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  • Dynamic Aging now on NOWTIME Radio with host Joy Jinks

    in Lifestyle

    Join Joy Jinks, Wednesday, December 2nd, at 2PM (EST) for her premier show (named after her recently published book): Dynamic Aging: I Intend to Live Forever...So Far, So Good. Her guest will be Agnes Furey, author of Wildflowers in the Median. When Agnes Furey lost her forty-year old daughter Pat and six-year-old grandson Christopher to homicide in 1998 at the hands of Leonard Scovens, words could not describe the hole left in her heart. Even so, rather than hate, Furey chose peace, and she reached out to Scovens in prison. Wildflowers in the Median tells the story of their journey of restoration. Through a collection of poems, vignettes, and letters, both Furey and Scovens pour out their emotions and reflections. It is a tale not of forgiveness, but of understanding-a story of a survivor of crime and a criminal finding communion as each struggles with grief and suffering, eventually coming to terms with their spiritual identities and a desire to help others in similar circumstances. Audri Scott Williams will join Joy for this exciting premier show on NOWTIME Radio.

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    Caring for Your Elderly Parents | K8486

    in Christianity

    Website – http://www.fhu.com
    Complimentary – http://antidoteforall.com
    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K151125.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Host: Roy Masters Roy discussed how we as Christians need to deal with the world perfectly. Calls:
    Heather says, "I am dealing with my mum in hospital". Visit - FhuEngland.com

  • Computer America - Techguy.org; News!

    in Technology

    Computer America
    Hour one: Techguy.org's Mike Cermak.
    Mike is here with us to answer your computer questions and discuss what's happening in the world of computers and technology.
    Hour two: News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities!
    Craig and Ben do Computer and Technology News, brought to you by Slimware Utilities, the Official Optimization Software of Computer America, and answer your computer questions!

  • Transformed Traveler with Matt Kaplan debuts newest book- Science of the Magical

    in Lifestyle

    Matt Kaplan is a science correspondent with The Economist and has contributed weekly articles to its science and technology section for a decade. He has also written for National Geographic, Nature, and The New York Times. When not chained to a desk in England, Kaplan travels the world exploring our most cherished myths and legends.
    Kaplan is a noted science journalist and writer for The Economist, but above all he’s a lively and accessible storyteller.  This book leaves no mythical stone unturned.  Encompassing the magic our ancestors believed in and the magic we believe in today, Kaplan considers everything from the Biblical parting of The Red Sea and Viking exploration to the science behind the mutants of X-Men, to new studies regarding autism and modern medical advancements prolonging human life“What I have always loved about magic is that brief moment when the impossible seems possible. I
    —Jason Alexander, Actor (Seinfeld)
    Antiquated myth and scientific inquiry coalesce as Kaplan travels across the world to explore the nexus between science and magic. Kaplan is a noted science journalist and writer for The Economist, but above all he’s a lively and accessible storyteller, embedding his rigorous scientific research and experiment results in vibrant prose.
    With sections on healing, transformation, immortality, supernatural skies, animal and plant communication, prophecy, life beyond the grave, enchantment, and the superhuman, SCIENCE OF THE MAGICAL leaves no mythical stone unturned. Encompassing the magic our ancestors believed in and the magic we believe in today, Kaplan considers everything from the Biblical parting of The Red Sea and Viking exploration.

  • Ross Rocks! - Ross Busby - Crystal Whisperer

    in Spirituality

    Join Jim and Sue Graywolf for a special broadcast of Ciracle Radio as they welcome Russ Busby - rock and crystal whisperer - on Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time. Just hit the picture link below at showrime to join us!
    Ross Busby is a long time worker with rocks and minerals. He uses them in his alternative healing modalities and as tools to work with emotional and mental stress. Ross uses music and sound with the Rock Nations and has been called a Rock Whisperer - communicating with the rocks deeply as part of the web of life.
    Ross has provided some excellent programs in Colorado, including one for our non-profit, Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother. We have asked him to bring his amazing medicine to the airwaves to share with all our friends globally.
    Please bring your comments and questions. Ross also suggests you bring a special rock or crystal or two as you listen to the show. He will guide some ways to connect and understand your rock family better.
    We are really excited to air this show. Nature is so critical to our healing now and the healing of our planet as things seem to be breaking within us and around us. Let’s work on easing this with Ross.
    The talking stick is now YOURS! Come join us and share your thoughts - or decide to just listen. Hit the link below just before show time.
    ~ adopt a month of Ciracle Radio and support the ripples by donating $39 to www.sotem.org
    ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family.
    ~ join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sotem.org

