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  • Stop the Gridlock in Congress

    in Politics

    How can we STOP the GRIDLOCK in Congress?
    Replace them ALL!!!!
    Join the conversation.  Who will you choose to replace your Senator(s) and Representative(s)?  Express your frustration with the politics in DC.  How can Congress work together despite differences in ideology?
    Learn the TRUTH about what is really happening in Washington.  What's the source of news and information you trust the most? Is there a place for God in politics, after all His Name is mentioned in all  major political platforms? 
    Are you tired of voting for the lesser of two evils? Should we send people to Congress who will speak truth to power, love mercy, pursue justice and walk humbly before God? Can we talk about this?  Tune in 8pm-10pm Mon thru Friday on blogtalkradio.com starting 10/21/13

  • Two Moons Talking with guest: Sara Deutsch, Psychotherapist and Artist

    in Spirituality

    Come, sit within the sacred circle alongside Spiritual Coaches, Cinnamon Moon, Author of A Medicine Woman Speaks, and River Wildfire Moon, Medium and Paranormal Archeologist. Tonight's guest is Sara Deutsch. Sara is a Psychotherapist, Metaphysical and Shamanic expert. She uses creativity to assist others in awakening spiritually. We live in a time of transition, of raised awareness and heightened senses all flowing within the shifting dimensional energies so prevalent in life today. For further study, visit: www.spiritlodge.info to utilize the resources and services available.

  • Life in the Universe with Madeline and Elizabeth and Michael

    in Spirituality

    Hey it is new month come join us on Monday nights and let's take about what is on your mind.  If you need a reading or an energy infusion let us 
    know we can help with that we are all skilled energy infusers so let us help.  Need a mini reading we can help to give us a call.
    Elizabeth Rose is a skills hypnotist and Reiki Master, Michael is a Reiki Master , Madeline is a skilled Reiki Master, hypnotist , and enery infuser.
    Elizabeth Rose has a radio show on HeyZ radio Our Worlds.
    So join us and let's have some fun.

  • Super Bowl XLIX, The Hangover, NFL Awards and Pro Football Hall of Fame Recap

    in Sports

    James Yarcho and Scott DelleFave debut their new show the "4th and Goal" Podcast from the Offspeed Pitch Sports Network as Part of the Fantasy Sports Wearhouse.
    Tonight We will recap Super Bowl XLIX, the key plays and what turned the tables. 
    Addtionally we will talk about he NFL Awards from Saturday night as well, and with that It will tie in with the 2015 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class, who got snub
    Guests will include Andrew Vigliotti Co-Founder of the Outside Pitch Sports Network. Tune in and listen! The Guest Call-In number is (516) 418-5946 don't be shy and call in, we will talk to you about anything you want.


    in The Bible


  • Truf Bros. Radio: When Nerds Attack

    in Entertainment

     Please join Ray and Devon as they deal with another controversial topic.Unfortunately in the society that we live in people that look different or act different outside of what the society stamps as normal have always been targets of persecution. Everyone of us has been victims of the socialite prepubescent weeding pool. Being placed in the boxes of those accepted (athletes, popular, and beautiful) and the social outcast (nerds, geeks, and freaks). The thing that boggles the mind is when did the ones who have been mistreated, harassed, beaten, and discriminated decide that it was ok for them to discriminate, mistreat, and harass. The recent release of the new Star Wars trailer cause a firestorm on social media when it was revealed that one of the Storm Trooper was black. There was also an incident involving a female video game writer who was threaten, sexually harassed, and sent death threats all because she wrote a article about the over sexual depiction of female game characters. YOUR SHOCKED! but why it does not end there if your a black cos-player the blatant in your face mistreatment is worse. Please join Truf Bros. Radio as we welcome special guest Cos Player Olivia M to discuss this topic. Tune in the Every Monday at 7 pm CST, we're the HOTTEST talkradio show on the internet.  Check us out at www.trufbrosradio.com and get the TRUF!

  • Women of Prosperity Empowerment on the RISE! With Mz.Cherry

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome back! Tonight is the DEBUT of the New Season. Season#10 here on Richkid Radio. Kicking off with W"WOMEN OF PROSPERITY" As always we spotlight women and their lifestyles. Tonight guest; TAMMEKKA M. Debuting Author and Newest Host on RichKid Radio, "Thriving Thursday" Show. Welcome TAMMEKKA M. 
    Want to be a guest, Get your Brand/Music heard? Go to www.Richkidradio.com and reserve your spot!
    Email us:Richkidradio@outlook.com       Follow us on Twitter: www.twitter.com/cherryrichpubli   Follow us on Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/richkidradio
    Like us on Facebook:www.Facebook.com/richkidradio  Follow us on IG:RichkidRadio


    in Lifestyle


  • Woman2Woman Talking To Men: Understanding The Blackman

    in Women

    Woman2Woman Talking To Men - Understanding The Blackman.  Join us every Monday night at 8:00pm EST by dialing 714-816-4636 or go to my Facebook page, "DyAnne Dempsey" and click the link to listen. 
    God said my people perish for lack of knowledge, so this show is to educate, enlighten and openempower men and women on who we are, and what our purpose is on this earth.
    Women want to know why we have so many men not performing in the capacity God had intended from the beginning. Men want to know why women are not the help mate God said she would be.
    God said let us make man in our image, and God also said it is not good that man should be alone. So if man is to be like God, and man is not to be alone, what happened? Come find out for yourself up for defeat. , you will be surprised at the answers.
    What is our role as men and women? What is our purpose?
    Come join us as we discuss these important issues.
    I look forward to hearing you on the show.

  • The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation of Islam Radio Show

    in Social Networking

          The Honorable Elijah Muhammad                          Last Messenger of Allah                  THE FALL OF AMERICA     The Blackman Must Rise or be Destroyed!

  • Break Every Chain: The Keys to Success for Black Men

    in Business

    The time for Black Men to rise up is now.  Our communites, families and lives are at stake.  We have the solutions and we will talk about that tonight.  If you are a Black Man or you know one you need to join us on this show.  
    Our guest is Cheyenne Bostock.  He is a Life and Relationship Expert.  He is also the author of Food, Sex and Peace of Mind and Break Every Chain.  He is a regular guest on the Bill Cunningham show, writes for the Huffington Post and has been featured on Fox News.  
    Join me, Shawn Hill and my co-host Louiseza Sanderson as we tackle this tough subject.  I am an author, speaker and talk show host.  I am also the founder of BlackWealthCreation.com.  My wife and I work to help others achieve financial freedom.  We work primarily with women to help them create increase their income so they can spend more time on their calling.  Contact me on Facebook at my fan page BlackWealthCreation.
    Louiseza Sanderson is a business consultant, writer, and founder of MindYourBlackBusiness.com.  As a consultant and a small business owner herself, Louiseza came to realize that while there were many small business resources there were few that provided a platform for micro and small Black owned businesses.  The vision of Mind Your Black Business is to help businesses grow and prosper. Follow her on Twitter.

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