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  • The Fantastic Voyage

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    Join Us!

  • Depression got you down oppression profound? Need a Healing for Your Soul?

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    Make the Connection with the Advocate/ Author, Evangelist Debra A. Jackson . Radio Host on Kingdom Focus with Debra A. Jackson Live and special guest.  Listen Live at 11:00 PM 2hr show
    Call in Live nightly 347-539-5311
    Tell a friend , neighbor 
    If depression got you down, oppression profound and you need a healing for your soul? The music with a message soothe your mind and heals your soul.
    To be a guest Call:717-379-1503
    Or send your message via email:debrajackson2011@gmail.com
    Become a supporter. For a donation of $25 or more Get an autography copy of Destiny Fulfilled, authored by Evangelist Debra A. Jackson.   $5.00 supports  DAJ Evangelistic Outreach Ministries Projects which includes homelessnes and health care missions.

  • Anime FanTastic episode #3! Starring: Ian and Natosha!

    in Entertainment

    Listen in as we talk about anime and othe random things. Maybe a guest? Who knows (but me). More info to come as the week moves on.

  • W.K.O.T. Spiritual Realm~Straight Talk Fr. The Heart 7/20/14-8/31/14 11:00pmEST

    in Spirituality

    Do you sense that there is more than what meets the so-called 5 senses.  Anyone who talks to YAH or any deity other than YAH, can give no other answer to this question, except YES, SI, QUI, Kane.  Once this Spiritual World is accepted and explored by the mainstream of all societies,  it won't be so difficult to believe and know that a vision was given to build The Kingdom of Hayah of Hosts...DNA Hebrew Yshralites Spiritual Journeys Museum.  All great creationss, spiritual or secular, begins  with a vision.  The creation of this world's earth age, began with a vision in the creators mind. Become a part of YAHs...Museum vision project and help create a masterpiece. JOIN THE 5TH YAHs DNA HEBREW  MUSEUM BTR Show. This topic will be discuss and other straight talk issues concerning this YAH Ruach Kodesh Vision Project.

  • the top 25 in college football. who makes the list.

    in Football

    a discussion of the top 25 best teams in college football. and the reasons why they make the list.

  • Weekly Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Special Guest's, top stories, and segments by Jayton tha Mac, and your host Matt Stanley.

  • Nature King with Mark Sanders

    in Environment

    Nature King with Mark Sanders
    Nature King Pest Management, Inc. is a Specialized Pest Control Service Company. Serving Dallas and the Metroplex Area. We are Beekeepers, Snake Control experts, Animal Trap and Control Service Providers.
      Yes! We take Emergency Calls! Our Expertise also covers Pest and Termite control, Wasp and Hornet Extermination and Vermin Entrance Detection and Exclusion.
    Pests can be worse than a nuisance, and we know you do not want to live with them another minute. Our fast and friendly pest control specialist will come to your aid and help to keep what can often be a stressful situation under control. We will work with you to get the best solution at a fair price. Give us a call next time you need help!

  • Life In The Spirit

    in Lifestyle

    Have you ever asked yourself the question "how do I live this Christian Life to the fullest and depend totally on God"?  I know I have.  On some issues I'm good when it comes to following God and the dictates of the Holy Spirit and on other issues I'm just struggling.  You may want to check out this episode to get some biblical principles on living your life in the spirit.


    in Entertainment

    It's festival time!!! in this episode we'll be talking with the lovely Share Cherrie, Lj Rivera, Frank Pacheco and Dave Castor discussing The Galactic Film Festival and the RIP Film Festival. Call in and ask away...You have 30 minutes....It's TEXAS TERROR TIME!!

  • Promote Your Products and Store

    in Entrepreneur

    Promoting our inhome businesses is what this program is about. You can call in and talk about your items, handmade by yourself. If you have a company you sell for that's exceptable, too. I want to help all the small businesses to promote themselves. I am a small business owner so I understand. Call in and talk about your business Thursday evening at 10:00 cst.

  • Project Listen

    in Religion

    Project Listen
    Mission: To bring awareness to our nation's households and communities concerning sexual abuse against children. To open up the ears of adults that they may hear the cry of our children.
    We are dedicated to the education, prevention and support of children and their families who have been victimized by sexual assault against a child. Sexual assault against children is not a new discovery in our society. The ealiest reported case dates back to 1642 in Massachusetts.  It is a subject that has been hidden behind the closed doors of our homes, churches, schools, etc. In this 21st century one would think that this topic would get at least as much exposure as Gay Rights, Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence, yet there is little said about the abuse against our nation's children. they have to say and pay attention to the signs that things may be occuring right under their nose. It is our responsibility to protect our children. We can educate our children on how to protect themselves against strangers, but how do we educate them against people they trust, especially those who claim to love them?
    Fact:1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually abused by their eighteenth birthday. Only 1 in 10 will tell. A recent study of 116 confirmed cases of abuse where a child disclosed, showed that 74% of the time it was an accidental disclosure. This means that the abuse was discovered not by the child coming forth with the information, but by third parties observing unusual behaviors or symptoms. This information is based on reported cases. The number of unreported cases is unknown. (Dallas Children's Advocacy Center)
    Let's join forces and help prevent these assaults against our children. Let us embrass those  children and adults that are healing from the abuse that they have already encountered.

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