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  • 2014 Jets Season Week 10 Review Show Vs Pittsburgh

    in Sports

    Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they review the last game on the Jets Schedule before the team goes on the by week as they Green and White hosts the Pittsburgh Steelers.

  • Night-Light With Guest Grant Colyer

    in Spirituality

    Grants back, get in line fast!  Grant is a well known British Medium, talented, gifted, insightful and amazing.  He brings a plethoria of insight and wisdom to the show, and applies it with that charming accent. He is additive, so be careful ...but it is a great addition.  Get in fast the line is usually amazing.
    to contact Grant for a reading visit his website www.grantcolyer.co.uk
    barbara's website - www.barbaradelong.com

  • Beyond the Veil: Monday with Metatron

    in Spirituality

    HOST: Julie Geigle, Psychic Medium, Gifted Channel of Archangel Metatron & Spiritual Healer at http://www.juliegeigle.com
    MASTER TEAM OF PSYCHICS: Diana Blagdon, Psychic, Life & Business Coach at http://www.dianablagdon.com Katherine Glass, Psychic Medium & Healer at http://www.katherineglass.com Maggie Chula, Spiritual Counselor & Psychic at http://www.maggiechula.com Raj Munger, Psychic Medium, Healer, Karmic Soul Coach & Animal Communicator at http://www.rajmunger.com
    “Beyond the Veil: Monday with Metatron” is hosted the SECOND week of every month
    Monday with Metatron is a roundtable discussion with Archangel Metatron. Julie goes into a light trance (she is considered a “conscious” channel) and allows Archangel Metatron to speak through her messages from beyond.
    Our Master Psychic Team engages with Metatron directly asking questions and expanding on information that comes through.
    We will also be taking questions from our live audience THE LAST 10 MINUTES of the show. Simply call in at 1-858-357-8481 or visit us in the chat room.

  • Pray14Another

    in Religion

    Pray14Another (626) 213-5681 call in your prsyer request for God is truly able. 
    James 5:16King James Version (KJV) 16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.
    Monday - Friday 4pm - 5pm. EST. - (Host Evangelist Hilda Taking Prayer Request, Daily Devotional & Christian Music)  5pm. EST. Mon. - Wed. (Prophet Wiggins Bible Study  5pm. EST. Thurs.( Mr and Miss Rev. Debo Preaching the Gospel).  Friday Apostl Jackson.)   Sat.  10 am. EST.  (Apostle Mother Wiggins & HMCMinistries, 11am EST. Debo Talk)  Sun 8pm. EST. (A Sermon from on of Our Five Fold Mnisters of Apostle, Prophet, Preacher, Teacher and Evangelist all for the edification of the Body of Christ )

  • Wake Up America And Face The Dragon...Victoria's Voice!

    in Politics

     As an American I have experienced the changes in this country that frankly have citizens of all ages disenfranchised about the direction this country is taking politically. The slow agonizing erosion of morals, values and Christian religious freedom should be a priority and a form of disaster control for all Americans. But to do so first the people need to completely understand the years of conservative silence that attributed to this spiritual decay. Years after I served my country with the Army Corp of Engineers, I found myself compelled to write a book pointing out to the reader where and why America went wrong which started most of the deep rooted problems. America should face the Dragon of Liberalism and truly understand what actually politically transpired in the 1960s. These ideas used in this book are spoken from a war veterans point of view as it pertains to the political hoax portrayed on the people that has not been faced, once understood it will light a new way of the future.

  • A Life Pleasing to God with Bishop Herbert Charles Clark Jr

    in Christianity

    Is our Life Pleasing to God? 1 John 3:22, "And whatsoever we ask, we receive of him, because we keep his commandments, and do those things that are pleasing in his sight." Is our Life Pleasing to God? We must do the Will of God and save the souls of men and woman, spread the gospel and Give, Sow into the needs of people around the World! Go Ye Therefore is the Command of Jesus and it is still valid to us today! 
    Make you life Count, Give yourself away... And be Well Pleasing to God!

  • Crossroads with Van /

    in Politics Conservative

    Campaign for Liberty       
    Vans programs consist mainly on Political Issues and his Comments on them. He'll have Guests, and take Callins @ 347-857-4804 / 877-572-4283, join us in the Chat Room. We appreciate your Sharing the Program & Join me on Face Book with comments, postings, likes etc., Contact Van to speak with your groups in person.  God Bless You All; Van
     Campaign Site; http://vanushouse.com
    Check the #’s;
    FAIR/Pulse, Feb. 2013— poll of likely voters: * 86% believe illegal immigration is a problem in the U.S. * 74% believe the government isn’t effective at preventing illegal immigration. Rasmussen, Jan 2013— poll of likely voters: * 90% of Union Members say reduction of illegal immigration is important to them. CIS/Pulse, Feb. 2013 — poll of likely voters: * 64% say immigration enforcement is too little.*71% believe illegal aliens in the U.S. a result of a failure to enforce immigration laws 53% would be more likely to support a political party that favored the enforcement of immigration laws. Check out this link as well having to do with “AZTLAN” MOVEMENT: http://articles.latimes.com/2013/jan/25/local/la-me-0126-compton-20130126 ,
    Contact; Van to share this and more Information with your groups as well. 

  • Physhic World, House of Aquarius

    in Entertainment

    House of Aquarius , what will the age of aquarius be like? year of the Dragon 2012 and the year of the snake 2013 what will it bring?

  • The Londonman Show For the Entreprenuer and Athletes

    in Entrepreneur

    Sports-Biz, An Entreprenuerial Show that will assist business people in choosing the right path to establish and promote their business. Clients will be given a assessment test followed by a series of one on one classes. The classes can be taken either on the phone, the computer, or in person. The course will cover everything from banking to marketing and branding. Usually a course will cover a ten week period of one hour per week. This can be ajusted to suit your convience.
    Premier-Barter- One of Londonman's clients who offers a great service where you can barter almost anything. Londonman's clients can barter for advertising on the show. To give you some examples: you can barter meals at excellent restuarants, Have your house completely cleaned, even purchase a car, all on Barter.
    Exercise Coach- Another of Londonman's clients who offers a wonderful training facility. The outstanding feature is that recommended training time is two twenty minute sessions per week. Whether you're an athlete or someone who's never trained before this is an ideal way to get fit.
    Inter-Americans Sports Organization- An excellent indoor and outdoor soccer facility is also offered with boxing.


    in Lifestyle


  • O santo Rosario enter familia

    in Religion

    Hoje celebramos nossa 5 aniversario, Viva Maria, Terco para Padre Joao e almas do purgatorio.

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