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  • Three Simple Basics of Productivity

    in Motivation

    With fewer companies adhering to the typical 9 to 5 day our preconcieved ideas of how to get thing s done has also changed.
    Call in at 646-200-0848 and join the discussion with business coaches and experts and Members of the LI Strategic Alliance Coalition Jerry Siegel, John Hill, Murray Kleiner, Jim McGowan and members of the Time to Play Foundation Doreen Guma and Gina Lollo.
     During Empower Half Hour we'll talk about proactive things each of us can easily do to make our businesses, and -- in general -- every day better.  We'll motivate and empower ourselves and each other. The whole idea in this podcast is people helping people and collaboration equals success. We're all in this together!
    Empower Half Hour is made possible by our sponsors. See sponsor information at www.TheEnjoyLifeProject.org

  • Grudge Inc. Atomic Dog Tuesday's

    in Automotive

    grudge talk

  • The Late Shift with Steven Bell - Recapping and Grading SmackDown LIVE

    in Wrestling

    Coming your way LIVE after both Raw and Smackdown, The Late Shift with Steven Bell provides an immediate, opinionated recap and occasionally controversial grade of the show. Your host, Steven Bell, is a Lords of Pain Columns Hall of Famer with over 15 years of experience as an LOP contributor as well as 30+ years of fandom and isn't at all shy about saying exactly what he thinks.
    Divided into three segments, The Late Shift provides more than a simple recap and grade. We kick off with The HeatSeeker, where we take a look at one of the hottest topics in pro wrestling today, followed by a full, LIVE recap of and immediate reaction towards the just finished show and ultimately an overall grade, all within a tight 90 minute package. Most of all though, The Late Shift features unrepentant fandom. This isn't a show for "experts" or so-called "insiders" or anything of that sort. This is a show for those who aren't only "smart" but also intelligent pro wrestling fans. Provided BY a fan, FOR fans, this isn't a show where you'll be told what to think. It is, however, a show where you'll be encouraged to think for yourself, even if that means disagreeing with any and everything that your host has to say. Sometimes that's the best part.
    Follow Steven on Twitter @StevenFnBell to interact LIVE or to simply express your opinions and start a dialogue about any or everything that he's got to say. You may be addressed on the air or even inspire an entire HeatSeeker segment. It's all about the fans' perspective here on The LateShift with Steven Bell.
    The Late Shift with Steven Bell is presented live and uncensored and contains adult language and content. The views, opinions and verbiage expressed DO NOT reflect those of Lords of Pain, Lords of Pain Radio, BlogTalk Radio or any of their respective advertisers. Listener discretion is advised.

  • Morning Coffee

    in Business

    7:30 am Eastern Wednesdays, "Morning Coffee," host Dr. Patty Fitzhugh: 
    Grab a cuppa for your body, and let Dr. Patty's inspiring messages fire-up your mind!

  • Guest Eve Lorgen Discussing The Alien Love Bite

    in Spirituality

    Eve is a dedicated counseling and hypnotherapy professional, author, anomalous trauma researcher, Hatha yogi & Taoist Chi Gong practitioner. She began her pioneering work with alien abductees, “milabs” & mind control victims while earning her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1992. She also holds a BS in Biochemistry. Eve started a support group in 1994 in San Diego County, CA for experiencers of anomalous trauma and continues to consult with anomalous trauma clients worldwide today while living in NC. She was a close associate of the late Barbara Bartholic & is dedicated in continuing & expanding the work of the late Dr. Karla Turner.
    Anomalous Trauma is defined as traumatic events that are out of the normal range of human experience. These experiences may include alien abductions, near death experiences, shamanic initiations, (milabs) mind control, spiritual warfare, demonic & psychic attacks, cult involvement and narcissistic abuse. Counseling alien abductees, she discovered a plethora of unusual experiences that often accompanied those who reported alien encounters & milabs. The most prominent aspect of Eve’s counseling & support is with those who are experiencing some form of alien or paranormal orchestrated love relationship issues, or what she calls “the love bite”.
    The love bite is a misunderstood and highly taboo aspect of the alien abduction experience: alien engineering of human love relationships and alien manipulation of abductees’ lives. However, as more people have come forward to share their unusual “orchestrated love relationships”, Eve discovered that this is not exclusive to the “alien abductee subpopulation” and is such more widespread. Authored “The Love Bite: Alien Interference of Human Love Relationships” and The Dark Side of Cupid 