  • Indy Power Rankings: Tag Team Top 5 Reveal ft. Aja Perera (@OSnap_AppleJax)

    in Wrestling

    The Indy Power Rankings team returns to the air on the Elite Podcast Network to count down the top 5 tag teams in the world of independent professional wrestling for the week of November 30th, 2015. Also on this episode, the IPR team welcomes Aja Perera to the show to discuss some things including wrestling all over the world in such countries as Canada, US & Mexico & so much more!
    @IndyPowerRankin @elitepodcastnet

  • Hadit.com / Blog Talk Radio Show with Glen Johnson.

    in Military

    Glen Johnson is the Pubic Affairs Officer for the CHamp VA progam. They also overseee the foreign medical program that a veteran must sign up before he or she travels abroad. 
    The show is at  pm eastern.
    To ask Glen a question about ChampVA, call in at 347 237 4819.

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    Rob Green & Gene Serene of Thirteen ... Electro/Synthpop London UK

    in Electronic Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Rob Green & Gene Serene of the Electro/Synthpop London Band Thirteen, to the Show!
    The sensational Gene Serene's previous existence was as one of the queens of electro in Berlin during it's hedonistic 00s! During this time, she lived in both London and Berlin and released records with such greats as S’Express, Calvertron, DJ Downfall, Chris Lake, Punx Soundcheck, MrC, Barry Ashworth, LoverushUK, Traumschmeire and more.  Rob Green also has a colourful past as a dance music producer in the 1990s, having created classy progressive house tracks for labels such as Feargal Sharkey's EXP imprint (Virgin), Jackpot Records, Polydor, WEA, Sony and others. 
    Media Inquiries: Hard Cell Records London, UK http://hardcellrecords.bandcamp.com

  • Creating New Comfort Zones with Aisake Vuikadavu

    in Self Help

    Aisake Vuikadavu is from Fiji and he is the founder of Innergy Mentor.  He is a living example of the principles and values he inspires as a mentor.  Aisake is a global mentor.  He fully embraces fatherhood and currently empowers other fathers how to step into and embrace their roles.  Aisake is also a coach, speaker and actor.  He is married to Melinda and is the tender warrior father of two beautiful children. 
    Aisake had a life-changing experience which awakened him to his purpose and has allowed him to help others discover their purpose as well.  In this episode, he will be talking about why it's so important to create a new comfort zone instead of trying to break old habits.  Have you ever wondered what happens in our brains when we try to break an old habit or why old habits are so hard to break? Now you can learn!
    You can check out more by visiting www.innergymentor.com.

  • The Love Channel Show

    in Spirituality

    Goldylocks Productions Presents The Love Channel Show with Pamela Cummins.
    Pamela specializes in love and relationships, personal growth, life direction, and dream interpretation. She has been blessed with the psychic abilities of clairaudience, clairsentience, and clairvoyance.  Pamela is a channel for loving angels, guides, and ancestors of both her clients and her own. Her clients call her the “Musical Psychic” because she often gives messages through song lyrics. She is available for readings, psychic development and singles coaching. Pamela is an ordained interfaith spiritualist minister, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, certified energy healer, body/mind counselor, teacher, author, and former massage therapist and match maker.
    The Love Channel Show is about relationships. Romantic, friends, family, business, animals, in other words – any kind of relationship! Since LOVE is everything, we also talk about spirituality, self-growth, healing, psychic and intuition topics. Listen and take a journey deeper into love!

  • Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome To ( Over The Rainbow Show ) With Your Host Bob Brown On Blog Talk Radio On Wednesday 2th December 2015 at 3.00pm Eastern 12.00pm Pacific 8.00pm Uk Time...The Call in number today is 347-539-5367 From Uk 001-347-539-5367 Chat Room Open....My Special Guest Today is Mervyn Boliver....Mervyn has been a Medium for the last 10 years Serving Churches and Centres in the Gloucester and Hereford and Wilshire Areas He also worked in Churches in Wales....Mervyn was in the Royal Air Force for 20 years Serving both at home and abroad....On Today Show we will talking all things Spiritual ...So please phone in and ask Mervyn and my self anything to do with Spirit ....Thank you for joining me today for my show love and peace