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  • The Intuitive Beauty, Dating and Healing Show

    in Spirituality

    TPN Radio Presents the Intuitive Beauty, Dating and Healing Show with Cheryl Domino.
    Cheryl is a Reiki Practitioner and a licensed Esthetician for over 16 years. In the salon, she gives clients a combination of a facial, healing, and reading. She also a medical intuitive that cannot only see issues you may have with your health, but any blocks in your chakras.
    Cheryl will have new guests every week. These guests will be skin care experts, dating experts, amazing psychics, healers and astrologers. There is something for everybody! Please join Cheryl for an hour of insightful information, fun and healing.

  • The Musiq Lounge #187

    in Indie Music

    The Musiq Lounge, Presented By ManoCo Inc. Is a music show that features music from unsigned/indie artist from all over the world, Plus Artist Interviews And Much More. With Host Thomas "Big T"(@Da1ThomasG). To Call In Live Call: 1.619.393.6479... www.wtxgtalkradio.com

  • The Playlist & Indie TOP TEN COUNTDOWN

    in Entertainment

    Another Friday means another edition of The Playlist and our special guest Reeves who just dropped a new EP called The Christening. The lead single Body Shots has been a fixture and the followup Drowning promises to be even bigger! We will also be discussing the rash of racial fueled violence, cops killing unarmed civilian, deflate gate as well as the Meek vs Drake beef! NFL training camps have started so call in and let us know who you rolling with this upcoming season. Its The Playlist Yall!

  • Chris Wyse of OWL previews a new EP. Las Cafeteras: A.L.M. songs with a message

    in Music

    The LA/NYC-based rock band OWL - Chris Wyse (vocals/bass), Jason Achilles Mezilis (guitar), Dan Dinsmore (drums) - releases its third album, Things You Can’t See this week on Overit Records. The melodic hard rock band built around former Cult bass and electric stand-up bass player Wyse is now on tour and packing clubs from New York’ BB King’s Blues Club To Hollywood’s legendary Whiskey A Go Go. Wyse joins us and brings the new EP to preview on Music FridayLive!
    Las Cafeteras' vibrant musical fusion with a unique East LA sound and a community  sings with a focused political message. Their Afro-Mexican rhythms, zapateado & inspiring lyrics love & the fight for justice, remixing  traditional Son Jarocho sounds with Afro-Caribbean marimbol and cajón, poetry in English and Spanglish, and instruments like jarana, requinto, a donkey jawbone and the Tarima. Currently on break from their most recent tour, they join Music FridayLive! This Friday.

  • John Carver Show - Leadership...You've Got It!

    in Self Help

    I’ve met so many people who think Leaders are born or they need to have a title or a position.  I don’t buy that idea.
    Leadership is shown by your actions and not your words.
    Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) – Galileo was willing to challenge the orthodoxy of the church through his own scientific discoveries. This commitment to truth and science came despite personal threats to his well-being.
    Witold Pilecki (1901 –  1948) During WW2 Pilecki joined the underground Polish resistance. In 1943, he volunteered to smuggle himself into Auschwitz concentration camp so he could report on the holocaust to the allies. He then escaped Auschwitz and took part in the Warsaw uprising of 1944. In 1948, he was executed by the Stalinist secret police for retaining loyalty to the non-Communist Polish government.
    I cannot get my head around this method that God chooses.
    The older I get the more I realize more people watch your life than you can imagine.
    “One of the hardest places, in leadership, is what you DO with what you KNOW when you THINK what you KNOW isn’t WORKING.  What you DO, when you’re DOWN, can determine the OUTCOME!”  Me
    Repeating - The older I get the more I realize more people watch your life than you can imagine.
    Job made a choice that I really don’t know if I could have made…22 Through all this Job did not sin nor did he blame God.
    Leadership is standing when you feel like falling on your face in anguish and staying there.
    Leadership is NOT a title.
    Leadership is about influencing others in your life with your words, habits and actions.
    “Leadership is an action, not a position.” ~ Donald McGannon

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    EMPOWERED SERIES: Living from the Inside Out with Jennifer Alyse

    in Motivation

    There is a Higher Power that lives within us all. It is time to check back IN.  Today is an invitation for you to step into your Higher Power, a place that comes from only within, and bring this out into the world fearlessly, joyfully, and seamlessly. 
    Join creative entrepreneur and photographer Jennifer Alyse on a journey where we will: 
    Learn tools to connect and tune into your Highest Self Bring your innate ideas out into the world Activate the courage and vibrant aliveness that lives within Through a series of hands-­-on exercises, tools and personal insight, you will have the opportunity to gain: 
    Connection and deeper self-­-awareness  Vibrant Aliveness  Encouragement for the infinite possibilities that live within Learn more about Jennifer at www.jenniferalyse.com.