  • TSCS # "Encore of Elmo's Worst Nightmare"

    in Comedy

    Welcome to AMCPress&Co presents The Satirically Challenged Show. We are the #1 disabled satirical news program  in the world (65,000 and Counting) that provides uncensored news on numerous topics worldwide. Tonight we are having an encore presentation of episode one of our favorite episodes.We are now on ITUNES. Subscribe to us through there.  Want to connect with us? Seek us out on facebook under AMCPRESS&CO, We are also gaining new correspondents. fancy being one? We know you want too, if you do: Tweet us, Message us on Facebook you will get a response. Also did we mention, we're doing a bit of renovating to the website? in the meantime you can find us at: www.amcpressandco.com. We are aiming to be listener supported, we have a PATERON! where you can donate to us for as little as $1.00.  https://www.patreon.com/AMCPRESSANDCO.  
    * Some Media  (sound effects, news clips and other sounds. etc) is protected by Fair Use. Beginning theme song is composed by Redhood & Alison. All rights Reserved.© No copyright infringement intended** Disclaimer instrumental Credit: Blurr, Royal Philharmonic, Terry Jackson and Queen

  • Te connaitre Seigneur

    in Culture

    Manès Morin est l'animateur de cette soirée de prière

  • HRTech Weekly with Stacey Harris and John Sumser: #131 | Jul 13, 2017 - 7AM

    in Business

     Hosts Stacey Harris and John Sumser discuss important news and topics in recruiting and HR technology. Listen live every Thursday at 7AM Pacific – 10AM Eastern, or catch up on full episodes with show transcripts here. 

  • The PRF Table

    in Christianity

    "The PRF Table is the #1 show on Blog Talk Radio where we're introducing, conversing, debating, and learning help transformatively address matters surrounding OUR possessions, resources, and finances (PRF)."

  • Shabbat Towrah Study

    in Lifestyle

    Join a group of Yahowah's family as we delve into the Towrah of God. We will expose religious corruption while more importantly espousing Yah's Towrah truth. 
    Hosted by the author of Yada Yahweh, An Introduction to God, Questioning Paul, Prophet of Doom, and Tea with Terrorist. 

  • Long Live the King

    in Business

    Even if you never plan on writing your own advertising copy, you MUST understand the fundamental rules of writing effective copy. Learn It or Perish The 10 Golden Rules of Power Packed Copy! 1. Start with the prospect. Many beginning direct response copywriters make the mistake of spending too much ink touting the product, describing all its features at length and in detail.
    2. Long copy out-pulls short copy. This principle is highly controversial. Many Internet copywriters believe that the nature of the Internet-which makes it necessary for prospects to read copy on a screen-favors short copy.
    3. When it comes to long copy, the lead is 80 percent of the game. A typical direct-mail or e-mail promotion has three parts: the lead, the body, and the close.
    4. In crafting a lead, stick with the proven six. There are dozens of ways to begin a long-form sales letter, but in the history of direct response, six have dominated.
    5. All leads range from being very direct to very indirect. Direct leads are those that are obviously sales pitches.
    6. Given two offers with equally strong leads, the one that is well-balanced will do better. A well-balanced offer has four aspects: idea, benefit, credibility, and track record.
    7. When composing headlines and bullets, details matter. Make your headlines and bullets more powerful by focusing on what we call "the four U's":
    8. Every product needs a unique selling proposition (USP). Essentially, the USP is what makes your product stand out from the competition and gives your prospect a good reason to buy from you.
    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneures