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  • Madison's View of a "Convention for Proposing Amendments"

    in US Government

    Today we'll begin a multi-part series concerning the view with which James Madison, considered the father of the Constitution, regarded the State amending convention provision in Article V.
    Various interpretations of Madison's views have been presented over many years, in support of multiple positions in regard to the utility, and even the safety, of the Article V provision to the States to hold a "convention for proposing amendments".  We are going to walk through this man's life, through his written record, to construct his position, and the continued consistency of his position, and provide the most accurate representation we can of his thoughts.  We're going to take as many episodes as necessary to thoroughly flesh out his view.
    As always, we'll present the latest news in the Convention of the States.  I'll keep the presentation a bit shorter, to allow time for calls

  • It's a Wrap! D' Luv will conclude with: Great "Power Verses and Prayers"

    in Spirituality

    Hey Guys, thanks for following!  Hope you have enjoyed this two part series on " Great Power  Verses and Prayers" I believe are sure to change your life for the better!  Don't misunderstand me, I'm not perfect and not sure if I want to take on that responsibility, but ONE important thing I know for sure is that GOD,hears and answers those who diligently seek HIM with a contrite Heart!  We can never be too good or too bad - for GOD to LOVE us.  Why? Because we all know that HE LOVES UNCONDITIONALLY.  However, don't get it twisted, as this is not something we should take for granted, because we can lose our place in line for being bad sometimes, You think?
    Anyway, I believe that we all have to crawl before we walk, so it is never to late to get started making positive and constructive changes in our lives.  So, tune in to get the wrap!  Get the scoop on some quick and simple daily Prayer Exercises to help prep you for the daily grind.  These exercises can be done in your sleep!
    Until next time:    Say a Prayer and GOD willing, I will talk to you on the air!

  • The Wendy Powers Show: Psychic Readings and Spiritual Topics

    in Spirituality

    The Wendy Powers Show: Psychic Readings and Spiritual Topics 10-11 a.m. Join "Psychic/Medium Wendy Powers "First Saturday" each month. Topic: Do we reincarnate on other planets and live an alien life? Call into the show a few minutes early so you can get into the queue for your mini reading, the phone lines fill up quickly! www.bodymindspiritradio.com

  • January Jones- Hasten to Payson, AZ with Connie Cockrell

    in Entertainment

    Meet: Connie Cockrell  
    September 11, 2015 
    She began writing in response to a challenge from her daughter in October 2011 and has been hooked ever since. Her books run the gamut from SciFi and Fantasy to Contemporary to Halloween and Christmas stories.
    She’s published two novels, The Gulliver Station series, three collections of short stories and has been included in three different anthologies. Her newest book Lost Rainbows follows Shamus O'Malley on a quest to recover the Leprechaun Kingdom's magic rainbows and gold before the rainbows are lost forever.

  • Issues: Christian Men Talk

    in Christianity

    10 am Ssaturdays, "ISSUES" CHRISTIAN MEN TALK, host Deacon Thomas Farr
    So Much Depends On Healthy Men
    If you want to restore healthy marriages, restore healthy men.
    If you want to restore healthy families, restore healthy men.
    If you want to restore healthy churches, restore healthy men.
    If you want to restore healthy communities, restore healthy men.
    If you want to restore healthy men, take a man under your wing and disciple him into the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

  • My WordPress Help Desk for September 05, 2015

    in Internet

    MY WordPress Help Desk Show for September 05, 2015
    Join WordPress Rockstar Ken Freeman as he brings you this week's show.
    Page 1  WordPress News  updates
    Page 2  WordPress Focus:  TBA
    Page 3  Questions and Answers  Have a question? send email to support@mywphelpdesk.com
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    in Spirituality

    On Saturday evening, September 5th, 2015 (18th day of the sixth month) at 8PM EST (7 PM CST), Talk, Teach, and Testify Radio will be hosting on Blog Talk Radio with Author and Writer Rav Sha'ul Part 3 about the writings and the sound doctrine of one of the most effective and influential Apostles in YAHUSHA, Sha'ul the Apostle, plus what does that mean to the Kingdom Natzarym (Branches) of the True Mashyakh. Please join us by calling in at (347) 884-8468 or just click on the link below and be blessed. Love you in Spirit and in Kingdom Truth! Shalum. Shalum. Halal u YAHUAH!

  • Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt: Certified Personal Trainer Michele Quinn

    in Lifestyle

    Ready to live your best life ever? Britt is here to help!
    On Saturday, September 5 she welcomes Certified Personal Trainer Michele Quinn to Get Fit Feel Fabulous:
    After years of chronic fatigue, poor immune system, weak muscles, and poor sleep, I decided I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Over the years, Strength Training, along with healthy eating, has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can describe.   Fitness for me is insurance.  Insurance that I’ll get through my day, live longer, and have a better quality of life.  I have been a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), American College of Exercise (ACE), and International Sports Science Association (ISSA) since 1998, and a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist since 2001. My clientele base has included individuals with goals such as: fat loss, muscle gain, sport improvement, functional training, chronic pain and illnesses and simply making the tasks of daily life easier. I am a firm believer that a proper diet coupled with exercise can help prevent a variety of today’s medical problems, strengthens your immune system, adds longevity to your life, and increases your sense of wellbeing.  Call in with your questions at (347) 945-7246.  

  • GYIT! & Felicia Harlow, The Heart Energy Specialist, w/part 2, A Heart Workshop!

    in Spirituality

    Join "Get Your, It Together!" as we present the impassioned meditative heart specialist in Felicia Harlow. Saturday, September 5, 2015 @ 10:am est. This Calm Heart Coach, workshop facilitator and heart rhythm meditation instructor, will share with REVELATION aka and GodIs L aka, as she’s the founder of Innergistics Life Development, LLC. This is a coaching and consultant company for inner transformation and growth, energetic heart awareness and empowerment. Embracing her heart’s potential to inspire others with theirs, she completed an intensive 2 year Master of Heart Studies program. She will conduct part 2 of "Does Your Heart Talk?" a Heart Workshop! Part 2 will include the the primary guidance system, what is calm heart, and what is HeartCare (TM) as the expansive heart energy balances through this major “shift." Felicia’s a former executive of major notoriety, with more than two decades of experience in the healthcare, self care and wellness industries. Her spiritual journey includes a level of sensitivity with compassion unlike any other consummate professional, as she supports women with the implementation and the establishment of lifelong practices of heart centered living to unleash the awesome power of the hearts electromagnetic field. The goal is to empower with clarity, resolve and purpose from the inside out, with the use of a customized creation known as HeartCare™. To learn more about the dynamic services that Felicia offers, please visit http://calmheartcoach.com or http://innergistics.com . The call in is #773-897-6555 pressing #1 to share in this warm, heartfelt workshop and the chat lines will be open at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit

  • SHIFT TODAY "Enjoy Listener's Choice of Previous Segments Prosperity God's Way"

    in Christianity

    SHIFT TODAY is an inspirational and engaging broadcast that replenishes your spirit, refreshes your soul, rejuvenates your body and transforms your life from the inside-out.  Host Nina Roach Life and Wife Strategist with Special Guest Holy Spirit and other Guests appearances will be releasing fresh impartations and strategies while sharing wisdom, laughter, love and real-time life experiences that will help you overcome any situation and live victoriously every day.  Get ready to be established in the Kingdom of God by renewing your mind, feeding your faith, starving your doubts and taking actions of faith today.
    It’s your time to occupy in your Kingdom Authority until Christ’s return.  Don’t wait another day to seek God’s face, learn Kingdom principles, take God at His Word and an action of faith.  On SHIFT TODAY we are convinced that God, who began this good work in us, will carry it through to completion. Connect with men and women daily who have decided to enter into God’s Sabbath rest and witness His goodness in their lives and world Monday – Saturday from 7:00 A.M. – 8:00 A.M. (PST) online at www.blogtalkradio.com or by phone 424.220.1862  Subscribe today to Today's Transform Devotional and #betransformed http://www.mrsministries.org/devotional