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    Three Strikes Ep XII

    in Sports

    Drama and more Drama from the NFL to Jameis Winston.   Division Fav Saints, and Colts are both 0-2, is it time to worry. Denver vs Seattle Super Bowl Rematch! NFL Football at it's best. Plus the DAA of the week.  Come check it out. 5 pm start.

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    FRESH FRIDAY - With @thaboy12 & @Ahren_B -09/19/2014

    in Radio

    Fresh Friday Brings you the freshest new music from Ireland, Uk and USA with live interviews from artists all over the world.
    Tonights Episode, We have Exclusive Music from Ireland, The UK and also America. Also Live Interveiws with Stevie J (The Consultant) MBA.  Pro Audio Engineer  Mix King Magik.  Ca$hville Recording Artist  sosa tha plug. Uk Artist SnakeyManUK  And Many More.

  • LIVE!

    Word Friday

    in Religion

    Listen everyone, this is Word Friday.  You don't want to miss this episode.  
    How many of you know today that we need a word from the Lord? Well, I am hear to tell you that God has a Word just for you!
    We will have an anointed speaker to deliver the Word on tonite.  Don't forget your bible, pen and paper.
    See you at 5:00pm EST

  • LIVE!

    Best of the NFL

    in Sports

    Jets, Giants and more football!!!

  • LIVE!

    Wisconsin Democrats are misleading the People

    in Elections

    Mary Burke and the rest of the liberals, democrats, even state they want to have everyone pay higher taxes well the poor and middle class pay the higher taxes and have all the jobs in the State of Wisconsin outsourced to not just other States, but to other nations as well.
    After listening to what I have been hearing and reading we can see for our very own eyes that the Democrats want to do more harm than good.
    The very question is when is the liberals and democracts going to stop their lies and deception to how they want to run the economy. the area answer to the liberals and democrats way and economic policy is to steel the money from the middle class and the poor to not give to the rich, but to do things like a communist would and think.

  • TRUNEWS 9/19/14: Pastor Tim Warner

    in News

    Rick goes deeper into explaining the war and revolution cycles that are in play in 2014-2022 – plus the possible arrival of a solar Maunder Minimum cycle.  In Part 2, Rick and Tampa pastor Tim Warner discuss his book The Time of the End.  

  • Doctor Prepper

    in Current Events

    Doctor Prepper
    It appears the need for self-reliance may be more important than ever as we face the newest problems of natural disasters such as weather-related conditions, and people-caused disasters such as the collapsing economy, corruption of the political system, destruction of personal health and wealth, job loss, divorce, death in the family, accidents, and so on which make prepping a valuable skill. The new 11th Edition of Making the Best of Basics has been published for THIS generation, and I have come to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter what causes the need––If you are prepared, you need not fear! James Talmage Stevens (a.k.a. Doctor Prepper)

  • SiGn o tHe TiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah FriDay/Night OPEN MIKE "What's Going On?"

    in Motivation

    SiGn o tHe TiMeS w Queen Tahiyrah FriDay/Night OPEN MIKE "What's Going  On?" 
    What's goin on? High Frequency Radio and Sign of the Times Listeners?? 
    Call in and express yourself..... tell us what you know good???
    Is there a TOPIC or a GUEST you thin kwe should have on teh air? Is there something happening in your city that you want others to know about? 
    Let us know....... What's Going On?
    Friday's LIVE!!!! Call in 424-222-5250 from 6:00pmEST to 8:00pmEST 

  • 01:00

    A Total Cure for Bi-Polar Disorder | K7925

    in Moms and Family

    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K140917.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Host: Roy Masters Roy discussed we need Godly strength to deal with those who have gone off the deep end. Roy discussed the importance of regulating emotions. Calls:
    Claire's husband wants to sell their house. Craig is making great strides in recovering from Bipolar Disorder". Dianne says, "I am becoming very independent".


    in Self Help

    OPEN LINES and tons of opportunities to experience special healing modalities of many kinds on the air!
    News for the Soul is the #1 Life Changing Talk Radio Show in the world according to AOL and ASK.com and YOUTUBE and GOOGLE and so on. NFTS is home to the largest totally free life changing media library in the world. We are syndicated on the AIR, on the WEB ... and beyond! DID YOU KNOW: News for the Soul is home to the largest and best totally free life changing audio resource on the world wide web since January 1997... ... because what you focus on expands ...
    SPONSOR OF THE DAY: www.SpoonbendingKit.com
    Call in (646) 595 4274
    TUNE IN:  www.NewsfortheSoul.com

  • Musician, Jesse Macht (Suitcase Heart)

    in Music

    Interlaced in singer-songwriter Jesse Macht’s catchy melodies are an abundance of stories overflowing with passion, vulnerability, empathy and honesty. Much like legendary songwriters before him such as Tom Petty and Neil Young, and modern day influences like Dan Wilson and Jon Brion, Jesse has proven his aptitude for storytelling. His music has been placed in many television shows and networks, as well as commercials, including The Voice, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Giuliana and Bill, Nickelodeon, Cymbalta and the MTV/E! cable catalogue. He’s also had numerous original songs placed in independent films such as James Franco’s "Good Time Max."
    Jesse has followed a path similar to his family of entertainers (his brother is actor Gabriel Macht, currently starring in USA’s "Suits," and father is veteran actor Stephen Macht). He has worked hard to make a musical home for himself (both as a solo artist and with his old band Burn Down the Mission) within L.A.’s well-known songwriter community with regular appearances at the Hotel Café, Room 5 and WitZend. Jesse Macht connects with his audience through reflective, conversational lyrics. While his words are dynamic and unapologetically truthful at times, he leaves room for his audience to contribute to the dialogue by using their own experiences. The new album, expected to come out in the fall of 2014, follows Jesse’s 2012 debut solo release Acts of Providence. With it, he hopes to continue to inspire his audience and encourage them to be vulnerable.
     For more information, please visit his official website here:  http://www.jessemachtmusic.com/ and follow him on Twitter at jessemachtmusic

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