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  • Al-Islam and Modern Science

    in Education

    In these shows, Faheem will review and discuss modern scientific discoveries, particularly regarding the human being's form, nature and powers, in the light of The Quran, The Prophet (pbuh) and the insights of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (raa)

  • Red Letter Edition - LIVE!

    in Religion

    Our flagship radio show, Red Letter Edition - LIVE! is constantly challenging listeners to verify their traditions and beliefs. Logic and intellectual honesty are not ignored; rather, these characteristics are encouraged in Don's theological presentations and discussions with guests.  Red Letter Edition - LIVE! is an open forum, call-in show, with a chat room that's always alive with questions and discussions. Join us in the ThINKer's chat room:  http://www.thinkredink.tv/indexx.htm
    During the week look for Red Letter Edition - WEEKDAYS! Don't miss this profound and uplifting hour on radio.

  • Man Up - Brother Eric Green - Teenage Power

    in Religion

    11:00AM - Man Up 
    12:00PM - Brother Eric Green 
    1:00PM - Teenage Power  

  • **Special Edition Series**- THE ERRORS OF CHURCHIANITY: "Hath God Said?" - pt

    in Religion

    During this *Special Edition Series* of ARC Studies Live! I will be tackling some sacred cow issues of the contemporary Christian Church, such as: "Are We Still Under The Law or Under Grace?" "What is the Difference Between the Two?" "What is The Role of Women in The Church?" "Has Chauvinism & Feminism Impacted How God's Word is Viewed & Taught?" "Who is Authorized By God to Preach The Word of God?" Are Pastors In Charge of The Local Church?" "Do Christians Have to Attend and Join a Local Church?" "What are Bishops, Elders & Overseers?" "Are they Different or the Same Thing?" "Are they Spiritual Gifts?"  Join me as we immerse ourselves in the depth of understanding that The Word of God provides concerning these teachings with a view of separating DOGMA from DOCTRINE, and freeing CHRISTIANITY from the errors of CHURCHIANITY. I'll also be taking your questions and/or comments live on air at (646)652-2905. Any questions and/or comments off air should be directed to (614)388-8838 or e-mailed to ryoung@arcstudies.org. All questions received up to 30 minutes before show time will be addressed on air. See you there!!!

  • Sunday Morning Praise & Service

    in Religion

    Sunday Morning Praise & Service is a weekly 90 min internet radio program that prepares listeners to worship with the anointing of the Holy Spirit and messages coming to you live with solid biblical insight. We would like to be a place for you to turn to for truth, knowledge, wisdom and hope.

  • Live Dharma Sunday

    in Spirituality

    Join the Bright Dawn Sangha for Live Dharma Talk Sunday with Rev. Koyo Kubose and weekly guest speakers.

  • Ask the 'New' Moon What is New for You

    in Spirituality

    KAREN CRESSMAN, a Spiritual Interpreter who brings forth wisdom from other realms, will have a conversation with the MOON to discuss the gifts its energy brings as a NEW MOON on July 27th. Ask the MOON what is next for you now that we have completed the Grand Cardinal Cross-point of Humanity.  Join us to hear the MOON'S wisdom and learn the opportunities its energies are bringing to all of us!

  • Belvaspata v Deistvii

    in Spirituality

    Holodnyj pot?  Zhara?  Belvaspata!
    Potootdelenie - vazhnejshaja funkcija nashego organizma. Holodnyj pot v zharu.  Pochemu? Letnjaja zhara. Pit' ili ne pit' holodnye napitki? Kak ispol'zuja Belvaspata, my mozhem pomoch' nashemu organizmu perenosit' zharkuju pogodu? Peredachu vedut Lucia Dashkevich i Marina Smal'.

  • Live Worship Services from Ft. Wayne PBC

    in Religion

    Tune in to live worship services from Ft. Wayne Primitive Baptist Church. This morning's sermon topic is TBA! For more information and resources, visit our website at www.ftwaynepbc.org **Please be patient if there is a slight delay. We are broadcasting live.

  • Sunday Morning-Live Worship at NBOM Augusta Campus

    in Religion

    You feel a live experience of the power of the holy ghost, that will change you life. The NEW BEGINNING the you have been looking for will happen during this this serive if you just let it happen. We the leaders of New Beginning Outreach Ministry Augusta would like to thank you for tuning into our service and if your in the Augusta area come by and join us.
    Apostle-Elect S. L. Bent, Sr. Pastor
    Bishop-Elect V. Staley Pastor

  • Purposeful Worship

    in Christianity

    Join me Daffany Smith and Pastor Melvin, every Sunday Morning from 8-8:45 a.m. pdt. as we come together in a Spirit-led worship time designed to usher in God’s presence in a very tangible way.
    Here on Purposeful Worship we intentionally come together to earnestly, humbly and openly worship our God and to seek His blessing in our lives.
    Log in and prepare to experience the Lord in a powerful way!

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