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  • WTF? (Where's The Focus?) w/Kevin A. Phillips-Are you Memorializing your TBI?

    in Non-Profit

    Have you ever wondered how some people with a TBI have progressed in areas you have not? Are you tired of getting the same "S.H.I.T." over and over (S.omething H.orrible I. T.olerate). Join us tonight as we share some common results amongst the TBI community and how you can release the S.H.I.T. in your LIFE w/o suffering.

  • 5 Steps for Turning Your Social Media into a Lead Generating Machine

    in Business

    Why are you using social media for your business? Advertising.... Branding... Exposure... Because everyone tells you that you're supposed to… While these aren't necessarily bad answers (except that last one), they each come with some pretty noticeable weaknesses: Advertising can be a very expensive game to play. The effects of branding and exposure are often difficult to quantify.
    ATTRACT YOUR TRIBE Why do business owners get so excited about social media? Because billions of people are using it. HUNT THEM DOWN You should not be using social media as a soapbox for your brand. Rather than broadcasts, think of your posts as conversation starters.
    KEEP ATTRACTING YOUR TRIBE Once you've got that Facebook like or Twitter follow it's time to sell some product/service, right?
    KEEP SOLID ANALYTICS I really only have two things to say about keeping stats and analytics...
    DON'T DO IT ALL YOURSELF Social media is probably the biggest time vampire available on earth right now (besides maybe certain binge-able Netflix shows).
    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs

  • Adamus Saint-Germain live channeling! - May 2017

    in Spirituality

    Tune in to Shoud 9 of the Transhuman Series with Adamus Saint-Germain, live from the Crimson Circle Studio & Connection Center in Louisville, Colorado, home base for the Crimson Circle. Adamus is channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe with assistance from Linda Hoppe. After a bit of breathing and some music, Geoffrey and Linda bring in the energies of Adamas Saint-Germain for up to two hours of information, laughter, New Energy spirituality and intrigue. There's never a dull moment with Adamus and the live audience at the CC Studio. 
    You may also watch the live video webcast at www.crimsoncircle.com/Hub/Live-Webcast
    IMPORTANT NOTE: This information is probably not for you unless you take full responsibility for your life and creations.

  • Deni Bonet interview 5-6-2017

    in Music

    Deni Bonet is a pop/rock singer/songwriter and classically trained violinist who has recorded and performed with R.E.M., Sarah McLachlan, Cyndi Lauper, Scissor Sisters, and Warren Zevon among many others.
    Bright Shiny Objects, recorded with Grammy-winning engineer Robert L Smith, and Emmy-winning producer, Paul Bevan is due for release in January 2017 in the US, Canada and the BeNeLux on Zip Records, distributed by Sony-RED and PIAS/Rough Trade.  Deni has spent the past year and a half writing and recording with a Who’s Who of some of the best musicians on the planet – including Steve Gaboury (Cyndi Lauper), Liberty DeVitto (Billy Joel), Richard Barone (Bongos), Shawn Pelton (SNL), Will Lee (Letterman), Matt Beck (Matchbox Twenty), Steve Holley (Paul McCartney), Graham Maby (Joe Jackson), Ben Butler (Chris Botti), Mike Visceglia (Suzanne Vega), and the list goes on and on…

  • Filmamker Dee MCCullay

    in Entertainment

    Don McCauley/ Dee McCullay is a Canadian born film maker. While contemplating between funeral director and film production, he went to one of the film festivals in 2010, and after leaving the festival he decided on film production. He self taught techniques and editing, and began creating short films, while landing a part in Rodney Dwira's 10-57 (2010) as a SWAT team member. He then landed a part in Trevor Zurkan's Quiver (2010) - Uncredited Police Officer. Next he produced Thunder Bay Paranormal Society episodes 1 - 3 for SHAW TV (2011 - 2012.) Upon finishing the 3 episodes, he created Dark History (2012 to present) a paranormal series and has traveled into the US and has worked with a well known TV personality. He has also contributed VFX to Grant Johnson's Stick to Your Guns (2015.) He continues on in the paranormal field shooting Dark History episodes with his production company Thunderstryker Films. Current productions include Fallacious and Border Patrol.

  • Improve Your Mediumship Skills in 5 Easy Steps

    in Spirituality

    As a medium you are a vehicle that carries information, knowledge, clarity and wisdom from the spirit world.  Join us as we go over a few different ways that you, as a spiritual consultant, can improve your effectiveness in becoming well suited to assist those around you.

