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  • Meet Kelly Roach- 6 Strategy Secrets To Grow Your Bottom Line

    in Women

    elly Roach has helped hundreds of individuals rapidly grow their businesses and multiply their incomes.
    Kelly began her career as a Sales Professional for a Global Fortune 500 firm where she personally produced more than $30 million in sales in record time, catapulting her career and setting her up to achieve 7 promotions in 8 years.
    Million Dollar Business Building Techniques and Record-Breaking Growth in Any Economy
    Kelly’s passion is in teaching others the strategies and systems she used so that they can succeed, profit and grow their businesses at a record rate. Kelly quickly reached the top of her field, building a robust team, adding millions to the bottom line annually and growing a $50 million portfolio.
    Her proven record of accomplishment is important because, according to a study conducted by Chet Holmes International, 95% of all companies never make it to the million-dollar mark, 95% of those will never make it to the $5 million mark and, of those, 98% never make it to $10 million. Kelly is not only a proven expert in sustainable business growth, she is the natural choice for corporations and individuals who want to create lasting results and success.
    Kelly has consistently grown teams and divisions by 50-300% in profit year after year. Throughout the recent economic downturn, Kelly taught leaders to “innovate to outperform,” once again breaking records for productivity, profitability and growth.
    Kelly’s Dream is Helping You Achieve Yours
    “Through business mastery and becoming an Entrepreneur, we all have the power to design the destiny of our dreams.” — Kelly Roach

  • Rex Sikes' Movie Beat chats with filmmaker Ken Mora PT 2

    in Film

    Ken Mora,filmmaker, is best known for creating the computer-animated short films Magnum Farce: A Shot in the Park and Magnum Farce: Along Came a Sniper. Currently his production company BellaFe Films is producing the feature film Magnum Farce, with an expected 2013 release date. Ken is executive producer of Adventures In Plymptoons the official biographical documentary of animator Bill Plympton. Ken 1st established a career in Art Direction then E-Commerce, now filmmaking.  He completed his first feature-length screenplay in 2003 winning several script competition awards, got him an agent, then an option. So in 2004 he established Bella Fe Films.  Ken completed two more scripts by the time his first option expired. Magnum Farce, his second script, also won multiple awards. Ken adapted a short from his script, and by degrees built the infrastructure for self-production using the example of independent animator Bill Plympton. In 2009 Ken got the opportunity to executive-produce a documentary on Bill Plympton, now complete, but then in production by producer/director Alexia Anastasio. Ken then got the opportunity to meet Bill at the 2009 Annie Awards, and has since benefited by Bill's mentorship. For the feature-film production Bill came on board as advising producer, and currently Ken is putting together the nose-to-tail animatic, having just wrapped voice recordings for all characters with talent including Larry Hankin, Lisa K. Wyatt, Kyle Hebert, and fellow animators Bill Plympton and Jim Lujan. Ken is currently finishing the soundtrack which will ultimately be edited and mixed by Rick Partlow, whose sound work such shows as Fringe, Battlestar Galactica, Caprica, Eureka, has garnered him both Prime-Time Emmy and Golden Reel Awards. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

  • Soul and Body Healing Meditations with Lisa

    in Spirituality

    Lisa has been leading guided meditations for over thirty years. She has studied many modalities for enhancing peoples lives and health including; Usui Reiki; Qigong; Feng Shui; as well as visualization and meditation. She will use elements from many of these disciplines in her monthly radio show.

  • Rex Sikes' Movie Beat chats w Paul Provenza

    in Film

    PAUL PROVENZA PT 3 an accomplished comedian, classically trained actor & an innovative filmmaker has worked TV, movies, theater & stand-up comedy for more than 2 decades. Paul has gone back & forth between acting & standup comedy in every medium from TV to theater to film. He has been a guest on every major talk show from The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson to The Tonight Show starring Jay Leno, The Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Jimmy Kimmel Show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart & was a favorite on Live with Regis & Kathy Lee. He has written, produced, & starred in several comedy specials, including his own one-man show for Showtime, The Incredible Man-Boy. Paul wrote, produced, & starred in Comics Only, Pulp Comics & Lounge Lizards for Comedy Central Paul was a series regular on the NBC hit Empty Nest, & starred in his own ABC series, The Pursuit of Happiness, was a series regular on The Facts of Life. He co-starred with Keanu Reeves & Andy Griffith in the critically acclaimed CBS feature Under The Influence, receiving rave notices for his dramatic performance. He starred as ‘Doc Capra’ on CBS’s Northern Exposure, & as ‘Parker Meridian’ on the Showtime hit series, Beggars & Choosers. He had a recurring role asSenate aide ‘Steve Onorato’ on NBC's The West Wing. Paul co-produced & co-wrote a series of specials for the Sci-Fi Network, Fi-Sci with Penn Jillette - a comedy/reality show that examined the real science behind science fiction. Paul directed & co-produced (with Penn Jillette of Penn & Teller) the unique and controversial documentary The Aristocrats, featuring a virtual “Who’s Who” of comedy stars. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at http://www.rexsikes.com

