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  • Optimize My Life

    in Family

    Everyone wants to live a Fruitful Life!  The Secret? Help others do it!  The Show will consist of Interviews and Panel discussions of people who are doing just that, "Paying Hope Forward!"
    The show is sponsored by The Hope Collection, a 501c3!

  • Speak the WORD with Prophetess Jacqueline L. Price

    in Christianity

    Welcome to Speak the WORD Broadcast.  Today's Teaching:
    This woman of God shares the word with simplicity, to enrich the believer’s spiritual walk, embrace the backslider, and bring a God consciousness to the unbeliever.  In doing so listeners look beyond where life circumstances may have them; being encouraged to release their faith to know all things are possible to those who put their trust in Jesus Christ.
    She would love to pray with you just call in during the broadcast at (347) 637-2820.  You can also go online to leave your prayer request - www.jlpministry.org, or write us - JLP Ministries, P.O. Box 56, Lancaster, TX 75146.
     Remember to LIKE US on FACEBOOK at facebook.com\jlpministries and on twitter at twitter.com\jlpministry. 
    Thank you for listening.

  • Soul Love, Relationships, Money and Challenges to Succeed

    in Spirituality

    Today Mary and Janice are sharing our new soul love, relationship and money series for 2014.  It is time to be who we really are on the soul level and share this in every relationship.  Today's topic is "What if you feel challenged to succeed?"  Our topics are very personal and touch on things that either we both or one of us have felt recently.  Each week we have special guests and/or take callers and answer questions.  It is all about our spiritual growth/soul level and the signs and guidance that we receive and how to recognize them. If you have suggestions, comments or questions feel free to contact Janice at janicepatricehart@gmail.com or Mary at MaryAnswersNow @ gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.
    Notice:  We are now on Stitcher!  You can now listen to us from your mobile device on Stitcher!  We look forward to meeting you there!
    We are very pleased to introduce our new lower priced line of  Ambassador of Peace as well as other energized Peace and Love Products at The_Peace_Zone
    Thank you so much, we appreciate each and every one of you!
    Many Blessings,

  • Wisdom Wealth & Riches with Jacqui WWRJ #BlogTalkRadio

    in Religion

    Wisdom Wealth & Riches with Jacqui (WWRJ #BlogTalkRadio) combines kingdom wisdom with marketplace strategies to expand and broaden your mindset for spiritual, personal, professional and business success to seamlessly integrate spirituality with the reality of the marketplace.
    www.tsgm.org . www.themeplace.org . ohbreakout.org . showersblessings.wordpress.com

  • Assignment America

    in Current Events

    Assignment tells the stories of America, from history, military, politics, social and economic, to entertainment - the things you never thought about to the trivia you never knew.  


    in Christianity


  • A Mid Day Sexy Show

    in Romance

    Come indulge in some of your favorite erotic poetry as well as live book readings as you....Put your feet up and relax with some of the smoothest sounds from today and yesterday....

  • Developing and Maintaining A Yoga Practice with Teresa Porter

    in Entertainment

    Paid Actor welcomes massage therapist and yoga instructor, Teresa Porter. Teresa will discuss her new online program and how developing and maintaining a yoga practice can help actors stay fit and healthy.
    Teresa Porter is the founder and instructor of Sirrine Yoga, an online yoga video series. She created easy, short online yoga videos for every lifestyle, and every level.  Teresa received her Iyengar and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certification in 2004. Teresa is also a certified pilates instructor and a licensed and practicing massage therapist in Arizona.

  • I'm Just Saying Live

    in Comedy

    Will, Brian, Michael and Kelley talk about current events with a comedic twist. Sometimes we even crack on each other but it's all in love. Our goal is to provide laughter to those who need it. We believe that it is still the best medicine!
    I'm Just Saying Live
    Monday & Friday
    Website: www.imjustsayinglive.wordpress.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/imjustsayinglive
    Youtube: www.youtube.com/imjustsayinglive

  • Ready for the Horror-days? Effective holiday communication

    in Lifestyle

    It is possible to communicate effectively through tough holiday times without sounding like Scrooge. Find out how today with the 'Affirmation Agent', Theresa Caldwell, who is also a Certified Life Transition Coach and Certified Listening Professional with 30 years of communications and public service experience to support us in seeing the power we already possess, and how that power can get us through our most challenging experiences. We usually have what we need to live the life we want. However, often we just need someone to show it to us in a way that we can see, and affirm that what we see is real. Join us and let's get real, today!

