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  • My Journey of Faith

    in Women

    My Journey of Faith  with Host, Cynthia McCutcheon
    Every Thursday at 2:30pm EST/1:30pm CST
    Today's Show: Christians are to be thankful from the depth of each heart for what Jesus has done in providing eternal life. Our thanksgiving should come from a grateful heart full of overflowing praise for the blessings we have received. Join guest host Sandra Hardage today for thoughts on gratitude.

  • Why Water? What happens when your WELL goes DRY!

    in Education

    Health Educator Victoria Willard loves to teach and educate people on Healthy Lifestyle Solutions.  She assists people in assessing where their health is at and then  incorporates the  Super Foods Program which includes diet, exercise and emotional healing. 
    Today Victoria will be speaking on the importance of water to the body. Many of us think we are thirsty when the mouth becomes dry. This is a last stage situation and is often seen after a heavy meal.    General Dehydration Symptoms can include; Tired, flushed, irritable, anxious, dejected, depressed, not sleeping well, heavy headed, fear of  crowds, fear of leaving the house.  If any of these pertain to you then you may be dehydrated and need water.
    This program is for educational purposes.  Visit my site at www.naturalhealthcommunity.org/kathydeane for more Healthy Insights.  AND remember Health is Wealth and thank you for Taking Action For Your Healthy  www.TAFYH.com

  • Physical Activiity

    in Health

    Your body was made to move, yet it can be a real challenge to remain consistently active. This month's tele-lunch & learn will show you how to keep moving by making physical activity part of your everyday life.

  • Zone 13 / TBD

    in Current Events

    Zone 13 is a fastpaced news, politics, current events and investigative journalism show, hosted by Jo Anne Moretti and Scott Ferrarello
    We bring you the news the MSM won't.
    Nov 27, we will be airing a rebroadcast so our colleagues may nejoy Thanksgiving with family.
    We wish you all the happiest holliday and we will see you live next week.
    Support our efforts by Joining our live chat and listen at FreedomizerRadio.com  A ground-breaking, unique internet radio station.  Anything and Everything against the New World order Call in and join us - 347.324.3704

  • The Sandie Sedgbeer Show with Ryan McCormick and Alison Chester Lambert

    in Spirituality

    Astrology Beyond the Shift with Alison Chester Lambert (20 min)
    BBC astrologer, and founder of the Midlands School of Astrology in the UK, Alison Chester-Lambert is known for predicting personal and planetary events with “deadly accuracy.”  Back by popular request, Alison will be providing a regular monthly update on how the transiting planets are going to be affecting us on a personal and global level as we move through the constantly changing energies of the Shift. 
    Forensic Soul Analysis with Ryan McCormick
    Who am I? Why am I here?  What is my purpose?  These three questions have haunted humankind since the beginning of time. 
    This week’s show features 5 guests, all of whom have taken these questions and applied them to a number of well known people… including the King of media, Howard Stern, the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce, author and teacher Stuart Wilde, the Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo, and psychic healer Lew Smith, author of the bestseller “Walking Though Walls,” to name just a few. And then, with or without their permission, conducted a forensic soul analysis on them, utilizing astrology, numerology, clairvoyance, and past life readings to uncover deeper aspects of who they are, why they are here, and what their purpose is. 
    In this episode, Ryan McCormick and the 4 Virtues share how Forensic Soul Analysis uncovers layers of information AND present us with their Forensic Soul Analysis on Sandie. If you’re curious to know the truth of who Sandie is, why she’s here, and what her purpose is, all will be revealed in this fascinating episode. 
    NEW Prerecorded 
    Listen to the show on the Awakening Zone Network: http://www.awakeningzone.com/Episode.aspx?EpisodeID=3446

  • Jim Self Explains Alchemy and How it Works

    in Self Help

    Have you ever wondered how alchemy works? Well today our guest Jim Self will be sharing with us what it is all about and how it relates to our ascension.
     As you can see below Jim walks with a foot in both-worlds. Get a glimpse on how Jim mastered Alchemy … it’s called being thrown into the river, then you learn how to swim.
    From the age of 26, Jim was elected to the first of two terms as Vice Mayor of San Jose, CA City Council and before completing his second term, he was asked by President Jimmy Carter to be an Advisor and Director of Governmental Operations for the US Dept. of Energy, then on to a successful entrepreneur who built and sold two corporations … all while simultaneously leading seminars, teaching healing, clairvoyance, personal energy management courses, and developing relationships with ascended masters and teachers of light with whom he has created mastering alchemy programs.

  • New Music Inferno Thanksgiving Day Special!!

    in Music

    Wanting to give some thanks to all the fans & musicians from around the world...Also going to promote some of the amazing sales and all that are coming up for Black Friday @ Moondog Records, Boomers Bar & so many more...

  • The Feel Closer to Spirit Show

    in Spirituality

    Join your host International Medium Nick Humphries for an hour long show where he will be linking to the spirit world to give you evidence of your loved ones survival and to give you guidence and answers to your questions. He will also  be talking about spiriual subjects and will be inviting guest on to talk about their experiences. Do you need closure with a loss or help with your lifes path, love or work? if so this is the show for you. Nick has over 24 years experience working with spirit and see has been connecting with spirit since childhood. For more information on Nick please go to his website www.nick-humphries.com or look him up on facebook under International Medium Nick Humphries and please click the like button. Nick also has a weekly competition called the "Nick's mystery mind game" where you can win a small prize, so I hope you can join in for some fun and laughter. love and blessings xxx

  • Where Do We Go From Here: Lunch with Louden 11/27/14

    in Politics

    Unlike too many big box stores, Lunch with Louden is taking Thanksgiving Day off: instead, we are sharing a sneak peek of the Tim Danahey Show, our latest addition to Coffee Talk Radio. This episode, "Election Analysis with Egberto Willies: Where Do We Go From Here" was originally broadcast November 5th on another internet network.
    From the Tim Danahey Show post: Egberto Willies is a highly-respected national radio show host and political blogger with a constructive analysis of election results. One-sixth of all American eligible voters chose Republican candidates and the nation's political landscape has changed. What can we now expect from Republicans? What do the Democrats need to do? Has the effect of money in politics completely changed governance in America? Most important: What must we the citizens do?
    The Tim Danahey Show started in July, 2010 at internet station Castle Rock Radio. It started as a one-day-per week endeavor and quickly grew to five days per week. The show discusses economics, government, social issues, history, and nonfiction books in a magazine format featuring in-depth conversations with guests. Politics and inflammatory conversations are discouraged as they are divisive and counter-productive. Instead, the show seeks under-reported topics and delves into facts, different perspectives, and ramifications of each perspective. This internet radio show posts five days a week at Danahey.com.
    Tim Danahey was recently seated as the Director for Public and Member Outreach for Coffee Party USA.
    Jeanene Louden and co-host Debilyn Molineaux talk about current events and look for opportunities to bridge political divides, expose corruption and share information not covered in mainstream media.

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