  • Festival of Scorpio Full Moon Meditation 2014

    in Spirituality

    Join us for a live broadcast from New York of the Festival of Scorpio Full Moon Meditation.
    "Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant."
    Scorpio is the great constellation which influences the turning point both in the life of humanity as a whole and the life of the individual human being.  Every stage and every aspect of growth is subject to testing.  The disciple or world server is one who has succeeded in transcending emotional and mental limitations of the personality through service, which is cooperation with the light and love of the soul.  The unique quality of Scorpio energy helps individuals and humanity as a whole to test itself, and through trial and error to mature into planetary understanding and spiritual unfoldment.  Persistence, reliability and dependability in service to the greater whole are stimulated.
    Today humanity as a whole is involved in the three-fold process of personality testing.  We stand at a decisive moment of history when the human race can move forward as one to become humanity, the world disciple.  So we see the tests of the physical, emotional, and mental condition of human beings clearly working out in world affairs.  To emerge triumphant from this conflict, we will need to call upon all the spiritual resources available to us at crisis point.  Through suffering, through test and trial, we can emerge as the triumphant disciple, purified and strengthened in character, in the quality of our desire life and in the values we choose to accept as a standard of the good life for all people.  Self-indulgence, selfishness, personality likes and dislikes can give way to the love and tenacity of the soul nature.

  • Rex Sikes' Movie Beat chats with Collateral producer Julie Richardson Pt 3

    in Film

    Julie Richardson (PT 3) poducer and Managing Member of Imaginarium Entertainment Group. She is best known for finding, developing, and producing the box office sensation COLLATERAL, starring Tom Cruise and Jamie Fox, which received two Academy Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations and received the Critics Choice Award, along with twenty three other nationally or internationally sponsored honors. As of November 2008, Ms. Richardson is in post-production on the THE MIDNIGHT MAN for Dimension, the first in a 3 film horror franchise, and is producing the comedy pilot NICE GIRLS DON’T GET THE CORNER OFFICE for ABC, along with her partners at Brian Grazer and Ron Howard’s Imagine Television (24, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS). Ms. Richardson is also in negotiations with J2 Productions (BLONDE AMBITION) on her teen comedy COVER GIRL, fielding offers on her period cop drama HOLLOW-POINT, and out to directors on INSIDERS, a French comic which is a starring vehicle for Jessica Alba. Ms. Richardson’s strong relationships span the entire entertainment industry. She has worked or is working with such renowned filmmakers as Frank Darabont (GREEN MILE, SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION), Michael Mann (HEAT, MIAMI VICE), Peter Medak (RULING CLASS, ROMEO IS BLEEDING), and Randall Wallace (BRAVEHEART, WE WERE SOLDIERS), as well as best-selling authors John Farris and Dr. Lois Frankel. Having developed a vast slate of premiere film and television properties, Ms. Richardson sold A RHINESTONE ALIBI to Paramount. Her current development slate includes FACT CHECKER, with Natalie Marciano and Michelle Chydik’s 26 Films (STARTER FOR 10, THE WEDDING DATE), SNOW JOB, by John Robert Marlow. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast & crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, & more at http://www.rexsikes.com

  • Pure Presence: Aligning to Self with Suzy Miller

    in Spirituality

    LIVE Broadcast
    As we become the new humans, humanity is going through a process where we are continually being re-calibrated to the highest aspect of who we really are. Throughout the world, many are now being called to rediscover and reconnect with the potential and possibilities that have been hidden within them for so long. The time has come for a new community of humans who are not afraid to be and continue to become the fullest expression of themselves. If this resonates with you, join Suzy Miller every first and third Friday and participate in a free Pure Presence balance and integration experience. 
    Each show lasts one hour and provides information regarding new frequencies and levels of awareness, which are currently available to us, and an opportunity to integrate light frequencies in all systems of your body. Utilizing a guided experience comprising vocal toning, light language and the direction of your multidimensional self, Suzy will help you access and assist in the integration of your own multidimensional awareness. Following each show, Suzy will be available in the chat room for discussion. 
    Participating in these session will enable you to:
    * Experience your expanded reality gracefully, easily and consciously. * Explore yet unknown possibilities and potentials to support current individual and collective events. * Function as the collective, collaborative oneness that we truly are. * Align and Integrate to your fullest expression. * Interact with a community of people who are freely sharing their higher levels of awareness. * Connect with others experiencing expanded reality NOW.