  • I Will not Be Intimidated, I Must Cross

    in Christianity

    We are in a day, that we can Not be intimidated by the bullying tactics of the devil, but we must cross over to the other side of the situation, through the blood of Jesus to obtain our inheritance and walk in our divine purpose for the Glory of God!

  • Karma & Soul Mates

    in Motivation

    Join Dr Pam Denton on her show Heart and Soul Messages as she talks about the concept of soul mates. You will learn important concepts for soul love and partnership that will help you find love, repair love and strengthen love. And most importantly you will be guided to find peace in your soul’s quest to be in relationship.
    In this weeks show we will be focusing on Karma, challenges and the darkness of relationships.  If you are challenged by relationship this show will help you unravel the mystery to your misery.
    Dr Pam’s special guest Heidi Smith is a “Design Coach” who specializes in soul love. Heidi is the founder of her business Awakened Environments and practices the interior design concept called Vastu as well as serves as a spiritual guide for loving partnerships.  In the past few years Heidi’s own relationship challenges and have called her forward through the meditations of Mother Mary to seek inner guidance and fulfillment around the concept of soul mates, soul love and relationships.  And in the show Heidi will be revealing her story to help you discover your own inner truth about soul love.
    In our 4 Part interview and discussion we will be talking about the concept of karma and soul mates and sharing information on how to navigate the waters of relationships and love.  The tools we will be discussing include listening to inner guidance, personal growth lessons, clearing karma and past lives, and divine timing.

  • Being a Bi-cultural Mother in a Diverse Culture

    in Books

    Meet the Illustrator of Children Are Like Cupcakes 1st Edition, Mrs.Nana Aba Guerra! I am pleased to announce my guest, Nana Aba Guerra who is also Ghanaian and was raised Bi-Cultural.  At home, she was Ghanaian and at school, American. Nana Aba Guerra was a teacher by trade but is now a public speaker and runs her own successful business.  She is married with two bi-racial children as a bi-cultural mother.  I am looking forward to talking to Nana Aba about how this wonderful book can help decrease bullying in children and raise positive self-esteem in children. Even more closely, how it felt being raised in two cultures and her plans on raising her children who are already children of two different racial backgrounds! Tune in at 12:00pm Monday, October 27th.

  • Stella Peterson, PR guru, shares her life lessons

    in Lifestyle

    Stella Peterson, popular public relations expert, shares her life lessons.
    This show is presented by AAA to their 53 million members. Visit www.shop.transformedtraveler.com to buy travel journals at 50% off retail. 

  • The School of Greatness: Adam Grant

    in Radio


  • The Economy

    in Business

    The New Economic Roundtable and Inside the Market radio show premier on Monday, April 7th and every Monday from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm (EST). To learn more please visit us at http://theeconomy.tv/Breaking_Market_News.html. The Economic Roundtable is brought to by SEDI. www.theeconomy.tv. 
    Anthony Weeks & Company will be hosting the new Economic Roundtable along with a dynamic team of co-hosts Abbelle Bakre and Hubert Frederick, contributors, experts and guests on a weekly basis, discussing very important and critical socio-economic issues that are affecting you.

  • Le Voyage de la Devineresse

    in Spirituality

    Chers amis de l'émission, nous vous encourageant vivement à nous rejoindre en direct pour poser vos questions, soumettre vos commentaires et témoigner de vos expériences, en composant le numéro de téléphone que vous voyez ci-dessus. Vous pouvez également intervenir par écrit dans la chat room de notre réseau social, www.ascension.net (après vous êtes inscrit).
    Dans cet épisode, après avoir discuté le ton du jour du Calendrier d'Unité et la prédiction de la semaine, Marc, Barbara et Diane partagent des extraits du Voyage de la Devineresse, chef-d'oeuvre de la littérature mystique et premier livre d'Almine à être publié en français.
    Largement reconnue comme la mystique la plus profonde de notre époque, Almine aborde sous un jour entièrement nouveau les sujets tels que les prophéties concernant 2012, l'Ascension de la Terre et de l'humanité, le rôle de la Déesse et de la magie blanche, et de nombreux autres sujets métaphysiques tels que les mondes invisibles des anges, des fées, des dragons, etc., et explique comment les changements dans les lois cosmiques ont renforcé l'efficacité des méthodes de guérison. Le but ultime d'Almine consiste à nous offrir la possibilité d'accéder à la vie dans l'Unité, au-delà des opposés du monde de la dualité.

