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  • Moorish Perspective

    in Education

    Kemetian (Egyptian adept)

  • 7 Minutes of seed sowing Grace

    in Religion

    The mystery of kingdom is abundance of the seed. There are Master sowing secrets. Sowing is a masterpiece of god
    The process of the seed!
    Once the conditions have been satisfied for the process of seed germination, it is just a matter of time that they turn into a seedling. Some seeds, especially the ones with hard coats like the sunflower, morning glory, dates, acorn, corn, etc. need a couple of hours pre-soaking to speed up the germination of seeds.
    After the seeds are sowed, and the soil misted with water, it (water) gets absorbed by the seeds through its coat, and provides moisture to the embryo nestled in it. This activates enzymes that help in duplication of plant cells, and also gets them to use the energy or food stored in the seed to start nourishing the embryonic plant. With all the nourishment, the embryo becomes too large, and bursts open through the seed coat, in search of light to start its process of photosynthesis, and thus, the growing plant emerges. During the same time, even the roots sprout and head down in search of more food from the soil. Both the root and plant shoot move downwards and upwards, simultaneously and respectively. In no time then, you will see the seedling force its way through the soil.

  • Real on Real

    in Entertainment

    Come and get Your Praise on with Minister Tony every Saturday 7 - 9pm (626)226-1448

  • Female Authors To Watch #4

    in Books

    The Literary Corner brings you, Master Mindz of The Grind Blog Talk Radio Show, hosted By: Author Andre J. Carter Author of “The Man-ual” The Relationship Manual Created For Men But Loved By Women. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GBFTNHO This show is dedicated to all the Literary Artists that would love to have more publicity and learn new marketing techniques. The Master Mindz Of The Grind Blog Talk Radio Show is in collaboration with the Facebook group Master Mindz Of The Grind!
    (https://www.facebook.com/groups/Mastermindzofthegrind/) where authors, Poets and literary artists of all types can post and advertise without restriction. It doesn’t matter if you are published by a major publishing house or self-published we want to hear from you. If you are working on a new project that has not been published as of yet but, you would like to announce we want to hear from you.  So if you need FREE advertising, or just need to get your name out to the public The Master Mindz Of The Grind Blog Talk Radio Show is for you.  Tonight we will be hosting Emelia Adjei, Minisa Martin, & Marilyn "Slyce" Brown.The call in number for this show is 347-884-8924 or you can listen from your computer at: 

  • 2TheNcreaseofKnowledge&Truth w/A'sa Israel-Ep 14-A Message in a Bottle Part 2

    in The Bible

    James 1: 27 Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world.
    Saturdays at 6 pm CST/7 pm EST. Call in at 914.205.5414 or listen live via http://www.blogtalkradio.com/2nkt.

  • River of Life Fire Conference Sept. 19, 20, 21 2014

    in Religion

    River of Life Fire Conference Sept. 19, 20, 21 2014
    Fire Conference 2014 Ray and Betty Martell and their guests invite you to their annual Fire Conference of Power and Healing. Check out the great lineup of speakers and annointed musicians (below) who live to help people witness and experience the power of God. If you are looking for a miracle, then you MUST attend this conference.
    The conference runs from September 19th through the 21st at the Ramada Hotel in Saskatoon (map below). Services are at 7:00 pm all three nights, and 1:30 pm Saturday and 10:30 am Sunday.
    Rabbi Gennady Livshits (Chateauguay) Pastor Deborah Mitchell (New York) Evangelist Kurt Bodenmann (Switzerland) Frank and Wendy Redwood (Vancouver) Pastor/Evangelist Steve Yaboa (Houstan) Peter Kelleher (New York) Charlie Beardy (Winnipeg) Larry Beatty (Deschambault Lake)
    Ramada Saskatoon
    806 Idylwyld Drive North Saskatoon, SK S7L 0Z6 Phone: (306) 665-6500 Fax: (306) 665-1973

  • Black By Color Only

    in Politics Conservative

    Hosted by dark-skinned free-thinker Vincent E Brown, this show discusses a myriad of issues from the political, moral, and religious. Of course, every now and then a bit of controversy is liable to show up at any time, so tune in and listen to a host who is black, Christian, and conservative.


