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  • The Shakedown (Sports Talk Show) Morning Show

    in Sports

    On todays broadcast of The Shakedown Sports Talk Show the shakedown creew will discuss moves made by the New York Giants. Players who are practicing and players who are not practicing. To join in and voice your opinion call (929) 477-2686 or leave comments and questions on twitter with #dashakedown.

  • ChristianpsychicBrendaBradshawshow readings/lessons

    in Spirituality

    Brenda is channel for the HOLY SPIRITS GIFTS..She allows the talents and psychic abilities to come forth in all her readings. Lessons are prepared through her medtations each day for each show.She will look at your spiritual timeline to understand where you are at this moment and tell your present and past and future apointments. Setting up your timeline for your future is important to her.Thank you for coming into the show and you are welcome back for your updates to your progress reports.Many children of GOD have wrote to BRENDA over her 30 years using her gifts about how she was helpful to their lives.PLEASE feel free to write her at christianpsychicbrenda@gmail.com. She will be happy to set up a phone appointment for you. Her fees are reasonable and she can work with you.please send your phone number and you will be contacted by her manager.Brenda works with christians and non-christians.blessings and enjoy the show and please send comments also to help improve the messages.

  • Mayor Malfunctions... Trust Issues

    in Entertainment

    you know its going to hit you in the face sooner or later, happens in the most crucial moments in your life. Could happen for any or no reason at all, call it moods or what ever you want to call it. It is part of our daily, some people cant even trust themselves if left alone.
    When it gets out of control, and it affects your life, it influence your ways of interacting with people.... leave, take a pause and that way you wont burn your bridges.
    Remember this, we all have our "mayor malfunctions" nobody on the face of this planet, is exempted from this, because we are not perfect. we came to learn about imperfections our job is to evolve and learn from it.
    do you agree? this is embedded and is part of our human behavior

  • NFI Radio Gospel Network

    in Christianity

    TUE September.  2, 2014 LIVE 11:00am til 2:00pm on the NFI Radio Gospel Network, the number 1 QUARTET STATION in the WORLD with today Host the CC Country Boy featuring the birthday girl. and at 12:30pm til 1:00pm our NFI PRAYER HOTLINE with Evangelist Mae, and at 1:00pm til 1:15pm Elder Carrie Harris. and back with gospel music with the CC Country Boy, catch the WAVE today on the NFI  at 11:00am til 2:00pm

  • The ONLY Real Estate Investor Education that Pays Its Student Ambassadors

    in Real Estate

    TUESDAY, September 2nd!  Not Wednesday this week.
    My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years.
    This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you.
    Today, Dana Leigh will tell you about the #REInvestor Education she chose and offer you the opportunity to #Learn2Earn.  She is contracted with the college as a Student Ambassador; and, you can be, too.
    "No three day boot camps here!" she says.  "Our community of students can submit wholesale deals to the USResidential (a hedge fund clearinghouse for deals to five or six other funds) in as few as 32 days of instruction.  
    "This is the real deal. The founder hired a Ph.D. in Education to create a true college-style curriculum that would enable average folks to learn everything they need to structure their #REI businesses, take advantage of tax benefits unique to REI Professionals, and actually make money in #realestate." -Dana Leigh
    Find our podcasts on the iTunes store under "Making Money in Real Estate When You Have No Money".
    You can network with 150,000+ active investors by going to KenRERadio.com and creating a free account.
    Check out Dana Leigh's new website at SWMIBizDev.com.  Login to learn about an opportunity for an honest-to-goodness college style real estate education. And, she'll be happy to show you how to make money starting next week by helping her to enroll students.
    Please join our online community at CreativeFlips.webs.com.

  • Hour of Power with Apostle Theotis Joyner

    in Religion

    Welcome to the "Hour of Power" Apostle Theotis Joyner, Host Monday - Thursday 11 am - 11:30 am Redeem and More Church of God 337 Rockaway Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11212 Ch. Tel. 718-342-9540
    View Us Live: www.tjsm.org

  • Fred Ricks & Gwendolyn Primus (TEAM UP to Represent a fresh start in the Bronx

    in Elections

    Fred Ricks
    was born and raised in New York City, South Bronx region. He began to cultivate a very particular skill as he improvised his way through skits along with his late brother Scottie. Whom until this day Fred, declares "the funniest man I've ever known". Years later some of the many characters and dialects he and his brother had created would give birth to an incredible career as a standup comedian and actor who has been featured in independent films.     Throughout his twenty plus year span,
    Gwendolyn Primus
    With her unwavering commitment and principles for better education in public schools, Gwendolyn developed a strong view about the vital importance of public education in New York City. She ran for a member of Community School District 9 as a write in against a corrupted school board in 1996 and won. There she became the youngest school board President in N.Y.C and served 11 consecutive years as the Chair of Community District Nine. She has served over 40 schools and 33,000+ students.  She served as The City Wide Coordinator for United Parents Association. There she provided professional development to parents of students in all of New York City 5 boroughs for 3 years. She has served on the following Boards:
    Chancellor’s Parents Advisory Council Executive Board of Alternative High Schools United State Chamber of Commerce
    2nd Vice President NAACP Bronx Branch  Chairperson African Diaspora Youth Sports Club Inc. Chairperson Youth Cry

  • Tuesday's Tips

    in Radio

    Inspired by our own Jen Marie, Tuesday's Tips is a weekly dose of tips to help you with everyday life.  From removing wax off of carpet to holding an onion under water to prevent watery eyes.  If you have tips that you use, share with us

  • Nuts and Bolts of M&A

    in Finance

    Joseph Porter of the Polsinelli firm is an expert on corporate and transactional practice. He'll discuss the nuts and bolts of M&A.

  • The Matter Of The Heart

    in Spirituality

    Bishop Willie J Frinks
    Rose Of Sharon Ministries
    Las Vegas Nevada

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