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  • Is His Love Real or am I being Played Again? - LGBT Talk Radio Q024

    in LGBT

    What we are talking about on today's Connect, Support & Empower Hour
    How Do I Know If Their Love is Real or Am I Being Played?
    So how can you tell if someone you’re dating likes you back as much as you do them? While it can be difficult to spot an opportunist, there are some signs you can keep a look out for that can reassure you that your new guy / girl reciprocates your feelings of positive anticipation about what “could be”. And that is actually the #1 key to determining if a person is into you—reciprocation.
    Does he take proactive steps to try and meet your needs?
    Does he show interest and enthusiasm in getting to know who you are and what you stand for?
    Does he on occasion make sacrifices because he wants to do something that would make you feel good?
    Does he initiate non-sexual affection and physical touch?
    Does he initiate time and energy to spend quality time with you?
    Does he communicate his thoughts and feelings with you and is he willing to make compromises when necessary?
    Does he light up when he sees you and make regular eye-contact?
    Does he want to hear about your goals and dreams for the future?
    When you’re having a bad day, does he put things going on in his life to the side to devote time and attention to providing you with some tender-loving-care and support?
    Does he smile at you a lot and is he playful with you?
    Does he seem to care about how you think of him?
    Does he make conscious efforts to try and please you?
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  • Mr. & Mrs. Motivation Live with Carol M. Baldwin

    in Self Help

    Our final episode in a month long series dedicated to breast cancer. Join us for a robust conversation with Carol M. Baldwin, survivor and founder if the Carol M. Baldwin Research Fund and The Carol M. Baldwin Cancer Care Center at Stonybrook University Hospital. Mother of six, grandmother, aunt, friend and self proclaimed "crusader" join us as we talk about her relationship with the disease and her heartfelt journey

  • Word of Faith with Evangelist Dorothy Tenner

    in Family

    Word of Faith with Evangelist Dorothy Tenner
    Hello and GOD bless you.  Her name is Evangelist Dorothy Tenner.  She was born in the south but raised in Portland, Oregon in a loving family with her mother, sisters, brothers, and other relatives and friends. 
    One day, in the year of our Lord 1994, she had an “Abraham experience".  That is when GOD spoke to her and instructed her to move to Phoenix, Arizona. 
    GOD is true and faithful to HIS word.  HE has kept HIS word towards Evangelist Dorothy and blesses her tremendously.  HE has given her to speak to and with people in various cities.  She speaks a word in season to him that is weary. 
    In addition to that gift, HE has entrusted her with the gift of healing and other gifts.
    God has called her to “teach” HIS word to diverse people-HIS children, the unsaved, hurting people, all people because we are all HIS people.  
    "So shall MY word be that goeth forth out of MY mouth" Isaiah 55:10-11
    It doesn't matter what people have to say about it...
    What does GOD say about it?..

  • The Londonman Show For the Entreprenuer and Athletes

    in Entrepreneur

    Sports-Biz, An Entreprenuerial Show that will assist business people in choosing the right path to establish and promote their business. Clients will be given a assessment test followed by a series of one on one classes. The classes can be taken either on the phone, the computer, or in person. The course will cover everything from banking to marketing and branding. Usually a course will cover a ten week period of one hour per week. This can be ajusted to suit your convience.
    Premier-Barter- One of Londonman's clients who offers a great service where you can barter almost anything. Londonman's clients can barter for advertising on the show. To give you some examples: you can barter meals at excellent restuarants, Have your house completely cleaned, even purchase a car, all on Barter.
    Exercise Coach- Another of Londonman's clients who offers a wonderful training facility. The outstanding feature is that recommended training time is two twenty minute sessions per week. Whether you're an athlete or someone who's never trained before this is an ideal way to get fit.
    Inter-Americans Sports Organization- An excellent indoor and outdoor soccer facility is also offered with boxing.

  • The Rick Factor Show-Lisa Haven

    in Politics Progressive

    This Thursday on the Rick Factor. Christian warrior, mother, and Youtube sensation Lisa Haven will be my guest.  We will be going over current events dealing with the coming New World Order.  How we can use God to fight it off. Lisa will be on for 30 minutes.  

  • Military Mamas Premier Online

    in Military

    Military Mamas Show aired in Cincinnati, Ohio on live talk radio from 2008 to December 2013. They made the decision to transition to internet radio beginning January 2014,so that the host could broadcast from any where in the world and reach a broader listener base.
    They are looking forward to being a part of the Blogtalk community!

  • A Solution For chronic pathogenic illness.

    in Spirituality

    Guest:Tom Paladino is a scalar energy researcher and has 25 plus years experience helping people with chronic pathogenic illness. 
    Recent discoveries led Tom Paladino to the conclusion that viruses can likewise be transmuted by this process of broadcasting scalar energy. Emboldened by these discoveries, he desires to present the world with a solution for ALL bacterial, fungal, protozoan and viral infections. It is his belief and statement that the scalar energy is capable of transmuting ALL pathogens thus presenting the world with a solution for thousands of pathogenic diseases. 

  • Football Frenzy Week 9 Edition

    in Football

    Dan & Dan discuss the remnants of Week 8, as thr Arizona Cardinals moved to 6-1 and the Dallas Cowboys were upset by Washington. 
    The Week 9 showdown between Arizona and Dallas will be discussed as well as the Eagles taking on the Texans.

  • It's time for you to speak, we care. So tell us folk what's up?

    in Radio

    Dr. Linda Tucker asks a blunt question on this episode of Let the people say: Are we crazier than we used to be? Who's report shall we believe? Some of the team will join the panel to discuss our  spiritual and mental health and the impact on our society.

  • Guest Parrish Register from Parkmont Mortgage.

    in Business

    Parrish Register from Parkmont Mortgage. Parrish is going to share with us today a little about opportunities for residential real estate in Downtown Raleigh and about his company's Hometown Heroes program.

  • Halloween 1

    in Sports

    halloween pt 1

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