  • Relationships Matter

    in Parents

    Whether it's your child, spouse, your co-worker or the person behind the counter at the dry cleaners, how you interact with others is what makes up the fabric of your day. Coping, cajoling, conceding or just standing your ground could all be invoked over the course of an hour. How you respond can either make or break your day. On Relationships Matter, we will peel the onion, helping you to understand your interactions with others so that you can create meaningful communications with the people in your life.  Join Dr. Annie Abram and expert guests for a deeper understanding of your relationships, how to make them better and most importantly how to make them matter.

  • Guest: Nance L. Schick, Founder, The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick

    in Business

    Nance L. Schick, Founder, The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick
    The Law Studio of Nance L. Schick helps businesses that struggle with conflicts among their clients or customers, employees, managers, owners, and vendors. I help them resolve immediate conflicts and build skills to address future ones.
    Nance L. Schick, Founder, The Studio of Nance L. Schick, is a litigator, mediator and conflict resolution coach based in New York City, where she has been in private practice for 11 years. Her clients include high-risk entities in building trades, entertainment, and funeral services. She is also creator of the Third Ear Conflict Resolution program, which is being adapted to an app, an audio program, a book, and workbooks. Her goal is to improve the delivery of legal services using technology and multimedia. www.linkedin.com/in/nschicklaw

  • the mu-ji-man codes (when will i die)a weekly break down of the mujiman codes

    in Health

    join me daniel adams the author of the mu-ji-man codes each monday on blog talk radio  to discuss the mu-ji-man codes and to cover issues like when will i die questions,visit my website www.themujimancodes.com to learn more before the show,check out my blogg posts and leave me some comments,you can also live chat with me...death is no accident so lets join the conversation and take the mystery out of death because its all written in our birth date.

  • Ask MomRN Show

    in Family

    Whether you are a brand new parent or have teenagers leaving the nest in a few short years, MomRN has advice, support, and encouragement to help you on your journey through parenthood. Her expertise has helped thousands of parents as they strive to be the best parents they can be. Join MomRN and her expert guests each week for practical advice for raising a happy, healthy family.

  • Uplift!

    in Spirituality

    Uplift! 1-2 p.m. Uncover and add more joy to your life! Writer, coach and Joyful Living Expert, Jaime inspires and empowers others to increase the joy in their lives! She is eager to share the tools, techniques and daily practices she uses to cultivate joy in her life and will help you raise your consciousness, release limiting beliefs and learn how to live joyfully!  Call in 646-378-0378. www.bodymindspiritradio.com

  • Selling in a Skirt with Success, Wisdom & Life Balance

    in Women

    Selling in a Skirt with Judy Hoberman with her guest Jennifer Martin & Janelle Alex
    Jennifer Martin’s work as a Zest Business Consultant, an EMyth Certified Business Coach, and Professional Speaker draws on her 25+ years of business experience helping organizations large and small make millions of dollars. She’s had solid history of success working with large companies in many different industries (Clear Channel Communications, Union Pacific Railroad, 7-Eleven Stores, CompUSA, etc.) as well as solopreneurs and small to medium sized businesses. She has owned and operated several businesses including a retail store, a restaurant and catering business, a publishing company, and a real estate investment and property management firm. So in addition to her big business experience, she knows first hand the joys, challenges, and stresses of operating a small business. 
    Janelle has had a deep devotion to empower women most of her life.  In her early entrepreneurial years, she supported, taught and guided young women/girls toward becoming strong, powerful, compassionate, playful and confident women through dance.  She also inspired the handful of young men that she taught too.  In fact, in the mid-1990s Janelle was listed in the Who's Who of Women's Small Business Owners.  She is adamant that both our women and men need to be empowered and educated to support one another, their global brothers and sisters, animals, nature and the planet.
    Yet, believe it or not she was terribly shy as a child.  She first began taking dance lessons at just 3-years-old and that certainly helped increase her confidence.  But, it wasn't until the year that she became an assistant dance/tumbling teacher and earned a spot on the cheerleading squad in school that she began to come out of her fear of public speaking.  She was just 13-years-old.