  • Yoga Partout rencontre Gopinath Dass depuis l'Inde: (1ère et 2ème partie)

    in Health

    Cette émission web radio sera une retransmission en différé d'un cours que Gopinath Dass (Guy Tétreault) avait offert au Canada lors de son passage chez yogapourtous de Gaëlle Cosnuau.
    Pour de plus amples renseignements, puisque Gopinath Dass nous a demandé de reporter une rencontre en temps réel jusqu'à une date indéterminé, communiquez avec info@yogapartout.com
    Merci de votre compréhension.

    Si, toutefois, vous souahaitez prendre sa place, car vous désirez faire votre yoga "international" (vous demeurez à l'extérieur de l'Amérique du Nord), nous aimerions vous interviewer et apprendre à connaitre votre yoga.  Pour ce faire, communiquez avec nous à: cheminverslecoeur@yogapartout.com
    Et bonne écoute des autres émissions!

  • Rex Sikes Movie Beat chats w TV executive Jim McKairnes PT 3

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    Jim McKairnes PT 3 is 23-year veteran of the TV industry, 15 at CBS is currently, a producer and television consultant, and an adjunct college-instructor/guest-lecturer and author. He moved to  L.A. in 1989 to work in the TV-business as a programmer. There, Norman Lear led Jim to CBS President Jeff Sagansky who hired for the Scheduling department. McKairnes was part of the team that took the network from worst in the 90s to first in the 2000s under CBS President Leslie Moonves. He created and produced the prime-time series “CBS Moments,” he was instrumental in the development of several made-for-TV movies and network specials; and contributed to various promotional campaigns each season of his tenure. After 13 years as a Sr Vice-President at CBS, he was recruited by Discovery Communications in 2006 to head up that Maryland-based company’s 11 networks as its Executive VP of Scheduling. Later, he returned in L.A. to return to CBS, to serve as Senior VP in charge of developing new comedies for its cable division from 08 to 10.  He's published 2 books on the TV industry and serves as a consultant for various TV networks, speaks at colleges and holds an adjunct-faculty position at Chicago’s DePaul University teaching a self-created “TV 101” course. He mentors upcoming industry hopefuls; and he works with the Television Academy on its long-standing Archive project, interviewing key figures who contributed to the medium’s history. He also created a web series about television for TV.com; and, in 2013, served as executive-producer of a planned cable talk-show. Stay tuned to Rex Sikes Movie Beat for other great archived interviews, cast and crew listings, events, festivals, premieres, and more at rexsikes.com

  • (r)Evolution with HiC

    in Spirituality

    Join the (r)Evolution !
    Ready for something revolutionary? Ready to change, grow & evolve? (r)Evolution with HiC with offers interviews with (r)Evolutionary guests that can revolutionise how you think, how you live & what you do; methods & processes for bringing a bit of magic into your life; your monthly astrological update plus monthly tips for Living Well & being healthy in body, mind & spirit; & our popular call in segment offering on air readings. Change, grow, evolve & revolutionise your life & the world...join the (r)Evolution!

  • Suzanne Casamento-Founder Fantasy Dating, LLC

    in Women

    Suzanne created Fantasy Dating, a dating game that empowers singles to take chances, build confidence and find love. 
    A few summers ago, after listening to he girlfriends complain "I'm never going to meet anyone." and "All the good guys are taken" she challenged them to think outside the box and date a different way She had come up with a game in which they'd compete to earn points by exchanging numbers receiving texts, calls and going on dates. The competition transformed them from shy and whiny women to outgoing flirts, That summe they dared to flirt with guys at the market the beach, the gym and everywhere else they went, in just 10 weeks, they went on more dates than they had in the previous two years.
    Their success inspired Suzanne to create a website so singles around the world could also dare to date. Fantasydatinggame.com gives singles an alternative to scrolling endless online dating profiles by challenging them to play the field in real life. Like other Fantasy Sports, players create leagues set stakes and compete to earn points./ But when they Fantasy Date they earn points by dating.
    A little about Suzanne: Growing up in a small New Jersey town (complete with horse farms and cornfields) gave Suzanne Casamento plenty of time to make up stories. She earned her BFA in Creative Writing from Emerson College in Boston. Her stories and articles have been published in Seventeen, Teen and All About You. FINGERPRINTS, her YA novel, is loosely based on a story that appeared in Seventeen. Both stories are a lot like her 16th summer in New Jersey, when suddenly things weren’t so boring anymore. Suzanne currently lives in Los Angeles.

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