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  • Open Mic On Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Ringing In The New Year

    in Caregiving

    Open Mic On Alzheimer's Speaks Radio - Come Cheer in the New Year with us.
    Tell us about your 2014, and what you would like to see in 2015.  Let your voice be heard. Join the conversation!
    Before another year slips by us, we would love to hear from you. 
    What did you struggle with this year? 
    What are you grateful for? 
    How has dementia impacted you and your family?
    What are you doing to raise awareness of the disease or what would  you like to see happen in 2015?
    We all know the dementia can be a gift or a disaster. 
    How have you been dealing with the disease?
    What stories would you like to share that may have a lessen for someone else dealing with the disease? 
    Here on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio we believe it's ok to feel a variety of emotions and we want to be a safe place for people to share  and support one another.  We want to encourage everyone to have honest conversations about living with the disease,not as it.
    Call in at (714) 364-4757 or use the chat box to talk with us.  Remember your voice is just as important as the next person.  Together, we can make a difference to improve our dementia care culture.
    Looking for a great gift for someone with dementia?  Check out Alzheimer's Music Connect for a variety of gifts.
    For more information and resource on dementia and caregiving go to Alzheimer's Speaks Resource Center.

  • Blogging With Micheal

    in Blogs

    Blogging With Micheal answers the questions that most people online wonder about, while also covering controversial topics and good "how to" information about blogging, social media and Internet Marketing. Ask questions before the show on the Blogging With Micheal Show Fan Page or by contacting Micheal's Help Desk.
    Show your support by "liking" the Blogging With Micheal Show Fan Page! 
    Take advantage of our high traffic and link to us!


    in Current Events


  • The Way with David O'Connell

    in Religion

    The Way with David O'Connell is a program where we try to discover the truth about human life and the divine order of things.  We look to Science, Medicine, Philosophy, Theology, Reason and Revelation.  Through these disciplines, good will, and honest analysis  we believe we can find what is real and right.  Truth is our goal, Life is our cause, and the Way is God Himself.
    Please help this apostolate spread the light of Truth by supporting us in your prayers. If you are able to donate, please visit this link to contribute through PayPal:
    Click here to donate to Forward Boldly
    Thank you, and God bless you!

  • Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money

    in Real Estate

    My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years.
    This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you.
    Today, we'll
    Find our podcasts on the iTunes store under "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".
    You can network with 150,000+ active investors by going to KenRERadio.com and creating a free account.
    Check out Dana Leigh's new website at SWMIBizDev.com.  Login to learn about an opportunity for an honest-to-goodness college style real estate education. And, she'll be happy to show you how to make money starting next week by helping her to enroll students.
    Please join our online community at CreativeFlips.webs.com.

  • Back and Forth with Rosh Sillars and Steve Gualtieri

    in Entrepreneur

    The tag team of Rosh Sillars and Steve Gualtieri guest On The Dean's List. The description "back and forth" not only applys to Dean, Rosh and Steve talking about the year that has past and look forward into the the year upcoming; but the back and forth conversation style when these three get together. . 
    Steve is an entrepreneur, marketing and sales maven and business connecter. Rosh is an author, technologist and business owner. This trio was the core contributors of Green Sprout Forum, a business media project and content creation project. . 

  • Holiday Blues Buster Series Week 6: New Year Kick-Off

    in LGBT

    Welcome! Soul here, your host for the Holiday Blues Buster Series. Who am I? What I do? Click this link to explore all sorts of details!
    Join us to kick-off the new rear with ease and grace! Set yourself up for a happy, healthy and FUN day, daily.  Click this link for more details.
    Step 1:  Listen to this class.
    Step 2: Register to access our LIVE conference call classroom on Tuesday night (8:30 p.m. Eastern / New York USA) phone call.
    Option 1: $12.00 per class (click to register)
    Option 2: $75 for entire series (click to register) - Save $57 when you pay for the entire series in one payment.
    Intro Music:  Wish Background / Outro Music:  Bright Wish  Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

  • Life in the Universe with the Holographic Gyspies & Trisha Gelder Numerologist

    in Spirituality

    Today well will talk about Dr. Stranges number and she how his life turned out.
    Trisha Gelder is a born Healer, Intuitive, Clairvoyant/Clairesentient. Numerologist, Neimologist & Life Coach..... Trisha has been through her fair share of life's ups and downs, so Trisha can empathise with others on many levels. Trisha is non judgemental and a great listner. Trisha Gelder's mission is to help raise the vibrations of her clients and empower them to lead happier abundant lives, which she believes we all deserve. All of Trisha's wonderful clients are part of her journey.   As seen on Psychic Today Sky Channel 886 in the UK Trisha Gelder is currently offering Telephone/Skype Readings which can be tailored to your needs    
    Contact her at· 0 01444 390 946    trishagnumerologist@hotmail.com
    Trisha is the best at numberology call in and fine out about your numbers  .  You might want to get a numberologist report for a friend or loved one for Christmas so contact here about her specials for the holidays .
    Don't forget to like the Holographic Gyspies on Face Book    http://www.facebook.com/Holograhicgyspys

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    The Father Matters Show- The Effects of Substance Abuse with Karl Jones

    in Dads and Family

    On today's show we discuss the effects of substance abuse with Karl Jones from Crossroads. Substance abuse is a strong and deadly symptom of society’s growing dysfunction. Not only does it destroy lives, but it wreaks devastation upon entire families, friends and employers. 
    Guest Speaker Information: Karl Jones with Crossroads Phone: 602.281.6574 Website:http://www.crossroadsinc.org

  • B.E.Y.O.N.D. Radio Show with Valerie Love

    in Spirituality

    Feeling called to Sedona but feel you don't have the resources? This could be your answer...

  • Bishop Solomon

    in Spirituality

    Listen to this anointed servant of the Most High as he brings the Word of the Lord to you.  Bishop Solomon has preached all over the United States and has established Churches in Africa.  God uses this obediant vessel and manifests signs, wonders, miracles and gifts of the Holy Ghost in Jesus' name, confirming the Word of the Lord.  You will be blessed and encouraged in your faith!

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