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  • Author Rhonda Merriweather

    in Books

    Tune in live as we interview Author Rhonda Merriweather on Monday December 29th @ 6pm EST. We will learn how she came up with her compelling story for her first novel, Complete Circle. Find ou what's next for this author. 

  • Yonkers Insider Online Radio Show.

    in Politics

    The Yonkers Insider will discuss what is going on in the City of Yonkers, County of Westchester and State of New York. All points of view are solicited.  

  • Framing Hope for Our Youth

    in Youth

    Several weeks ago, Jacqueline Wilson was invited to be a guest on the show to share her perspectives on where we are relative to our youth today, examining how we can all help make a difference. As president and ceo of the Wilson Life Skills Institute in Teaneck, NJ, Ms. Wilson is particularly interested in at risk youth and women in transition. 
    She is indeed a woman on a mission. Jacqueline speaks into the lives of individuals across all age groups from mentor, to coach, to bondswoman, operating Lady Bail Bonds, LLC, with a focus on juvenille prisoner re-entry. In light of our country's current climate, Ms. Wilson's appearance on the show couldn't be more timely. 

  • A Matter of Life with Eddie Simmers

    in Paranormal

    Eddie also has a blog on liveparanormal under the same title, allowing people to talk about open topics related to life.

  • THE REAL DELIA (Smith)

    in Radio

    Lady Cab Driver takes the turns and spills on the conversation road, to take lights of green and yellow on the TALK BOULEVARD, yet there is no caution here.  All systems go - and with her co-host, they are ready to explore the open roads of speaking candidly about everything.  347-205-9366, the number to reach out and share the traveling, for there is no telling where your destination will end up.  Are you ready for some game debates and more - right here on the JKN with the REAL DELIA SMITH.  Enough said!

  • Mother's Milk

    in Moms and Family

    Samiyyah Saafir-Muhammad was born Jacqueline Glover in New York City in 1951. After spending her early years in foster care, moving four times before the age of three, she settled in with her aunt, following her father’s passing.
    While still in elementary school Samiyyah took an interest in helping other students do well, joining “The Future Teachers’ Club” in the fifth grade. As a high school student, Samiyyah became aware her people’s struggle for freedom—witnessing civil rights demonstrations, protests, assassinations and riots—and decided she wanted to help somehow.  It was in this atmosphere that she went off to Northeastern University in Boston where she majored in Education. Her stay there was short-lived, however, as she was introduced to the teachings of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and thereafter joined the Nation of Islam. Within the Nation of Islam’s Muhammad University, Samiyyah underwent educational training and worked as a teacher’s assistant.
    Since 2005, Samiyyah has had the privilege of serving as the Directress at Muhammad University of Islam in Atlanta, which serves students from Pre-K to the eighth grade. She has been blessed to carry on the 84-year educational tradition, which was started by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and his brave followers in the 1930’s.
    A widow after 35 years of marriage, Samiyyah presently enjoys the blessing of her and her husband’s nine children: six sons and three daughters, all of whom attended or are attending HBCUs. Samiyyah has been a mother to not only her nine children, but also to her two stepchildren, her nieces and nephews, her eight grandchildren and countless other children and adults in the community who come to her for advice, wisdom and guidance. Affectionately called MamaMiyyah, Samiyyah’s house is never empty

  • Monday Night Sports Wrap Up

    in Sports

    A new premier show with Speaking On Sports Own Bo Walsh collides Sports Worlds with Sport City Chefs own TP Tymeless aka Tyrone Powell.   As the full sport mix is on slate EVERY Monday whether its NBA, NFL, MLB or whatever hot button sports topic going on in the world today, we will discuss the good sports dishes that you want to hear about and get your fill in here in the Sport City Chefs Kitchen.  Call in or join the chatroom as well this show can be very interesting.....

  • The Sports House With Sonnie and Chris

    in Sports

    Today we will be recapping the last and final regular season week in the National Football League. We will talk about all the teams that are in and officially done for the entire season. We will also give our Super Bowl predictions as well.
    We will also talk some MLB Free Agency, NBA, NHL and more. We'll be talking about our Christmas from this year and some of the greatest highlights from this year as well.
    We will take your calls at 646-478-5337 and read your tweets via twitter to @SonnieCruz1 and @rmdest.

  • San Clemente Punk

    in Music

    Join Frankie C as he takes you through the world of punk and hardcore music. San Celmente Punk will play punk rock and hardcore from the golden age of the punk and hardcore to the current offerings. Frankie will also be interviewing some of the biggest and best talent in punk and hardcore. To take part in the show you can call in at 347-202-0832 or click on the free skype link on the shows page.

  • The Extra Point

    in Football

    The Extra Point is a sports talk show hosted by highly respected sports analyst NFLExporter Lance Goodman. The show will broadcast live every Monday from 7:00-8:00 pm e.s.t. starting Monday September 8th on the Fantasy Sports Network of blogtalkradio. The show will review the fantasy football predictions given by The NFLExporter and Jerry Taylor from The Master Plan sports talk show which airs on Sundays at 10 am. The show will also discuss the relevant fantasy football players for Monday Night Football. This show is sponsored by www.FantasySportsBookAndCasino.com, where winners win and players play. You can also listen to the program streaming 24/7/365 at www.SpotOnRadio.webs.com.

  • Tell Them with Pastor Monica St. Hills-Morton

    in Religion

    "Tell Them," radio show with Pastor Monica St. Hills-Morton

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