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  • LIFE—what about it?

    in Psychology


  • Preach Bill and The Gospel Hour

    in Religion

    Preaching Gods word from the King James Bible Scriptures.
    I don't claim anything except the word of God. I give my opinion on the meaning and ask anyone that attends to search the scripture for themself so the Holy Spirit can work in the life of the believer the way God intended.

  • Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread Sunday Devotional

    in Religion

    Start your week with Fresh Manna, a simple portion that can be our bread of life, to sustain, motivate, strengthen, inspire, encourage and build our spirit, it will cause our souls to prosper and be in good health.  Let’s begin this day with devotion to God’s Word to receive the spiritual food necessary for the nourishment of our soul and good for the healing and restoration of our mind, body and spirit.  My Recommendation, take a few moments of your time and invest in your spiritual well-being by listening to Fresh Manna Our Daily Bread Sunday Morning Devotional, may God grant you long life good health and prosperity.
    Send your questions or comments to our website http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freshmanna
    wellbeing by listening to Fresh Manna: Our Daily Bread and live long and prosper, be a survivor. 

  • The Creator and the Creation are One

    in Spirituality

    For nearly 40 years, Imam Shaheed Shabazz has traveled throughout parts of the South and Northeast areas of the United States distributing his merchandise and spreading the word of God. His spiritual teachings and words of inspiration have been a solace and encouragement for countless people. He is strongly committed and very serious about his commitment to dedicating his life in service to his Creator through his outreach ministry and community service work. He gives consistantly of his time and personal charity to those seeking his help, and the number is increasing daily. He is usually a lone traveler on his journey in the service of humanity. He says, "In order to gain heaven, you have to call all the people to God." As the number of people seeking his spiritual teaching and guidance was increasing, he took his brother's suggestion and started making cd's of his teachings to hand out to him. The request for his cds has grown so, that it has placed him in a financial strain trying to produce them. He is now spreading the word by way of blogtalkradio.com and can be heard each Sunday at 10:30am to 12:30pm. Join us then, and thank you for your support. For those who would like to assist him in his efforts to continue to provide community services to thepeople in the North Carolina and Washington,DC, Metro area, he can be reached by email at shais4naturals@ gmail.com. or shnianwp4u@yahoo.com. The website is www.shaheedandislahsnwpsmartshop.com. Phone:336-497-8734. Your support is appreciated.

  • "Young & Gifted" Global Ministries

    in Lifestyle

    Reverand-Dr Traywick shares GODs word through biblical scripture and testimony. Holy Spirit lead,Christ Centered life stories of triumph!


    in Self Help

    Encouragement is currency. Get it and give it away as freely as you have received. Allow Café Encouragement Radio to enlighten, to empower, and to encourage you to overcome the challenges that life is sure to bring.
    Join us each week on Sunday & Wednesday evenings from 11-11:30pm (EST)
    by dialing: (347) 215-8964 and bypassing option 1 from any cell phone or land line.
    The goal: that you GET! BE & STAY…ENCOURAGED…in everything you do!


    in Spirituality

    Sunday will now be the day where we can air our various beliefs and engage in comparative religious study. This Sunday I will discuss various interpretations of God and the Devil.  

  • The Sunday Brunch

    in Sports

    The Sunday Brunch presented by SportCityChefs.com . Mark Moseley & Ty Powell kick off your Sunday Morning with 90 minutes of Sports "Food for Thought"! Call in at 917-889-9592 to join live ..

  • The Anthony DiMoro Show

    in Sports

    Join Sports Rants founder and sports blogger Anthony DiMoro for one hour of sports talk every Sunday on Sports Rants Radio.
    Anthony will talk about the hottest topics, break down and preview games host guests from time to time. Every show will have a live Chat Room at Sports Rants and Anthony will also be interacting on Twitter.
    Join us every Sunday at 11am for The Anthony DiMoro Show on Sports Rants Radio

  • Aventuras Al Aire Libre

    in Sports

    Aventuras Al Aire Libre con el Gringo y Joaquín Espinoza  Únete a la tripulación de Aventuras Al Aire Libre Con El Gringo para el mejor en la pesca, viajes, comida, compras, México, América Latina, y el aire libre.  Usted aprenderá acerca de lugares para visitar y cosas para hacer con toda su familia.  Asegúrese de visitarnos en Facebook en Aventuras Al Aire Libre y por favor dénos un LIKE o envíenos un mensaje. También puede escuchar los programas archivados aquí.  Estamos en el aire todos los sábados y domingos de 6-7 am en AM 690 oído en todo el norte de Baja California, así como la mayor parte de California en los Estados Unidos.  Gracias por su gran apoyo.

  • These Girls Aren't Loyal! What happened to good women today?

    in Health

    Women are becoming worse than men in disloyalty. Why? What happened to the good loyal women that respected there husbands and relationships? One viewer stated Edwin Mitch. What has happened we want to hear from you men that are good and are fed up with this and the community at large

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