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  • The Worm Hole Season 3 Episode 9

    in Entertainment

    This Wednesday 7pm(est) live on Facebook!!!!
    The Worm Hole Season 3 Episode 9 (03/01/2017)
    1st hour guest
    A native of southern Illinois, David Thomas Roberts moved to San Antonio, Texas, in 1967 at age 8. His family made regular trips to the Alamo with family, friends, neighbors and visiting relatives during the 1968 World’s Fair, “Hemisphere ’68 and in years after.”
    The story of The Alamo, the spirit of all its Texan heroes, and the fight for Texas independence left an indelible impression on Roberts, which has endured a lifetime.
    As a “naturalized” Texan, Roberts has become a staunch defender and admirer of all things Texas, including her rich and unique history, politics, culture and people.
    The result of that interest was publishing his first novel, Patriots of Treason, in October 2012 and the sequel State of Treason released in 2014.
    Find more about David Thomas Roberts at
    2nd hour guest
    Michaelbrent Collings is an internationally-bestselling novelist, produced screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of America, multiple Bram Stoker Award nominee, and one of the top indie horror authors in the U.S.
     Michaelbrent is an invited guest to comic cons, writing symposia, and other nerd-heavy gatherings, where he speaks about writing, screenwriting, horror, horror and religion (yeah, a religious horror writer), other genre writing like fantasy and sci-fi (which he also does), and pretty much anything else writing- or media-related.
    For more info on Michaelbrent Collings visit

  • 3 Skills Required to Be Anxiety Free

    in Self Help

    Wide Awakening Radio with Jennifer Hough
    Topic: 3 Skills Required to Be Anxiety Free  
    Anxiety definitely feels like being in jail. No matter which way you turn, something can trigger the anxious feelings.  It seems completely unresolvable when we are in it, and yet the keys to being free are all available to us!
    Why are we so afraid?  
    What do we do to trust life again?  
    Can we do it ourselves? Join Jennifer for this powerful conversation about living in total flow, free from anxiety. We can't wait to hear your comments, and questions during the show!
    The Wide Awakening is a show all about remembering who you are, waking up to your unlimitedness, and creating Heaven on Earth by starting with your life. If you are ready for ease, flow, joy and connection...and to hear some of the most forward thinking teachers and inspirers of our time then it is time to come to Wide Awakening Radio. For more radio show information, sign up for our show reminders at http://www.thewideawakening.com/radio

  • CRLive 3/1:

    in Politics

    7 pm EST
    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.
    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

  • Book Review: The Divine Kingship of Asante' - Dr. Ur Aua H. R. Enkamit

    in Spirituality

    Ur Aua Hehi Metu Ra Enkamit has been a member of the Ausar Auset Society since 1975 He was appointed Ur Aua (Paramount King) by Shekhem Ur Shekhem Ra Un Nefer Amen, Chief Priest and King of the Ausar Auset Society. As Ur Aua, he is responsible for guiding the lives of Ausar Auset's members and the Society's activities in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. He is a member of the Society's Kheri Heb Priesthood and headed Ausar Auset's African Support Project. 
    Tune in from 7-8pm est. Call in at (347) 324-5727. Don't miss this very informative show!!

  • LFTA EP157 Jacob Ryan...Following The Dream

    in Wrestling

    This Week On The Show...... We Welcome Jacob Ryan to the Program!!! Following The Dream....that's what Jacob says on his Social Media Pages, but what does the dream entail? We sit down with this rising, young star and find out what the wrestling dream means to him at just 22 years of age. Don't let his age fool you! When you hear his upcoming schedule, you'll be surprised! Plus the week's news, upcoming events, and more!!!!! Recorded LIVE on Blog Talk Radio Wednesday Nights 7pm Streamed Worldwide On: www.fnx.network We Are On iTunes We Are On Stitcher Follow Us On Twitter: @FromTheArmory Please Visit: www.topropebelts.com Please Visit: www.turnbucklecupcakes.storenvy.com Please Visit: The Rasslin Warehouse On Facebook We Support #ProjectKindness We Support IGNITE Advocac

  • Love Line With Allyson Interviews Author Serendipity

    in Books

    Love Line With Author Allyson M. Deese Interviews Author Serendipity Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 7 pm EST 