    in Self Help

    Consciousness is more than being aware.
    The two great topics in spiritual study and practice are consciousness and energy.
    Consciousness exists at different levels and energy has different forms, and the experience of these levels and forms is what makes a mystic.
    Energy, which mystics have called by names likes magnetism, prana, or chi.
    Energy in its finest form is spirit, the energy behind prana, also called ether, which then forms vibration and light, and divides into the spirit of peace, the spirit of love, the spirit of power and the spirit of insight.
    Join me Janice Clarke Holistic Health Practitioner, Master Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant and Reiki Practitioner and Host of SOULFUL HEALING TALK SHOW  as I attempt to reveal the great power that has been lying dormant within you. 
    Let us form our inward powers of mind and spirit into expressions of our authentic self, wisely and in harmony with universal law; to build character, and to find within ourselves that wondrous Self, which is our real self, and which, when found, reveals that we are literally and truly multidimensional beings!!
    See you at our me time!!
    One Love!
    Please visit my website soulfulhealing.wordpress.com

  • The Hushmo Black Forum

    in Current Events

    The Hushmo Black Forum follows current events and news relevant to the African American community. The moderator initiates thought-provoking discussions and conversation for the listing audience throughout cyberspace . Members and guests of Hushmo’s online public forum are diverse individuals who have passionate insights and perspectives on African American issues that range from day-to-day life, politics, media, history, books, sports, entertainment, style, beauty and more.
    The forum features a blog for members to post comments and interact. Writers highlight everything from movies and celebrity fashion to local human interest stories and lifestyle advice.
    The Hushmo Black Forum airs online on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday at 7pm. On Blog Talk Radio, Hushmo Black has taken  an in-depth look at the prolific African American activist W.E.B Du Bois. Hushmo Black has also reviewed and discussed Jimmy C. Cameron's newly released book “RACISM and HATE: an AMERICAN REALITY” and his first book "The Water Boy: The Life and Trials of Jimmy C. Cameron," which documents the life of Jimmy C Cameron and the Cameron family  history in the state of Georgia covering some 230 years and windup centering on an epiphany he had  when wounded in the Vietnam War in 1966."
    Visit The Hushmo Black Forum and stay up-to-date on the latest in African American culture. When you become a member, you're embracing new friendships and a community to share stories and opinions.
    "Like" The Hushmo Black Forum on Facebook and join "The Watering Hole," the place to quench your knowledge thirst!

  • Spirit of 76 Remedy with DoctorObvious

    in Current Events

    Inspired by Jon Schaffer, creator of Sons of Liberty Music project and Iced Earth, and by Peter Neise, teacher and researcher of the federal government corporation, this program is intended to educate about the true system which has usurped the republic of the united States of America over the past 100 years. 
    2013 is dedicated to continued detailed study of the US of A vs. the US.  You will learn the roots of the martial law territorial system from the District of Columbia, masquerading as the federal government of the United States.  This usurper has led to the tyranny, madness and debt destroying the freedom of American society.  One must educate ones self before you can learn how to be and stay a free live human being, as our founding fathers intended.  Join me if you dare.....

  • Sexy Saturdays, Real Talk About Acting Out Your Fantasies With Your Mate

    in Entertainment

    Hello everyone and welcome to Sexy Saturday.  Its a place where we have fun  with open discussions about fantasies and role playing with your mates in the bedroom.. Its grown folks talk, and we talk about EVERYTHING under the sun. Join
    Gwen aka "Gigi"Evans, my Co-hosts Author Doris Bibbs  and  Executive A&R for Metal2Music  Records,  Nakia Quarles Saturday night from 7-8 pm EST.
    WE DO NOT DISCRIMINATE..so pick up the phone and call In to the studio 646-200-3817 let's chat, laugh, share your comments on how you keep your mate happy in the bedroom.  Good clean conversation, helpful suggestiobs. We ard not sex therapists or doctors just women with good advice shares, suggestions as well as a good listening ear.

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