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  • Hope and Healing for Today and Answers To Every Problem.

    in Christianity

    This show is to help people pray and find answers and solutions to every perplexity and problems that they have. Healing of mind, body and spirit can only come through Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior and by studying the Bible. By beholding Jesus, we become change. 

  • FOR WOMEN ONLY! What You Really Want From Em....

    in Radio

    Ladies, do you know what you want? Let’s talk about the Men and what you Ladies expect/don’t expect from them. On Wed, April 16th 8-10 pm EST give us a call at (347) 633-9853 and be sure to press 1 to speak with the hosts. We will have Outspoken E, Finesse and Qornbread in the building so you know it's going to be one heck of a show! Our special guest will be Aurthoress/Playwrite Lakisha Louissaint. 
    Lakisha is the author of Tears of Silence which was released April 2013. She is currently in the process of preparing to release 4 children's books this year 2014. The first children's book that Lakisha will release, will be "Stop That Counting Billy" (Which will be a series of eduactional interactive books.)
    We also have DJ Mega Skills on the 1's&2's so you don't want to miss out!

  • SuzyChannel

    in Spirituality

    Australian powerhouse spiritual teacher, healer and founder of "The Art of Energetic Healing School" and the global "Love Now Movement", Suzy Meszoly, channels the Master Teachers, (Pleidian Star Heart Emissary/ Galactic Federation of Light) provides spiritual guidance and interviews movers and shakers in the world consciousness and health communities in this weekly radio show. For more about Suzy, to access free mediation/ activations, to schedule a private session, to register for international events, to purchase her books, CDs, MP3s, to see more interviews with exciting folks:

  • Prezidential WinsDay w/ Mic Prez

    in Entertainment

    We welcome our feature guest of the night hailing from Los Angeles, California: unsigned bilingual lyricist Mic Prez. He introduces to his style of rhythm and poetry, how he fell in-love with hip-hop, his thoughts on the pressures of being a successful West Coast rapper, and more including his thoughts on how he did in his first round match-up last week in the March Music Madness Tournament. (Follow on Twitter: @420LIFESTYLE; Instagram: @micprez)
    Our covergirl and Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is the lovely Jewel. She dials us up at 8:45pm ET to inform us on her modeling movement, goals, and more. (Follow on Instagram: @gjewel33; Twitter: jewelg3).
    We wrap up the first round of the 2nd Annual March Music Madness Tournament of Artists with the following matchups:
    West Side Bracket
    #4 International Rob B (Twitter: @SmoothRob_B) vs #5 C. Arson
    #1 Rizzy Alberacci (Twitter: @RizzyAlberacci) vs #8 J-Gudda
    East Coast Bracket
    #3 Danielle Lyndsay (Twitter: @D_Lyndsay) vs #6 Jayme Shaye (Twitter: @jaymeshaye)
    #2 Doe The Paperboy (Twitter: @Doenation804) vs #7 Jase (Twitter: @jase_tag)
    Ms. LaTanya Monroe (Manager, SoProper ENT, hiphopmademecool.com, Twitter: @TANYAB4U)
    DJ DMV The Don (DJ, Host of 365 The Grind Radio Show, iamdjdmvthedon.com, Twitter: @DJDMVTHEDON)
    Lynx (Producer, Instagram: @thareallynx, soundcloud.com/thareallynx)
    Each matchup will recieve a vote for one out of the two artists from each of our judges and then a vote from you - the listeners. Tweet us @DaBlackTopRadio with the name of who you like, comment below this episode, or comment on our Facebook posts of who you believe deserves to make it to the second round of the tournament.
    Follow us on Twitter: @DaBlackTopRadio
    "Like" us on Facebook: facebook.com/dbtradio

  • Lies, Secrets, Conspiracies™ Talk Radio

    in Entertainment

    Lies, Secrets, Conspiracies focuses on goverment conspiracies and classified cases.  Hosted by Allen Bess and Studebaker Hawke.
    © 2014 Broadcast Nation Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

  • Grit Grind w/ The Chairman TL & QueeN Em E

    in Music

    Lawless Radio #SupportYourLocalComeUp! Bringing you some of the best Underground, Independent and Unsigned music online with hot topics.
    To submit music go to www.lawlessradio.com
    Follow Us:
    @LawlessENT  @TheChairmanTL  @QueenOfAfroPop 

  • LL Sports 2 - "It's Our Anniversary!"

    in Sports

    Welcome to LLSPORTS 2!  A sports show for everyone!! – but for the ladies, we’ll get an opportunity each show to teach you some of the fundamentals of baseball, basketball or football.  We promise to never answer your questions with "not right now, the game is on!"
    TJ is flying solo this week...but that's the only thing different!!  We will be discussing all of the latest headlines in MLB and the upcoming NBA playoffs. TJ's 49ers have been in the news lately....and for all the WRONG reasons.  We will discuss the controversies and what, if anything, the 49ers need to do to ensure they remain out of the news for the rest of the offseason!
    All of this plus the Wednesday Wikipedia, Ladies Learn Moment, your phone calls, comments, questions and much much more!
    So join TJ this Wed. @8p est!

  • CMT Firestorm Foot Talk Radio

    in Sports

    Raw uncut football talk from college to the NFL. Join us as we give opinions and analysis from all four corners of the country about football. We'll have special guests  that include fromer and current players and coaches as well as repected members of the press and always feel free to call in and mix it up with the guys.
    Hosted by "Cali Mike" Michael Bewer, Co-Hosted by Clausell Mathis, "ChiTown" Michael Martin, and "Tex" Jamal Garrett-Price apart of MRN Boardcasting powered by BlogTalkRadio.com.

  • 2 Fat Guys and the Internet

    in Comedy

    Just two guys, sharing our experiences in life, sharing what we like and do not like and bacon, lots and lots of Bacon!!  Come join us for good times and great laughs.  The best 60 minutes of your life!!!!  Find us on Facebook or our Website!!!

  • Weekly Broadcast

    in Health

    LOOKING GOOD WITHOUT LOOKING: 8:00 - 9:00pm - LIVE! - Join us for the hottest trends, the best end of year deals, wardrobe personality pieces, fun New Year resolutions and solutions, the top color of 2012, big cruise announcement, spotlight on artisan  and knitwear designer Karen Lewis, and much, much more!

    THE KOVACS PERSPECTIVE: 9:00 - 10:00pm - LIVE! - Steve talks to Jerry Smith who has gone thru more tragedy in his life than most any human being-his book is "Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear?" An Amazon's Best Seller-forward by Zig Ziglar

  • Innovative Black Men

    in Relationships

    Innovative Black Men” Introducing original conversation and creative thinking on great ideas in relationships and dating. We will discuss innovative ways to reach your target market and how to expand your brand in business!

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