  • Mentoring Monday presented by 4wordwomen.org

    in Lifestyle

    Start your Monday off with a motivational blast through Mentoring Monday brought to you by 4wordwomen.org.
    Hosted by best selling author Rick Tocquigny, you will thrive on the advice of these successful women.
    Sponsored by America's favorite inspirational greeting cards, Gracefully Yours. Visit www.shop.gracefully-yours.com for specials.

  • Mindshifter's Radio with Host Dr. Michael and Jeanie Ryce

    in Spirituality

    The Forgiveness Dr,, dr. michael and jeanie ryce are the founder and director of HeartLand, a self-healing center in the Ozark mountains. He is a world renowned lecturer and teacher on health and healing, with doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine and in Holistic Philosophy. The focus of his studies has combined bodymind principles, physics and ancient Aramaic studies into a unique body of pioneering work in the fields of self-healing, healing through relationships, anger and grief resolution, world peace and the inner process of Forgiveness. For more information visit www.whyagain.com

  • Robert Thompson's Thought Grenades

    in Business

    Henry S. Miller, author of The Serious Pursuit of Happiness joins Robert Thompson and Mike Neiss to offer his recipe for everything you need to know to flourish and thrive. Henry also is a former colleague from our days with The Tom Peters Company, so we look forward to catching up with him on that front as well.
    Practical, simple and effective ideas on how you can make a positive difference for yourself, your organization and the world. Oh, and we have fun too! Listen live on Mondays at 10 a.m Pacific, or subscribe on iTunes and listen when convenient.

  • Techniques For Networking Success

    in Business

    Tony Stastny joins us today to talk about networking. This is one of the most valuable activities in business and there really is a right way to do it. Tony is Founder and President of The Next Level Workshop and Area Director of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organization. 
    Tony is recognized for his ability of bringing people together to create a sense of community. His highly energetic and enthusiastic motivational style assures he effectively teaches business owners how to grow their network, reach beyond their comfort, stay focused on goals, & achieve greatness! 
    Tony Stastny, also known as the “Man connected to everyone,” has been instrumental in establishing more than two dozen chapters of BNI in the northeastern & eastern OH region which has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in referrals for his nearly 400 local members. In 2013, Tony earned the BNI Director Of The Year award for the State of Ohio.
    Today’s show is sponsored by Audible.com and Clarity of Course Sales Training Program. Audible.com is a leading provider of spoken audio entertainment and information. Listen to audiobooks whenever and wherever you want. Get a free book when you sign up for a 30-day free trial at audibletrial.com/businessgrowth.
    The Clarity of Course sales training program provides small business owners and sales professionals a step by step process for establishing a sales plan you’ll be sure to follow. Visit clarityofcourse.com to learn more and download.

  • The Net Live 10/27/14

    in Sports

    Barnett & DJ Roueche back in the Home Court as the Women's College Volleyball season continues to roll on.

  • Frissito (Refreshment)

    in Spirituality

    Oktoberi Tema: Hamarosan
    Hangolodjatok rank, es frissuljetek fel az Awakening Zone WebRadio magyar nyelvu adasaban! Havi temank az elmult honap Crimson Circle esemenyeirol beszamolo: Ahmyo elvonulas es a szloveniai Tudatossag Megnyitasa hetvege.
    Amennyiben a BlogTalkRadio-n hallgatnak, szeretettel meghivjuk az Awakening Zone-ra (link), ahol chat-et es tobb hasonlo radioadast talal.
    Musorvezetok: Thomazy Timea és Gulyas Robert
    Idopont: 2014. oktober 27. KEDD 19:00 ora.
    Vendeg: betelefonalo hallgatok (skype: azfrissito)
    Ajánló: Havi rendszeressegu, magyar nyelvu Radio Show mindenki szamara, aki szeretne egy uj es masmilyen Radiot hallani az Uj Energia perspektivajabol.
    Termeszetesen a radioba be is lehet telefonalni es kerdeseket is lehet feltenni az epp aktualis temaval kapcsolatban, vagy akar a radioadas kozben mukodo chat-szobaban is kerdezhet barki. ____________ Short English description: It is a hungarian monthly radio show presenting from the New Energy Perspective.
    Hosted by Timea Thomazy & Robert Gulyas, every last Tuesday of the month @ 7pm Hungarian Time; 12pm (Central USA GMT-6:00)
    Language: Hungarian
    Music (license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US): Soon.