  • Special Episode: The Ultimate Life Coach's Manual E-Book Release Announcement

    in Lifestyle

    This week our special guest is the host of the Finding Your Hidden Treasure BlogTalkRadio herself, Fayola Delica.  We will be discussing her new e-book manual, The Ultimate Life Coach's Manual: The "how to" in presenting a professional life coaching business.  The question we will be answering is "What does it take to be a Professional Coach?"
    Fayola Delica is an Author, Professional Motivational Speaker, and Life and Business Coach. Ms. Delica began her professional life coaching career with passion. Yet, she had such uncertainty in the business aspect of the life coaching business. She spent months working on such manual for her own business, and realized others are struggling to have a similar system in place. It is a resource that every life coach needs for their business.
    This manual provides a step-by-step process in how one should conduct their life coaching business in a professional manner. Your first impression is everything and that begins way before you have the initial contact with a prospective coaching client. From your email inquiry about a potential coaching client to what should be included in your life coaching contract packet and even to your follow-up service. Let this tool be a resource to help you get your business to the next level. It is over 100 pages manual. 
    Disclaimer: Not an attorney, but had all forms reviewed by an attorney!
    Link to order your copy TODAY: http://bit.ly/1MUNyZo

  • GirlSpeak w/ Nikeema Lee

    in Self Help

    In this episode of Love Yourself Radio, special guest "Dr." Nikeema Lee, author and intimatcy coach talks about her journey from pain to peace, and how she transformed her trauma into a platform to help women redefine their sexuality. Call in with your questions and comments @ (929) 477-1774.

  • LIVE Q&A with Dr. Daniel Kalish

    in Health

    Dr. Daniel Kalish -- functional medicine practitioner/educator and creator of the Brain Restore in 4 program -- takes your calls LIVE. Dial 347-237-5608 to get on the air!
    Find out more about Brain Restore in 4 at www.brainrestorein4.com. (Enrollment closes Sunday, August 2nd at 11:59 Pacific Time.) Hosted by Sean Croxton

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    #10 Out-of-Body & Aristotle's Channeled Message on During This Revolution

    in Spirituality

    Learn about out-of-body experiences. Hear Aristotle's inspirational messages #18 on During this Revolution, Equilibrium & More! Includes practical daily exercises to integrate into your life to flow through the changes of the New Age we are in. Channeled by Katy, host & advanced channeler of light beings. This will uplift you.  Use as a high vibrational meditation.
    Soul Evolution Center Show to Evolve into Your Best Life! A special time where different dimensions intersect for spirituality & metaphysics.
    *Call-ins not taken due to the episode's meditative nature.*
    About Katy, Providing Life Wisdom from Beyond
    Rev. Katy Simmone of  http://soulevolutioncenter.com/ & host of BlogTalkRadio’s Soul Evolution Center show, Fridays weekly 11:30am PT/12:30pm MT/1:30pm CT/2:30pm ET-30 min. She has channeled message from over 40 beings of light and love. She chronicles these,her psychic experiences & her out-of-body experiences on her Blog,on Soul Evolution Center FB page, & YouTube. Katy does direct voice channel from high beings for people's life's questions during readings. She channels in a light trance word for word. It is as if the Beings are talking to you directly through her.  Click here to book on her website calendar.

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    The Nation is Under a Trance | K8446

    in Poetry

    Website – http://www.fhu.com
    Complimentary - Antidoteforall.com
    Order a Copy - http://fhu2.org/K150727.html
    Cure Stress - http://curestressdevice.com/device
    Host: David and Roy Masters David said, "You have to awaken to the Truth that will set you free". Roy discussed how the entire nation is under a trance. Calls:
    Mary asks, "Is 65 too late to learn to be better?" Check Out - FhuEngland.com