  • Tha Weekend Wrap - Surveying Tha SQUARED Circle

    in Sports

    Tha Weekend Wrap - Hosted by @wcsteelerfan and Brooklyn-based Jabron Clemon 
    Sunday evening: 6 - 7:30PM(PT)                                        Call-in. Listen/Comment: (718) 506 - 1506
    Join us weekly, as we discuss the week's action and preview upcoming bouts. We also discuss some of #boxing's most controversial subjects and personalities; "no 'sugar-coating' here.  We ask two things of our callers:1.Our line is open for CONSTRUCTIVE conversation, we respect DIFFERENCES of OPINION,but have little to NO TOLERANCE for arguements 2.RESPECT our guests and the SPORT; we will not TOLERATE any DISRESPECT to either.
    We're honored to add another new Former Heavyweight Champion, Chris'Rapid Fire' Byrd(41-5-1 22KOs) to our segment, 'Chillin' with Tha  CHAMPs! Chris will join Former Heavyweight Champion Lamon'Relentless' Brewster(35-6 30KOs), as our regular guest, every Sunday evening. The CHAMPs will discuss all aspects of #boxing, on both the professional and amatuer level. Lamon issues the "BRING UR BEST Challenge" to all states' #amatuer boxing programs, while Chris trains and serves as a consultant, on the West coast.
    "The Iceman", also returns to 'Tha Weekend Wrap' in 2017!  In November 2010, John "The Iceman" Scully was inducted into the fifth class of the Connecticut Boxing Hall of Fame at the Mohegan Sun Resort and Casino in Connecticut.
    Scully brings his sense of old school honesty and tenacity to Tha Weekend Wrap.  He's currently training young amatuers & pro prospects in the New England area & organizing #Amatuer Renions
    Thank you for listening. We APPRECIATE everyone's support!

  • Social Strengths and Challenges for the Type 3 Child

    in Parents

    Want more cooperation from your children? 
    A happier home with more harmony and deep connections?
    Understanding your child's true nature is the key. The Child Whisperer podcast, based on Carol Tuttle's best-selling book, 'The Child Whisperer' which teaches her 4 Energy Types profiling system, is the place to get the support and tools you need to take the frustration and confusion out of parenting.
    Want to ask Carol your parenting question? Send it to her or call in and ask her live on the air.
    Subscribe to this podcast at iTunes.com/caroltuttle. Please leave a review!

  • May 8 ~ Charlotte View: True Quantum Healing Course. Chris Kehler (Canada)

    in Spirituality

    Charlotte View presents the True Quantum Healing Course explained by the creator of this energy healing method, Chris Kehler (from Manitoba, Canada). If you are looking for an alternative way to treat your health problem and that of your clients or, if you are someone wanting answers about what is causing disruption in your life, then you must listen to this episode.
    Now you can learn Chris Kehler's proprietary method of Quantum Energy Healing with his 'True Quantum Healing Course.' This is the exact same chart and pendulum method Chris uses every day to help hundreds of people treat their health issues. Everything from simple viruses and bacterial infections, to the removal of curses and entities. It's all covered in this course. True Quantum Healing is designed to guide and teach you at your own pace. The course provides all of the tools necessary to perform healing sessions, including; - Charts used within my own practice - Triple Pyramid - Sun Ring to move out energies - Neutralization Ring - Pendulum - Human Body Book of Anatomy - My knowledge, experience, guidance and answers concerning Quantum Energy Healing
    Chris Kehler is one of our featured hosts that comes to Charlotte View to amaze our callers with his distant healing skills. Chris' unique system of dowsing is able to pinpoint the root problem causing the health issue within a relatively short period of time. Once Chris find the problem area and the cause, he uses Krystaline energy tools that he will explain during this episode and which are part of his course. Questions? Phone: (204) 255-0939 (ext 3) Email: ckehler100@shaw.ca

  • Rowdy Maglite Racing

    in Sports

    Talking ARCA Racing WeeklyRowdy Maglite Racing


    in Spirituality

    It’s an Evening With Me, come, ride the Winds of Change beyond the mundane into topics on metaphysics, shamanism and spiritual development designed to aid in your personal growth. Tonight’s topica are: THE UNIVERSE IS RESPONSIVE AND CO-CREATIVE and WEAVING ENERGY. We are living in a time of transition and raised awareness, senses are becoming heightened, destiny calls. This show is designed to assist you in your spiritual development. Feel free to visit our study center at www.spiritlodge.online for resources and personal services when you need them. Meanwhile, tune in, call in, join in…and don’t forget to stop into the live chat room to say hello.