  • From Idea to Invention: Pediatrician by Day - Inventor Entrepreneur 24/7 (2of2)

    in Entrepreneur

    Continue with my guest Dr. Lloyd Charles as he finishes his experiences, and tells you how, and why, he takes multiple ideas from invention to actual consumer products. This is part 2 of a 2-part program. Part 1 aired 09/22/2014

  • 10-27-14 IMP. ECONOMIC UPDATE: via Michael Fratantoni, MBA's Chief Economist

    in Finance

     On today's broadcast, we have as our special guest Michael Fratantoni, the MBA's Chief Economist.  Michael will be sharing with our listening audience MBA’s analysis of current economic, housing market, and mortgage market trends, including a focus on lender profitability and other business metrics, along with the latest forecast for the industry. In this broadcast, you the opportunity to understand the various forces impacting the market and what they might mean as you develop your business strategy for 2015 and beyond. There are some real surprises in Michael's forecast, so this will be a broadcast you won't want to miss!   
    Created BY mortgage professional FOR mortgage professionals, Lykken on Lending is a weekly 60-minute radio program hosted by mortgage veteran, David Lykken. Joining the program each week is Joe Farr with a MARKET UPDATE, Alice Alvey providing a LEGISLATIVE UPDATE, Paul Muolo of IMFnews.com giving a quick MTG NEWS HEADLINES update, Andy Schell (a/k/a "The Profit Doctor") providing tips on FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT and Tony Garritano providing a TECHNOLOGY UPDATE.  This is followed by the HOT TOPIC segment, which is an in depth discussion about one of the hottest topics related to the mortgage industry. 

  • The Neil Baker Psychic Hour

    in Spirituality

    World renowned psychic Neil Baker and host Kristin are featured on this hour long show which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon.  This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience.  Neil is your guide and teacher as he establishes a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect with Neil for one on one readings.  Listener line: 914.338.0164.  For an in-depth, personal reading, please call Neil at 562.596.7818.

  • Lakota Heart -N- Soul

    in Spirituality

    The topics of this show are based on Lakota Star Knowledge and may include viewing current events from the Ancient Lakota perspective. This show's objective is perpetuate peace among all people, as the foundation of all universes is based on "Mitakuye Oyas'in". The Lakota Star Knowledge definition of "Mitakuye Oyas'in" is that before you can be at peace with all the relatives throughout all universes, you must first have peace among all the relatives within your own inner universe. The mind, body, soul and emotions are all connected to each other. When you do your best in nurturing these four parts, you will establish peace within yourself. Only then are you able to be at peace with all creation around you.
    MaLakota Website: http://www.malakota.com
    Lakota Spirituality Seminars: http://www.malakota.com/online_seminar.html
    Lakota Online School: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakota_school.html
    Lakota Language: http://www.malakota.com/en_lakotabk.html

  • Full Time Mom!

    in Science

    1 pm Eastern, Noon Central: "Full Time Mom!" host Francielle Daly
    Join Francielle Daly, airing from Chicago, every "Mommy Monday" for tips, tricks, strategies, and discussion about the joys and challenges of being a Full Time Mom!

  • The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Entertainment

    The Dr. Pat Show: Illuminating the Mysteries of Existence with NASA Engineer Turned Author David Gaggin. David Gaggin explains a comprehensive yet remarkably simple set of philosophies that answer fundamental questions surrounding humanity, the meaning of life, and the mysteries of existence. Find inspiration in the wisdom his extensive research revealed.
    The Laura Longley Show ~ Where authentic change takes flight! ~ Letting Go Of Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop: Learning to trust and have faith that WHATEVER happens is for your highest good and all is well


    in Education

    Join Inspired Life Founder, Tyra Lane-Kingsland, as she invites you on the journey to living life more abundantly by obeying God, embracing the now moment and honoring your temple.  The totality of wellness; spirit, mind and body, leading to the fullness of life is my desire for you.  Reduce your stress and live fully.

