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  • National & International Roundtable

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    Guests to be announced...

  • Sofia Smallstorm - Underground Sanctuaries, Depopulation & Morgellons

    in Education

    Tonight Sofia Smallstorm returns to the show.
    Is the Cumberland Gap which is a narrow pass through the Cumberland Mountains, near the junction of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee the home of a massive underground haven for the puppet masters? In this discussion Sofia will explain why she believes there is indeed a subterranean sanctuaries created by the controllers as a haven for when life above ground is no longer inhabitable.
    We then discuss the evil of Morgellons disease where human are being used as lab rats to further the trans-human agenda.
    * Sofia's Website: http://www.aboutthesky.com/home * Opening Ceremony For Gotthard Base Tunnel In Switzerland: http://tinyurl.com/hk3jxbt * Transporting Nuclear Housing to Cumberland: http://tinyurl.com/okzpbr7 * Sofia Smallstorm - Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life (Part 1 and 2): http://tinyurl.com/zjh7p49 * Everybody Hates Charlie: http://www.everybodyhatescharlie.com/ * Lithium In Afghanistan: http://tinyurl.com/pymuznj

  • Is your Horse Taking Care of YOU?

    in Pets

    Have you ever asked your horse to look after you? Horses carried us for centuries and did an exempliary job of it too. I always believe a happy horse is one with a job and work to do. We want to look after our babies, and we wnt to wrap them in cotton wool. But do we know what the horse would like? They have 4 legs and are very efficient at looking after thenselves. Perhapse we can trust them to carry us for an hour or 2 each day and just allow them to Take Care of Us for a change. Just in on the conversation and listen to a different perspective about Horses!

  • Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E

    in Religion

    Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E

  • Stephanie Quayle Live

    in Military

    Join us this week as we welcome Country music singer songwriter, Stephanie Quayle. Rising country artist Stephanie Quayle continues to captivate listeners with her current single “Drinking With Dolly,” whether she is on stage in a packed venue or a small intimate setting. From the vibrant blonde’s radiating energy and booming personality to the passion and intensity delivered in her music, the magnetic singer-songwriter grabs hold of an audience and doesn’t let go as she belts out her songs from behind her guitar and piano. The song “Drinking With Dolly” is one close to Quayle’s heart. It is an anthem for all the women of country in a time when female artists are rising together to make a major impact in today’s music scene. Quayle is currently celebrating a Top 100 single on the Billboard Country Airplay chart! Quayle captures the heart of storytelling as she offers the genre a fresh sound, relatable storylines and an invigorating presence that is unmatched in today’s musical spectrum. Harnessing her signature passion and pairing it with an authentic artistry, fans can expect to hear and feel exactly what they didn’t know they were missing. Stephanie's journey as an artist has led her to this very moment in her career. She has found her voice and her sound. A perfect fit. A fit she has been piecing together all her life. We will talk to Lockwood about her upcoming schedule, get a behind the scenes look at her music, feature her latest songs, and ask her to share her message for the troops. Please be sure to visit Stephanie Quayle at http://www.stephaniequayle.com/ and spread the word. Fans are welcome to call in and speak live with Stephanie during the show (718) 766-4193. And as always we will give shout outs to our deployed military listeners. Our message to the troops: WE do what we do, because YOU do what you do.


    in Spirituality

    It’s an Evening With Me, come, ride the Winds of Change beyond the mundane into topics on metaphysics, shamanism and spiritual development designed to aid in your personal growth. Tonight’s topic is: SACRED SPACES and SPIRITUAL LESSONS AND ENERGY PATTERNS. We are living in a time of transition and raised awareness, senses are becoming heightened, destiny calls. This show is designed to assist you in your spiritual development. Feel free to visit our study center at www.spiritlodge.info or www.spiritlodge.5u.com for resources and personal services when you need them. Meanwhile, tune in, call in, join in…and don’t forget to stop into the live chat room to say hello.

  • Grudge Inc. Atomic Dog Tuesday's

    in Automotive

    Grudge racing around the world.

  • Author L.A. Nantz

    in Entertainment

    Name: L. A. Nantz (Aka Vodalok –Voa da lock) Objective: It is the goal of this author to create in words a world of horror both unique and griping, while attempting to reclaim the glory of the Gothic horror classics of the late 18th century. It is his opinion that there is more use of gore in place of real horror in today’s genre. It is he desire to revive what horror was and should be. Skills: Short of a formal education in writing, the author understands the elements of a good story, that the need to grip and hold the reader in the first few paragraphs is essential to successful writing. He has written many poems and short stories, and uses an exercise that he believes gives him the skills to do just that. In taking a single word ( as in Rabbits, the bonus story in Mia’s Tempest) he aims to turn that word into a story of horror, as well as hone his skills as a writer. Experiences: His first novel, Incubus Succubus helped him learn a great deal about what it takes to write a successful book. It however is still a work in progress. He has also written a great number of poems that can be found online.

  • National & International Roundtable

    in Current Events

    Guests to be announced....

  • Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E

    in Religion

    Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E

  • Moving Towards Light 10/21/15 - active vs passive spirituality

    in Spirituality

    Good evening, fellow seekers, and welcome to Moving Towards Light, a forum where we discuss and provide some hard earned insight relating to our own explorations of the many roads and methods which promise to lead us to the ultimate answer: a higher purpose, the meaning of life.
    Tonight we'll be talking the "positive" and "negative" poles of spirituality.  No, we're not speaking to intent of will or the (somewhat mistaken) concept of "white" vs. "black" magick, but more in terms of active practice such as the recitation of prayers, mantras, sigils or what have you, communal worship and spiritual networking (going to church, joining a coven, attending temple services) and active work in the community (volunteering at a soup kitchen, assisting others in some physical, measurable manner)  vs. withdrawing into meditation and passively recieving enlightenment and basking in the Presence and oneness. 
    Is one better than the other?  Can one even work without the other?
    Plus our usual tangenital flow of thought and transference of deep knowledge and esoteric wisdom...if you've been with us for the last seven shows, you know the score!
    For all those frustrated in their quest, who've been through various stops on the spectrum of spirituality and found them ultimately unfulfilling:
    Join hosts "Doc" Savage and Janna (the "Esoteric Mom") as we share both hard learned lessons and thoughts on potential new directions in the quest, on our journey towards light.