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  • Author Gray Dixon

    in Entertainment

    Gray Dixon, the nom de plume of erotica writer of hot, sexy stories for the adult crowd, loves walks along the beach at sunset, a glass of wine over a romantic dinner and a night of love. She also writes under the name Cynthia Arsuaga with her husband, Mike.
    On the serious side, she currently resides in Orlando, Florida, the land of magic, surrounded by the treasured gems in her life, a caring, loving husband, dutiful and loyal daughter, and precious, delightful granddaughter. Oh and not to forget her mischievous Silky terrier, Fitzy.
    Many things excite Gray—crafting, watching the History Channel, reality shows (not all, but some), travel, and of course writing. She’s worked hard all her life in many interesting fields and enjoyed all of them, but she finally found enough time to relax and enjoy escaping into the worlds she creates through her stories. She writes contemporary and paranormal erotica with BDSM elements, and hopes readers will enjoy the tales she weaves.
    Gray Dixon can be found on:
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gray.dixon.50

  • GOD Still Heals

    in Religion

    GOD Still Heals

  • Friday Traffic Jams with Lennis - NO SHOW TODAY IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!

    in Music

    Welcome everyone to Friday Traffic Jams with your girl Lennis or Gaia Bocelli.  Each week there will be a feature artist or DJ's Choice.  Has it been one of those weeks good or bad, well let me put a smile on your face with some good music.  Selections from:  R&B old school, Jazz, Country, Rock, Rap, Opera, yes even Orchestra music.
    Always something to learn and listen to, if you haven't heard it before.  Please call in with your shout outs, 646 - 727 - 2914.  Job promotion, anniversary, engagement, baby annoucemnt, marriage, or just a shout out to your favorite Boo.  If there is some music you wish to hear, please email me at facebook or the website.  Shoot me a message, and I will respond shortly.  Music makes everything all right.  Memories, past experiences, music brings it all back.
    So join me here on "The Essence of Success Radio Network" every Friday at 6pm west coast or 9pm east coast.
    website:  www.theessenceofsuccess.com
    Thank you!

  • Spiritual Illumination

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Vanessa Anseloni talks about spiritual illumination and interviews Jodi Hershey on the book Call of the Day. LIVE at 858-769-4705.

  • All Sports Talk Radio-Should College Athletes be Paid

    in Radio

    All Sports Talk Radio will discuss college athletes getting paid. College athletes in basketball make baskets. Football players score touchdowns and get their bodies banged around. The main question is should these athletes be paid? They play in big stadiums with a 100,000 people watching in person and get only a scholarship. Tune in as Collin Shaw, Tamii and other discuss this controversial topic. 

  • Author Alan Gravitt

    in Entertainment

    Attended Ga Tech 1963-1967 Physics Department President Gamma Beta Phi Commander Pershing Rifles Dropped out in 1967 to work and was immediately called for a physical with induction eminent Enlisted to gain some control of time and branch. Basic training at Ft, Benning, AIT at Ft Sill, Field Artillery. Attended the Non Commissioned Officer Candidate course at Ft Sill. Honor graduate and promoted to Staff Sergeant E-6 with 9.5 months time in service. 1968 to Vietnam. Assigned to the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment as a chief of section on a M109 self propelled 155mm howitzer. Regimental commander was Col George Patton. Slightly injured a few times and then seriously injured. Legs crushed and surgery required fix the right leg. Five months later left the service and returned to Ga. Tech and in two quarters completed a B.S. in Physics. Next quarter, started graduate school at Ga State University, with a major , Science Education, with a strong focus again on Physics.  

  • On Tap (new show)

    in Podcasting


  • Late Night With Joeygiggles

    in Non-Profit

    Please join us for great guests, loads of jokes and fun, and of course the great information you get from BIRN Internet Radio.
    Blogtalkradio Link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/braininjuryradio
    Call in number: 1-424-243-9540
    Call in anytime for questions and comments... Invite your friends, it's always a good time!

  • Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E

    in Religion

    Let's Talk with S.M.I.L.E.3E


    in Christianity

    Tough Talk Christian Radio with Host Tony Gambone and Special Guest Kelly Garner and Julie Castro:
    Kelly Garner, who has had Type 1 diabetes for 42 years, was born and raised in Florence, Alabama. He has called Birmingham home now for over thirty years and is the father of two boys. He is a graduate of Bradshaw High School in Florence, earned his BA Degree in Public Relations/Communication from Auburn University and served as the basketball manager for the Gulf South Conference Champions University of North Alabama Lions. Kelly has been a part of many civic organizations and been a volunteer with Children’s of Alabama Health System, American Diabetes Association, JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) and several churches feeding the hungry in Birmingham and around the world. www.thenightthatchangedourlives.com/
    Julie Castro is author of On Earth as It Is in Heaven, a Personal Allegory and owner of Fiesta Publishing. Co-founded by her mother over 20 years ago, Julie resurrected the company to publish her book. What she didn’t realize was the book and company was the catalyst for her call to ministry, a call she didn’t know existed until a few years ago. Julie still works in the marketplace, as the ministry continues to take shape. Her faithfulness with the small things has opened doors to minister at local churches, pray for the Body of Christ and serve other ministries. Obedient to God’s instructions, doors continue to open; she has written articles for magazines and been on many radio and podcasts, which has opened a door for her to host an upcoming local faith-based TV show. Being unconventional in her walk with Jesus, Julie does not limit how the Lord wants to use her and the messages she shares. She passionately pursues Jesus and her relentless fire for the Holy Word of God is leading her toward her destiny. http://fiestapublishing.com

  • Live Dharma Sunday-January 15, 2017

    in Spirituality

    Dharma Glimpse and Dharma Talk