  • Bert Martinez speaks with Chris Haddon, Dr. Joel Fuhrman and guests

    in Business

    Chris Haddon entrepreneur based in the Washington, DC Metro area operating both offline and online business. Hard Money Bankers, LLC is a commercial lending company he founded in 2007 and quickly grew to 25mm in loan volume and 7 figure revenues. This launch required him to 1) raise 25mm in investor capital when he was in his 20s AND become an expert in web marketing to so quickly disrupt a market previously dominated by old school "mom and pop" operations. His passion for internet business led Chris and his partner to build and launch their web startup, REI360.net, a tools and training membership site for real estate investors
    Robert W. Pearce
    John Rutkowski 28 years as the CEO of BOLDER Designs Inc, constantly staying up with the changes in business technology. Our clients have grown from 5-10 person staff to well over 200. Also we are listed on the2014 MSP Mentor Small Business 100 MSP, ranked #80
    Dr. Joel Fuhrman specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Dr. Fuhrman is an internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television shows including The Dr. Oz Show, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and Live with Kelly. Dr. Fuhrman’s own hugely successful PBS television shows, 3 Steps to Incredible Health! and Dr. Fuhrman’s Immunity Solution! bring nutritional science to homes all across America

  • The House Of Ephraim Show

    in Spirituality

    This show is dedicated to finding and educating Ephraim. Who is Ephraim but the ten lost tribes as described in the Tanach. The question you must answer is: Are you Ephraim? Join us as we speak with Prophet Tom Deckard as he gives us key information about Ephraim today.

  • Voices of South Africa with Giovanni and Shane

    in Politics Conservative

    My name is Giovanni Reho.
    I was born and raised in SA on a farm near Rustenburg. We had I huge estate that employed a lot of workers. As a young boy I grew up with the children of the people that we employed for many years. We lodged them, fed them, paid them wages and never looked down on them because they were black and poor. We had an awesome relationship with the blacks that worked for us.
    I never had the opportunity to finish school which I finished very young at the age of 12-13 years old.
    I started my military service when I turned 17 on the dot which was very young in my opinion but I did not really have a choice at the time. I did ALOT for my country and its people....I loved SA so much that I decided to start a Anti - Poaching unit in the 1995 and trained hundreds of candidates not only in SA but also in other places.
    I decided to leave SA when I understood that the writing is on the wall already and that there is no more going back to the SA I once loved and knew. I left in 1997 and it was by far the hardest action I have taken in my life._____________________________________________________________________________________
    Shane Jansens van Rensburg - Author of the following books: Amidst the chaos: Sometimes words come to the rescue
    A Survival Guide to the "New South Africa: Time to Start Preparing Corruption kills: Satan Mshlope is coming for you (The Shane files)
    I am a South African blogger and writer; I focus largely on what is going on in South Africa at the moment and am very direct and straight forward! The ruling party does not care for me as I call them out on all their corruption and illegal doings!
    I was born in South Africa and served in its military under the previous dispensation. I am Passionate about my country and all the wonderful people that make it the amazing place that it is. I feel it is my sworn duty to take on those that would destroy my homeland.

  • Positively Empowered Radio

    in Self Help

    Want to live a more successful and happy life, your way, authentic to you?  Click here to get your FREE 5-Day E-Course and be on your way today!
    Join your host, Victor Schueller, as he discusses ways to find personal empowerment and how to deal with difficult people, both in life and at work.
    Victor will invite a variety of expert guests to share their unique insights on how to live a happier, more fulfilled, and more empowered life.  You never know who may appear each week!
    It's time for better relationships in life and at work here on Positively Empowered Radio!

  • Bonnie Albers On Air: with Guests

    in Spirituality

    Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT.
    Both Bonnie and Guest talk about Past Lives, Karmic Ties, Psychic gifts and ALL that metaphysics has to offer.
    To get ahold of Bonnie on facebook, go to Bonnie Mozenter Albers, or contact her at her email: balbers714@aol.com

  • My Gospel Soul Central with Pastor J.

    in Christianity

    Breaking the Yoke of Bondage Through the Love and Peace of God
     Welcome to My Gospel Soul Central
    Website: mygospelsoulcentral.yolasite.com
    Community, Network, Life, Faith Connecting and Sharing   Passion, Awareness, Art, Music, Love, Stories #jmademag #mygospelsoul 
    At My Gospel Soul Central we are Pursuing God. We are pursuing the Peace of God. We are Currently a home based ministry. We are training up strong Saints of God that will Love the way God teaches to Love through the Power of the Word of God. We want to challenge others in the Body of Christ to stand and Decree and Declare the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Highways and Byways. We believe God that Souls will be saved and that The Saints of God will begin to Stand without fear, knowing that God is with them. It is no time for Compromising with the World. We must impact the World and not let the World impact the body of Christ. We are using this website to provide an online gateway to every outlet Pastor J uses to share the Word of God. Messages of Healing and Deliverance are shared. Testimonies of Empowerment, Breakthroughs, and God’s Divine Power are shared for the entire world to bare witness of his excellent greatness.


    in Politics

    It is time to be worried when mainstream commentators like Thom Hartmann and highly respected economists like Ellen Brown tell us that we are on track to experience an economic crisis that will make the Great Depression look like a mild hiccup.  Brown, the author of Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution and founder of the Public Banking Institute, has even written about the likelihood of martial law in the US as a result of the collapse of the economic system. In this episode, we discuss why the economy is at risk and what we can do to protect ourselves from the collapse of the current archaic and unfair system of bankster control of the money supply through the power to issue fiat currency with which it buys the loyalty of our representatives in government. This show will be rebroadcast on November at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network. Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to explain the true costs of corporate control of the US government.

  • Military Monday with John D. Gresham

    in Military

    Join military historian, author and journalist John D. Gresham for Military Monday at 1 p.m. Eastern.

  • The Truth Police Live With Andy Peacher And Author Timothy Spearman

    in News

    The Truth Police Live
    Mondays at 12pm eastern and 5pm in the uk with hosts
    Andy Peacher in Grimsby and Timothy Spearman in Toronto.
    We aim to find and shame the corrupt people in this world.
    If you see a news story that you think is valid on a page,website,
    then please dont hessitate to post it on our Face book wall.
    We are the truth police 
    Inspector Spearman and Sargent Peacher,
    our mission is to find the truth about the corrupt
    people who run this world, from the corrupt governments, to the slimey
    bankers, from the UK to the end of the earth. If you are fed up of this oppressive world we live in, then please join
    the movement, your support spurs Us on and gives us all hope for
    humanity! Any corrupt behaviour you see on the part of the authorities
    or multinational companies, please post it here so the whole world can
    be aware of their lack of judgement!!!!

  • CSI ~ The Book of Jubilee's

    in Religion

    As we continue to look into the reason to why they deleted this book from the Bible. Let us examaine the content that was left to us from our forefathers

  • John Carver Show

    in Self Help

    A STRONG AND SUCCESSFUL LIFE NEEDS A SOLID FOUNDATION! Whether you are just beginning to lay your foundation in life or you've already built your life but need to shore up some weak spots these broadcasts are designed with YOU in mind! Don't give up on yourself! So many people have gone through struggles and wish they had someone to stand alongside them and give them that little nudge they need to keep going. I want to be that ONE for YOU!
    Have you ever needed a little encouragement? I am leveraging more than twenty five years to LIFT YOU UP to a position of HOPE and COURAGE!! You have more potential inside you than you realize! You were born for GREATNESS!
    Let me help you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE into one of EXPECTATION and PURPOSE!
    John W. Carver, LUTCF P.O. Box 39 Manchester MD 21102 443-900-5070 - Office 410-905-8336 - Direct Line johncarver@wildblue.net - Email www.johnwcarver.com www.abc2news.com/dpp/news/region/carroll_county/julianas-journey - On the News!
    "I'm not a giver upper!" Juliana Carver (October 4, 2013)

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