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  • Reiki Healing, Training Host Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    1 Hour Reiki Session $100.00 Discounted to $75  Reiki sessions usually last about an hour during which time a Reiki practitioner simply acts as a conduit for Reiki, allowing the Universal Energy to flow out through his/her hands in order to remove any energy blocks present in the client. At times, due to illness, stress or fatigue, there can be blocks in one's energy system that, if left untreated, can lead to physical and/or emotional illness. Reiki treatments release these blocks and allow one’s body to return to a healthy balance so that healing and relaxation can occur naturally. Reiki Sessions are available at a distance also with Pre-Pay, PayPal or Credit. Please inquire. Please state your intention for session and fill out this intake form if you are a new client. Reiki 1st Degree Practitioner Class, Attunement and Certification 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Saturdays $150.00 Discounted to $125 Introduction to Hands-on Healing. Weekly. The background and history of Reiki, the hands-on healing positions for self-treatment and treatment of others. You will receive traditional instructions and certificate of completion. Reiki II: Transcending Time and Space Offered monthly. 10:00am - 2:00 pm Regularly $250.00  Discounted $225 With the foundation of Level 1 the Reiki student will be able to increase the flow of energy, address mental and emotional issues requiring traditional Reiki symbols  Reiki III: Reiki Master Teacher Training with 3rd Degree Symbols added to Reiki II 10: 00 am to 3:00 pm $350 Discounted to $300  Training on how to teach 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Reiki Classes and how to Attune in each Degree. Internship if desired with Daya Devi-Doolin for 1 yr. Interns bring students to the sanctuary for guidance and follow through with clients on each class that they arrange.

  • This Week Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014

    in Religion

    The One hour news show breaking the Prophetic sound barrier, part talk show, part call in, and part end of days!
    The Week Ahead Prophecy Headline News hour at Noon 2014 comes at you with hard hitting headlines, commentary, views, interviews, call ins. A jam packed show that is script free, no reading here; it is live, at the moment, and taking headlines right off the world wide web.
    ==================================|WIBR/WARN Site content disclaimer:
    This show offers Biblical analysis, factual information, and viewpoints, which are intended to be useful in arriving at an understanding of the events of our Prophetic time period. This show also has other articles, from which we have gathered factual information and other viewpoints on matters of interest in helping you to gain further insight into the conditions in America and the world.
    We have striven to find reliable and trustworthy information in gathering these articles and believe the sources quoted are such, but we cannot gaurantee this information is free of mistakes or errors.
    WIBR/WARN Radio believe that the Bible serves as mankinds main source of all faith and practice which help prepare people for the coming of the Messiach, Yeshua to this earth.
    WIBR/WARN Radio does not necessarily agree with all contributors, information, or sources quoted.  As in all things, including scripture; we recommend fasting, praying, and studying scripture for yourself to verify biblical teachings.
    Go to www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org
    WIBR/WARN Ministry sites: www.warn-radio.com  www.warn-usa.com  www.wingswatchman.org www.dday4america.com
    Sites that point to us:  www.warn-usa.org  www.warn-usa.net  www.warn-usa.us www.ddayforamerica.com


    in The Bible

    Banyarwanda , Banyarwandakazi, Barundi ,Barundikazi, Banyekongo ,Banyekongokazi aho muri hose mw'isi, muvuga ururimi rw'ikinyarwanda.
    Turabifuriza AMAHORO ava kuri Yesu Kristo Umwami wayo, n'URUKUNDO ruva ku Mana Data wa twese.
    Turabararikira kwifatanya natwe muri gahunda y'amasengesho y'iminsi 120 (amezi 4) ,azatangira taliki ya 15-05-2014 akazageza taliki ya 15-09-2014
    Muzajya muyakurikiranira kuri: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/garukaministries, buri munsi. azajya atangira saa mbiri z'ijoro iBulayi n'Afrika, saa kumi z'amanywa muri Amerika na Canada.
    Ku wa 1: Kwisengera n'imiryango yacu
    Ku wa 2. Gusengera abahoze ari abasirikare  n'abari abasirikare ubu n'imiryango yabo aho bari hose
    Ku wa 3.Gusengera abanyepolitiki bariho ubu n'abigeze gukora Politiki  n'imiryango yabo
    Ku wa 4. Gusengera abakozi b'Imana bataye inshingano, ariko bakaba bashobora kugarukira Imana
    Ku wa 5. Gusengera urubyiruko, abanyururu, abapfakazi n'imfubyi
    Ku wa 6. Gusengera Isirayeri
    Ku cyumweru. Gusengera ubuyobozi bushya muri ibi bihugu by'Ibiyaga Bigali
    N:B Buri munsi tuzajya twisengera dusengere n'imiryango yacu, n'ibindi byose Umwuka w'Imana azatuyoboramo!
    Imana ibaye umugisha. 
    M. Marie Esther

  • Forgiveness: Earned or Expected

    in Self Help

    God has commended us in Eph 4:32: “And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you.”
    Forgiving your spouse is not saying that you are not hurt, that you approve of what your spouse did or said nor is it saying that the incident didn't happen. What forgiveness does for you and your spouse is:
    Release you from holding on to the hurt Release them from keeping a record of your spouse hurtful incidents Release your spouse from receiving hurtful remarks and actions from YOU But is this level of forgiveness earned or expected? Should your spouse automatically be forgiven or should they earn your forgiveness.
    Keisha Hodges will join in the discussion to discuss forgiving  your spouse the Godly way.

