
    Hosted by Pa’Ris’Ha, with Tryna Giordano Cooper
    We will discuss global activity and creative solutions for many areas of life. It’s the feminine reflection of professional business women on global matters. There will be celebrity interviews of leading international people, as well as people of various cultures and statuses. We plan on keeping it fun and informative.
    How to Listen to the Show
    What’s Up airs at 6 pm Arizona Mountain Time. You can listen online or talk on the air with the hosts by dialing into the guest phone line. This is an interactive show so CALL in early to add your 2 cents!
    The number to dial to talk to the hosts is (213) 943-3410 Listen online by clicking here: Blog Talk Radio.  

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    Guest Psychic Medium, Bhavana Chawla, taking your calls.

    in Lifestyle

    Here is your lucky chance again to have your life change with just one free phone call. 
    Bhavana Chawla will be taking your calls to do live healing and to give spiritual guidance. 
    Bhavana is a psychic, medium and transformational coach. She teaches and activates people to open to their own intuition.  She works with various modalities, childhood and past life regression, hypnosis, neuro-reprogramming, and her Indian heritage of meditation, chakras, and development of her third eye. 
    How did we get so lucky?  What else is possible? 

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    "Bringing back The Values In Black America" (Encore)

    in Lifestyle

    Listen in to the thoughts of people on both sides of the race line on this topic. NO LIVE DISCUSSIONS TONIGHT! Call 347-327-9967 at 10:30 pm EST. 

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    NFL Talk 8/27/14

    in Football

    NFL Talk 8/27/214

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