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    Fu*ck White Power!

    in Family

    Tonight 8pm CST 'The Rundown with Renee' on Yo Momma Black Radio, will attack white power & white supremacy! This is NOT going to be a politically correct show, Renee & Brotha Dahwah will be honest & direct. The topics to be covered tonite are Ferguson, the"Justice" system, White women/interracial relationships, White nationalism, Black power, Coonery, & what do we do next? Get in on the conversation, Listen/Comment/Question @ (929) 477-3763 or click the link... http://tobtr.com/s/7141441

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    How Music Impacts Our Lives

    in Radio

    I remember turning on the TV and seeing Public Enemy's "Fight The Power" video for the first time.  I was mesmerized as a 16-year old to see the power within the video of a group of people coming together for a united front.  Even at such an early age I recognized what that video meant to me as a black teen.  It meant that there was still work to do to being about equality in the United States among the races.
    That's just one of many songs that has had some sort of impact on my life.  Some songs remind me of a great time that I had.  Some remind me of someone I once loved.  Some educate me like "Fight the Power" and many other Public Enemy songs did.
    Tonight we'll discuss the following:
    What songs impacted your life? Why is R&B/Rap is on life support? What was your favorite concert? These things and a recap on the previous weekend in sports on the Talk 2 Q Radio Show!
    "No experts.  Just opinions."
    Show No. 415
    Scheduled for 120 mins.

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    in Spirituality

    For more information about the Laws of Material Wealth Personal Development Program, please visit us at http://thelawsofmaterialwealth.com.  If you decide to order the program, please call James Renford Powell at 901-358-2226 to get the program for a discounted rate.

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    Double Overtime w/ Tim

    in Sports

    Join Tim as he talks about what's happening the world of sports. Paul and Bary are taking a break during this Thanksgiving week.

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    MMAmadhouse "LiVE" 227

    in MMA

    This week we sit down with Tyler Ackley to talk about his upcoming fight. Next up is Bryan Levick to break down Titan FC's 2014 and talk about 2015.  We go live at 10pm EST 7pm PST The World Leader In Local MMA News – MMAmadhouse.com 

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    Choas in America: Emperor Obama His Immigration Decree and Fires in Ferguson

    in Politics Conservative

    Guest Christine Timmon, host Robert Jetter, Jr. and panelists Activist Cindy Todd, Founder of Overpasses for America James Neighbors, & Constitutional scholar Kelly Mordecai, with contributor Dan Gray former columnist of the Washington Times. Call in and you stay on the line. You too can Join our Round Table Discussion.
    Chaos in America. Obama Decrees De Facto amnesty. Our states flooded by illegal immigrants. Our President's involvement in  local issues. The New York Times posts Officer Wilson's home address. Riots in the streets in Missouri. Protests in the streets of America's cities over the death of those who commit crimes. What is happening to our Nation?
    Follow the Show to get email messages for upcoming episodes. Just hit the follow button of this Link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bards-logic-political-talk
    Bards Logic welcomes Christine Timmon to discuss Obama's Immgration Decree and the aftermath of the Wlison Grand Jury Decision in Ferguson Missouri.
    Christine Timmon is a Pro Se Litigant who prevailed in most of her cases against local and Federal Government. Timmon is an alumni of Thomas M. Cooley Law Library. She worked with the 104th Congress to reform welfare and drug dealing. In 2012,she worked towards exposing voter fraud. She is a Constitutional Consultant. Immigration is now the focus of her work. She exposes how drug deals aided the invasion of America and how the Constitution takes America back. .
    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show

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    Aliens Ufo's & Beyond

    in Radio

    Meet The Host
    Christina George is a Practicing Psychic and Paranormal Investigator that Researches everything Paranormal including UFOs, Abductees, Star Children, Bigfoot, Chupacabras and Cryptozoology just to name a few. Christina is the founder of P.P.R.S. ~ Psychic Paranormal Research Society and the host of Paranormal Connections.Radio Show.. Christina’s whole life has been full of Paranormal experiences and she has been able to see and communicate with spirits since she was very young. While she was very young the spirits were her friends, but as time went on things started to change. She started being tormented by spirits, haunted dolls, being attacked by dark spirits, and she even started having multiple UFO sightings. When Christina got to her late teens she was able to find a way to suppress her abilities and shut them down until she was involved in a car accident. During surgery for her injuries she experienced a Near Death Experience that changed her life. She also found that she had new abilities like being very intuitive...empathic...and having premonitions and visions. She has been a guest on countless Radio Shows and now uses her Radio Show “Paranormal Connection” as well as Speaking Engagements at Conferences and Events to share her cases, experiences and

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    Self Mastery and Awakening

    in Spirituality

    Who is your Master? Is life controlling you? Are you aware of how powerful you are? The truth of the human is expansive and it is our endeavor to explor human consciousness, our spiritual roots. It is our only desire to bering truth into life for all people that week. All things are a unique expression and here is our journey one of uniqueness of self a divine expression. Let us hela now the individual then the planet. We are open to all ideas that move us all forward.

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    in Entertainment

    The standard setting Dynasty Football show returns to public access. Hosted by "The Rev" Michael Invictus Bronte and "Sexy Beast" Shane P. Hallam, the oft imitated never duplicated "Arena" and "Let's Make a Steal" and the most provacative and in depth analysis anywhere. Renowned for the most passionate live chat enthusiasts.

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    Restoring Biblical Church - The Scottish Covenanters - 2

    in The Bible

    NEW!!!  LorriesTalkNewsRadio website launched! CHECK IT OUT for the latest  Guest's Books and Videos !
    There's also a NEW Show's aStore!!! and REAL GOLD!!!
    Thank you for joining us! If you'd like to be added to our interactive Skype chat room send me an invite on Skype to lorrieab1 and I'll add you to the room.
    *******NEW SHOW'S OWN PRODUCTS SHOP!!!*******
    Pastor Alan will be here this evening! Please join us for for a wonderful message and fellowship!

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    Guerrilla Radio

    in Current Events

    Hard hitting, NEVER scripted! The often immitated/never duplicated Guerrilla Radio is a gritty, in your face expose of modern politics and current events. The perfect show for those who question everything as we have guests on BOTH sides of the spectrum. Join us for our round table discussions every Wednesday. You may hear from a dozen people, or only two....but what you will not hear is a boring, canned, scripted show. You never know what will happen on Guerrilla Radio!

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