  • Bill "El Wingador"Simmons, Plus Sixers Talk w/Jake Pavorsky on PPR

    in Sports

    Something different on this episode of the Philly Pressbox Radio Roundtable as Bill Simmons, aka "El Wingador," joins Bill Furman and Jim "Chet" Chesko to talk about being a five-time WIng Bowl champion and his new book (co-authored with Joe Vallee), "Snow on the Barb Wire." The memoir goes into great detail about Bill's journey down a devastating and destructive road which led to his arrest and two years in prison. It's quite a story, and Bill will tell us all about it. Also on the show: Liberty Ballers Managing Editor Jake Pavorsky tells us what the trades of Nerlens Noel and Ersan Ilyasova mean for the 76ers' future, and there's some Flyers and Phillies talk, too! Plus, we welcome a terrific new sponsor to the program: the Irish Rover Station House, a family-friendly bar and restaurant in Langhorne, PA. In addition, there's another fun "Random Q2" segment, and the return of our Philly sports-trivia question and prize, courtesy Carl's Cards & Collectibles.

  • National & International Radio

    in Current Events

    Guests to be announced...

  • The Hotwash Presents: Horsepower Therapy Founders Brian Russell & Greg Coker

    in Military

    The Hotwash is honored to Present: Horsepower Therapy Founders CW4 (4) Retired Brian Russell and Greg Coker
    Use Horsepower Therapy to support, empower, and enrich the lives of America’s veterans, combat-wounded veterans and families of fallen service members to heal from their wounds, both visible and hidden.  Provide opportunities for those veterans and their families to experience the fun and fellowship of Horsepower Therapy and the bond shared by all veterans during track events, car shows, and industry events. Goals: - Provide methods and opportunities for veterans and families to be around cars and experience the benefit of horsepower therapy.  - Raise awareness of the visible and invisible wounds that veterans and family members experience every day as a result of their selfless service to our country.   - Plan new and support existing events, including track days, drag races and speed-fests, as well as industry trade and car shows that veterans and family members can attend free of cost.   - Develop relationships with members of the automobile industry and private citizens who are interested in helping us provide our veterans with horsepower therapy Horsepower Therapy will be an all-volunteer non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status formed by retired military members, family members and civilians for the express purpose of serving our nation’s wounded combat veterans and the families of fallen service members. All of our events with veterans, wounded combat veterans and families will paid for solely by contributions from donors, sponsors and our fundraising events. Every dollar goes toward the expenses related to bringing these deserving heroes and families coming from all over the country together to have the time of their lives…and enjoy a little Horsepower Therapy!

  • RELATIONSHIPS With Queenson,Tea Rush,Miko the Artist,Eddie Washington and more

    in Entertainment

    This is a very controversial topic. People have various opinions about relationships today. Do people date and marry for status and money? Why do some good girls like Bad boys? Are there any good relationship today? Are people getting married these days? Is homosexuality on the rise? Its gonna be good,just dial 646 716 5525 and presst the 1 button to talk on the air. Set a reminder!!!!

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    50 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge 8

    in Self Help

    Over the next 50 weeks you will find helpful ways to remember the good in life. RS Counseling & Wellness Center, LLC will do activities surrounding gratitude. Feedback and comments are greatly appreciated.
    Connect with RS Counseling & Wellness Center:
    FB Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/50weeksofgratitude/
    Facebook: www.facbook.com/rswellnesscenter
    Instagram: radiantsunshine728
    Twitter: @Sunshineday4
    Empowerment Store: http://shop.spreadshirt.com/rswellness
    Meet Your Host
    Sharea is a licensed clinical social worker with years of success in helping clients recover from anxiety, depression and low self-esteem. For the past three years, Sharea has worked in a practice setting catering to mostly (but not exclusively) Black women, couples and adolescents. Sharea’s work is delivered through individual sessions, couples session, group therapy and workshops focused on helping people navigate through wellness, identity, life transitions and complicated situations. Her empowerment approach focuses on helping people identify and bring out their distinctive strengths while overcoming barriers to happiness and success. Her goal is to help others create a quality life filled with purpose and self-love. Sharea encourages us to embrace the concept that our wellness and happiness lies within our control.