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  • THREE HEALINGS SHOWS epic replay day on NFTS

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    Theta Healing, Coherent Healing and Quantum Techniques on News for the Soul. Three opportunities to experience special healing modalities of many kinds on the air!   News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We're on the AIR, on the WEB and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ... www.NewsfortheSoul.com

  • Callywood Live ON SUMMER BREAK SEE YOU SEASON 6TH 9/19/14

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    Callywood Live ON SUMMER BREAK SEE YOU SEASON T 9/19/14


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    Join Chat Atlanta for the whos who and the whats what of Atlanta. The show will keep you in the know with the hottest businesses, organizations and everything in between. Tune in. You dont want to miss it!

  • God's Glorious Animals and Why Michael Loved Them So Much

    in Culture

    “...I enjoy nature too much.... I know the tree feels it when the wind blows through it. It probably goes, “Ohhhh, this is wonderful.” And that´s how I feel when I´m singing some songs. It´s wonderful.”
    "Plus, I’m crazy for birds and animals and puppies. And I love exotic things. I’ve had llamas, peacocks, a rhea, which is the second largest bird in the world, a macaw, which is the largest parrot from South America, pheasants, racoons, chickens….everything. Now, I’m gonna get a faun. And a flamingo.... I want a chimpanzee – they’re so sweet. Oh, I have such a good time with the animals. I have a wonderful relationship with animals, they really understand me.... I’d like to get into the whole veterinarian thing and learn the behaviour of animals. Dogs may see in black and white. Dogs might even see the wind. And what about the king cobra – what makes him come up when they play that pipe?"
    Michael Jackson, Melody Maker music newspaper, 1980

  • Visualizing to Visioning with Robert Brzezinski

    in Self Help

    Today we have Mystic, Visionary, Author and Minister Robert Brzezinski on this re-broadcast show talking about Visualizing to Visioning. He will talk about how we go from Visualizing to Visioning as we evolve from the first and second kingdoms of consciousness into the third and fourth kingdoms of consciousness. This might be a new concept to many of you so Robert's topic today can help you make the next step after you visualize where you want to be to living from where you want to be. Many of us thought that Visualizing your dream or goal was the ultimate way to manifestation. Robert's website is www.spiritevolving.com 

  • The Joan Henry Radio Show

    in Entrepreneur

    The Joan Henry radio show is a fun forum for individuals who are interested in becoming an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded individuals, as well as entrepreneurs who are looking to take their business to another level to learn from other successful entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Special Guest for today is Tawawn Lowe the CEO of TawawnLowe Enterprises, TawawnLowe Consultancy, an Amazon #1 bestselling author, consultant, certified coach, speaker, trainer in personal development and the creator of the Business of You personal transformation system.
    Tawawn purpose and mission is to re-ignite the very essence of YOU! To provide you with the “TLC” needed to grow and transform you into the person you were created to be. She has blended her formal education (B.S. – Behavioral Studies) 25+ years of professional experience and personal experience to achieve her goal to help para and professional women (re)- discover who they are, what they want, and re-create their DESTINY!
    Sponsors: TBAIMS    Coach Caprice Smith    Rita Ricks     Off The Vine    Christos Pittis    Audible Trail

  • Mudrost Almine

    in Spirituality

    Mudrost Almine

  • Shared Sacrifice with Annette Daley

    in Politics Progressive

    Shared Sacrifice with Annette Daley.


    in The Bible

    Banyarwanda , Banyarwandakazi, Barundi ,Barundikazi, Banyekongo ,Banyekongokazi aho muri hose mw'isi, muvuga ururimi rw'ikinyarwanda.
    Turabifuriza AMAHORO ava kuri Yesu Kristo Umwami wayo, n'URUKUNDO ruva ku Mana Data wa twese.
    Turabararikira kwifatanya natwe muri gahunda y'amasengesho y'iminsi 120 (amezi 4) ,azatangira taliki ya 15-05-2014 akazageza taliki ya 15-09-2014
    Muzajya muyakurikiranira kuri: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/garukaministries, buri munsi. azajya atangira saa mbiri z'ijoro iBulayi n'Afrika, saa kumi z'amanywa muri Amerika na Canada.
    Ku wa 1: Kwisengera n'imiryango yacu
    Ku wa 2. Gusengera abahoze ari abasirikare  n'abari abasirikare ubu n'imiryango yabo aho bari hose
    Ku wa 3.Gusengera abanyepolitiki bariho ubu n'abigeze gukora Politiki  n'imiryango yabo
    Ku wa 4. Gusengera abakozi b'Imana bataye inshingano, ariko bakaba bashobora kugarukira Imana
    Ku wa 5. Gusengera urubyiruko, abanyururu, abapfakazi n'imfubyi
    Ku wa 6. Gusengera Isirayeri
    Ku cyumweru. Gusengera ubuyobozi bushya muri ibi bihugu by'Ibiyaga Bigali
    N:B Buri munsi tuzajya twisengera dusengere n'imiryango yacu, n'ibindi byose Umwuka w'Imana azatuyoboramo!
    Imana ibaye umugisha. 
    M. Marie Esther

  • The Parker J Cole Show -- A Woman's Place -- Part 2

    in Radio

    What is a woman's place in Christ? We started our discussion of this issue in May with our guest co-host and will continue it in this episode as we probe more reasons to understand exactly what a woman's place is in God. Should women cover their heads in church? What about wearing make-up and modest clothes? What did the apostle Paul mean when he said women were to be silent? Is God masculine or feminine?  Join Lisa Guinther and me as we continue our discussion by calling in at 646-595-2083, press 1 to be live on air. Or, you can download the WLUV radio mobile app. Any way you can, join us! 

  • Dr. Ariston Awitan

    in Business

    Dr. Ariston Awitan, is a retired orthopedic surgeon, after 33 years as a success in his profession. 
    Initially born and educated in the Philippines, emigrated to the USA in 1965 and then retrained in the USA to practice here.
     He has established a non-profit organization called  "The Jularis Non Profit Charitable Foundation".    The mission of the non-profit is to help fund a charity hospital in the Philippines, fund the basic sciences in the local college of medicine, and support seminaries through the education of priests.
    Listen live every Saturday at 2:00PM Eastern time. This weeks show is a replay from 5/23/14. You may contact Dr.Awitan at: http://sozoglobal.com/jularis or call (713)392-5493.
    Building Fortunes Radio.....  Learn how everyday people do extra ordinary things to build a fortune. http://www.networkleads.com http://www.facebook.com/networkleads http://www.makingsalesorexcuses.com  

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