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  • The Andrea Shea King Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Compromised - Clinton Bush and the CIA

  • Arming Champions Radio

    in Sports

    Allen and Carolyn Fisher present: Arming Champions Radio, with special guest
    AARON CHANG world renown sports photographer CAN YOU PICTURE THAT?
    Award winning, internationally acclaimed Aaron Chang will be our guest. Aaron is a surfer and quite easily the best extreme sports photographer in the world.  He has been published all over the world in hundreds of books and magazines including National Geographic, Forbes, Rolling Stone and ESPN to name a few. Chang was the Senior Photographer for Surfer Magazine for 25 years, specializing in extreme action sports and international travel. He is a featured subject in numerous TV shows. Chang was voted best San Diego artist of 2014. The The Aaron Chang Ocean Art Gallery    www.aaronchang.com  
    Sponsored by ArmingChampions.com | NutriSports.org  |  TheTowerGardens.com


    in Spirituality

    Jeanette St.Germain is a multidimensional channel, psychic medium, and energetic healer committed to helping others embrace their own inner radiance! Her sessions often include inspired angelic messages, clarity of life purpose, and deep healing through all layers of the energy field. With a holistic wellness background and a profound connection to Spirit, Jeanette offers a ray of hope for those seeking transformation and empowerment.http://www.sophiastouch.com/

  • Hope & Healing: A Journey to Wholeness with J. R. Thicklin

    in Motivation

    Join J.R. Thicklin as he discusses Domestic violence/Abuse. Listen in or talk to Jay at (323) 784-9638 or listen online at www.SoulofAmericaRadio.com
    Every monday: 8pm cst/9pm est

  • "How To Get Away With Cheating"

    in Romance

    How does the old saying go; "If you do it, do it well." We here at The Love Zone USA don't condone cheating, but we think it's worth discussing. Our hosts Taheerah, Nacone, and Karishma will be sure to get a little personal and point out some of the reasons people get caught cheating.  Let us know your point of view on the subject too, the number is 347 539-5729. Join Us LIVE!

  • Marky Ramone and Punk Rock Blitzkrieg LIVE on Authors on the Air

    in Books

    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcome punk legend, drummer Marky Ramone, of the world's greatest punk/rock band, The Ramones.  Marky has penned his memoir about the band,  Punk Rock Blitzkreig entailing his life, his music, the celebrities the band met and their life on the road. It is a social hstory of the New York punk scene from a charter member of The Ramones for over 15 years.  Marky's book serves as the definitive story of one of rock's most influential and popular bands.  I'm interested in hearing his story about Stephen King, Phil Spector  and more.  This is a LIVE broadcast and you are invited to call in to say hello by calling 347-633-9609. Buy Marky's book on Amazon at http://amzn.to/1yZniJ2.  For more about Marky's book read http://www.vh1.com/music/tuner/2015-01-26/marky-ramone-interview/?xrs=CLASS_12pm.  
    Podcast available immediately following the live show On Demand at this same link.
    This is a trademarked copyrighted podcast solely owned by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network. Follow us on twitter @authorsontheair. Visit us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/authorsontheair.  Follow host Pam Stack on twitter @PamStackHost and on Facebook at http://facebook.com/4pamstack.
    Support provided by Robert Gregory Browne, author, music and composer who created our theme music. J. Carson Black, intelligent crime fiction author; D.D. Corbitt, author and journalist.  


    in The Bible


  • Ed Grimsley -Nightwatch UFO Wars from USA

    in Spirituality

    My mission is to show people what is happening in earth space all the time. I want people to start looking through night vision binoculars and see the battles tasking place between aircraft including saucer shaped objects. To give people a chance for viewing these things I am planning to have skywatch gatherings. With more and more people seeing them, perhaps someone will take notice and report this to the media. Whoever it is we are battling, it is very serious and a threat to our National Security. [ Ed Grimsley ] GO TO WEBSITE: http://edgrimsley.com

  • TDR presents Madam-X Special Part 1 w/ Chris "GODZILLA" Doliber

    in Entertainment

    Totally Driven Radio presents a 4 part interview series with Detroit rockers Madam X
    Madam X former JET Records recording artists who have reformed the Original lineup sat down with TDR Host Bay Ragni, for very in depth, interesting, insightful, emotional and rocking interviews!! 
    This week's guest is Bass player for Madam X
    Chris "Godzilla" Doliber
    We will playing the new Madam X Song as well as some classics!!! 
    So tune in as Madam X gets Totally Driven !!!

  • Travis and Vic's Drunken Horror Adventures

    in Movies

    On February 2nd, the "Louisville Town Drunks" return to their favorite subject...slashers! You see, February is a beautiful time of year when young hearts begin to fall in love with the beautiful holiday of Valentine's Day upcoming...but on Monday February 2nd at 9 PM EST, we cut a hole right into Cupid's chubby little face as the subject at hand is the original "My Bloody Valentine!" This slasher classic comes to us from the Great White North and the two hooligans from Kentucky will break it down as they always do. Come listen and hear what Travis, Vic, and Harry Warden have in store for you on this edition of Travis & Vic's Drunken Horror Adventures! As always, if you wanna join in on the fun, you can call into 310-634-1923 and join the discussion.
    Our email is tandvhorror@gmail.com
    You can find us discussing the show along with some horror-related topics on Twitter @TravNVicHorror
    You can find Travis on Twitter @PhenomenalTLD
    You can find Vic on Twitter @vicvonerich
    When things get out of control…that’s when you’ll want to check our YouTube channel as we do EXCLUSIVE  “Travis and Vic’s Drunken Horror Adventures” videos on there from time to time as well. Subscribe to TandVHorror and watch the chaos take place.
    Last, but not least, give us a “like” on Facebook at: Facebook.com/travisnvichorror
    Send us feedback to tandvhorror@gmail.com

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