  • The Rob Black Show

    in Entertainment

    The most controversial figure in adult entertainment presents a no holds barred discussion about the future of the business. Rob's insight is spawned from having grown up around the adult biz, as his father owned several adult bookstores throughout Western New York.
    Rob was the owner of Extreme Associates, which was at the time considered an outlaw in the biz because of its edgy content. Such fare is commonplace now.
    Rob and his wife Lizzy Borden paid an extreme price for innovating adult, as both spent a year in prison on federal obscenity charges.
    Rob also owned XPW - Xtreme Pro Wresting, which was one of the top wrestling organizations in the world, with a weekly national TV show, employing such superstars as Shane Douglas, X-Pac, Sabu and the late Chris Candido. XPW folded in 2003 after Extreme was indicted.
    Join Rob and his friends for a lively 2 hours of explicit talk. No topic is off limits. No subject is taboo.

  • Welcome to Earth Spiritual Being!

    in Spirituality

    Join me, Linda West, Physic/medium, the Angel Lady for some straight talk about life with the Divine. We are all creating our own reality, no matter how you choose to view it, its all about the Energy.  Never fear we have help, always!!! The Angels surround you with love, remember its all about your empowerment!!!  Call in early for your reading and get some positive information on how to live your life in a more fulfilling way!!!

  • ReWorked Radio w/ Darrell Owens

    in Self Help

    Join in the conversation with the most progressive self help radio show on the east coast with Darrell Owens. The conversation deals with Love, Sex, Faith, God, & everything Taboo everyday from 2-3pm.

  • A minute with Pastor Mike

    in Christianity

    Living according to The Word of God in todays world.

  • 00:57

    HUGS Talk replay - Freedom where are you?

    in Women

    Freedom is no laughing matter, in fact some of us feel trapped when we are free and some great men and women have stayed free even when trapped. In this replay of Monday nights HUGS Allen and Deborah Kemp and Antiqua talk about our precious freedom.
    Your host and prayer leader Antiqua, is dedicated to YOUR success.  “When you succeed, I succeed.” Is her motto. As a yoga teacher trainer, trauma transformer and best selling author and international radio host Antiqua knows that no matter what your story is, you are made of solid gold.  Her specialty is to help you let go of all the drama, trauma and disbelief that is standing between you and your destiny and then help you leap over years of “start-up” struggle to step into your dreams. She is your empowerment coach ~ with tool boxes full of ageless beauty and success strategies up her sleeve.  She is dedicated to empowering big vision women around with world to be the change they seek.
    Antiqua works with women who have “been there and done that” and are ready to step out of the old and into the new, visionaries, leaders and compassionate healers. Her signature course Divine in 9 is a holistic approach to overcoming limitations body, mind and soul, packed with step by step action plans to awaken your divine purpose and step into it fully. She also works with clients one on one and travels world-wide co-hosting empowerment retreats.
    Imagine yourself as a child. Did you have big dreams? Are those dreams still hiding inside you, yet you are not sure how to believe in them again?  If so, then ask yourself if a private session with Antiqua is for your highest good ~ if you are a bit excited, maybe even scared to even think about your dreams coming true visit her site and schedule a FREE breakthrough session with her right now - http://www.Antiqualibbey.com

  • Blackfish Show with Holise Cleveland III

    in Environment

    This great show is back everyone... Holise Holise E Cleveland III comes on to discuss social media activism and social media techniques for online protest... other topics will include Saving the dolphins and whales, saving the world, saving animals from abuse, activism events and important dates, Blackfish, The Cove Please join us live to ask us questions 310-982-4253 and join us live to listen to the show at http://blogtalkradio.com/joeygiggles Please invite youre friends to join us as well...

  • Inside Out: Kelley Lopez KML Designs

    in Self Help

    KML Design Solutions was created by Kelley Lopez at a point in her life when it was time to do some serious soul searching about how she wanted to contribute to the world. She’d spent her 20’s & 30’s raising a son and working to help build someone else’s business. While she felt lucky to be a key player in building a successful business and found the work very rewarding, it wasn’t her calling. After having renovated several investment homes and doing some interior design work for friends as a favor, it was clear that interior design is a something that Kelley has a passion for and comes naturally. Cut to 2010 and her son is now grown and doing well and Kelley has found herself in need of starting something new. She got her education from Interior Design Institute in Newport Beach and is a member of the National Kitchen & Bath Association. She has enjoyed helping her clients’ realize their dreams of having a beautifully designed space. Her mission is to improve the lives of people by helping create beautiful, functional and comfortable spaces in the most cost effective manner while making the design process fun.
    Kelley is also a professional singer. Something she’s been doing since childhood when her Mother taught her and her sisters how to harmonize. Her singing career has happened organically. She was offered a job to sing background with a large group for New Year’s Eve in 2004 and she’s been working ever since. She has a single on iTunes called “Where Does The Love Go” under the name Kelley Marie.
    Kelley’s dream is to start a non-profit that donates furniture and housewares, and teaches life skills to people transitioning from halfway houses and battered women’s shelters.

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