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    The Melanated Queen

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    Tune in to this awesome show with your host Syvonia McCoy and her special guest King Apostle Billy Woodard as he share glow nuggets about the melanin of a woman.

  • Lugnuts and Horsepower: Special Edition

    in Sports

    It was Thursday when NASCAR got an announcement that many knew would eventually come, but the impact is so great.  The rock of the Hendrick organization, Jeff Gordon, first told his family, then his team, and finally the entire NASCAR community that the 2015 season would be his final ride full-time in NASCAR competition.
    In honor of Gordon's 24-year career, Patti Rodisch and Dustin Parks are doing a special episode where it is nothing but talk of the sure-fire Hall of Fame driver and the legacy he has in the sport.
    From his debut at the Cup level in 1992, where his bright rainbow car garnered in a new era in the sport, to his four championships, and the 92 victories he's attained, it is all talked about.  Even his not-so glorious moments such as his run-ins with Rusty Wallace, Clint Bowyer and most recently Brad Keselowski will be discussed, along with his impact outside the sport as a husband and father, and humanitarian.
    This special kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET/5:30 p.m. CT.

  • Episode 6: The Pull Up Podcast with Tas Melas

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    Tas Melas from NBA's The Starters joins us to break down the happens around the league.

  • #GetCandid with Lutonya & Nikki : Reality TV: Harmless or Harmful?

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    #GETCANDID   OUR NEW SHOW IS NOW HERE!!!   Get Candid with Lutonya & Nikki   TUNE IN LIVE on Thursday's 5:30 PM/ CST   www.IndustryBuzzZ.com Media Network   Call in LIVE (646) 478-0409   To be a featured guest on the radio show email us at CandidConvo@gmail.com Your support will help us to continue to Train, mentor and employ our youth through radio, television, magazine and media network.     Become a proud sponsor by calling (678) 792-8999.... Learn more about the host Nikki Washington- www.NikkWashington.com                               www.GlowMagazineOnline.com Lutonya M. Lang-Russell- www.IndustryBuzzZ.com                                           www.LutonyaMRussell.com

  • How To Find The Best Building Contractors

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    For more information on Building Companies Somerset West, Builders Pringle Bay West Western Cape, Somerset West Builders you can contact Hennie Bothma Constructions, 4 Schreiner Close, Strand Western Cape 7140, South Africa 021 853 1293. Take a look at the web site by going to this great link - building contractors stellenbosch. You might als0 jump over to somerset west|building renovations somerset west|builders stellenbosch|building contractors stellenbosch|home renovations

  • The Wealthy Spirit with guest speaker Chellie Campbell

    in Self Help

    The Wealthy Spirit: Daily Affirmations for Financial Stress Reduction
    Many people spend their lives searching for the means to acquire tremendous financial wealth. They look to external resources to give them what they want, and are ultimately disappointed when their dreams don't turn out the way they had planned. They either become incredibly wealthy at the expense of their spiritual well being, family, and friends, or they never acquire the riches they've aspired to, and in their disappointment, they discover they've lost all sense of self-worth. The Wealthy Spirit is the only book that offers an approach to achieving both spiritual and financial wealth. Through a series of daily affirmations that focus on the reader's internal strength and capacity for change, this book will set them on a path toward personal enlightenment and wealth in body, mind, and spirit. Using a day-to-day approach, readers will learn six keys: --Think positive. Like mind over matter, mind over money begins with believing you deserve it and can get it. --Send out ships. You can wait for your ship to come in, but if you don't send any out, it's going to be a long wait. --Count your money. Money is a game and you have to know the score. The money score will tell you how well you're doing at steps one and two. --Swim with dolphins. Being "in the swim" will depend largely on who you're swimming with. Find "your people" and avoid sharks. --Survive the storms. You must weather interior storms as well as exterior ones. Persistence is key. --Seek balance and enlightenment. Only from their perspective will you know when you have "enough." The Wealthy Spirit offers readers peace of mind to help them build financial muscle and a successful, stress-free life.

  • Driver Qualification File Dos and Don't

    in Training

    Open discussion regarding the driver qualification file FMCSA requirements.  What should be included or not.  Should your driver qualification be user friendly or bare bones to only meet regulations?  Pro and cons of information contained in the driver qualification file.

  • Darryl Clark Progressive News Weekly

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    (Thursday 1-29-15, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM, EST) on Blogtalk Radio
    This weeks guests: Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu (prolific philanthropist and respected author/educator) will breifly weigh in on the current state of African Americans.  Dr. Glenn Medoza - MD, meditation expert, Master pranic healer.  Dr. Mendoza will discuss the attributes of the current astrological sun sign of Aquarius.  Dr. Mendoza will also discuss how and why the celestial stars/sky has been used over centuries across all races, creeds, and religions. In addition, he will provide insight on how/why to meditate, especially under a full moon.
       Don't miss it!

  • 02:01

    Ending Homelessness

    in Politics Progressive

     Guests former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Lynn Lewis and Gregory Payton
    Dennis Kucinich was homeless as a child living with his parents in the family car. From 1977-1979 Dennis was Mayor of Cleveland. From 1997 to 2013 he was a Member of the U.S. House.
    Lynn Lewis is the Director and past civil rights campaign organizer at Picture the Homeless, one of the few homeless led grass roots organizing initiatives in the U.S.   Lynn has worked with Picture the Homeless since it’s founding nearly 15 years ago.  Lynn previously worked as the Director of Operations and Development at Community Voices Heard and is a past Board member of the National Coalition for the Homeless, and a founding board member of the Florida Coalition for the Homeless and the Jacksonville Emergency Services Coalition. 
    Gregory is a social worker who has dedicated his life to speaking for those who can’t speak; standing for those who can’t stand; and fighting for those who can’t fight. Over the last 17 years, he has worked as an Intern, Research Assistant, Residential Monitor, Intake Worker, Outreach Worker, Intake Coordinator, Program Coordinator, Representative, Case Manager, Facilitator, and Counselor for a variety of non-profits and social service agencies and programs that work with the homeless, chemically-dependent, and mentally ill population.
    7:30 Ending Mass Criminalization with Dr. Madeline McClenney-Sadler guest Henderson Hill, Executive Director of The Death Penalty Abolition Campaign. In 1995 Mr. Hill founded the Center for Death Penalty Litigation in Durham.

  • After Dark with Triple DarkGodis: The Lost Art of MASCULINITY

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    The Vulnerability of Penetration | Jamie Catto
    ...Men carry the shame of our abusive, sexually incontinent forefathers and we don’t want to bring that trauma into the bedroom any more. It’s in the way of us having incredible, heart-bursting sex with you. Today, if you are man with any degree of sensitivity, it is a vulnerable thing to penetrate a woman. I don’t want to abuse you, trigger you into past trauma or in any way mistranslate your wants or needs. I would hate to accidentally touch you in a way that jarred you or misread your passion. So, if you notice my hesitancy or any held-back-ness, please do not translate this as any lack of desire on my part. I may be waiting for a clearer invitation.
    Women, please invite us clearly and unmistakably to make love with you. Only when we are certain that your invitation is wholehearted and clear can we melt into devotional service to your pleasure. We need to be total, unbridled by doubt, to allow the strength of our male physicality to take you. We want to explode you into light and usher you to the door where you can dissolve into pure sex with the Big Spirit – in the field that is beyond us both, but until we are certain that Your invitation is total, we can’t surrender to giving you our gifts fully.
    Your vulnerability is my vulnerability. Let’s melt deeper into it together and heal the past traumas with our love-making.
    For the full article, which I encourage that you read, go here 

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