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  • On the couch with the Mortgage Therapist

    in Business

    Dave Clifton, "The Mortgage Therapist", has been a mortgage loan officer for the past 12 years. He has dedicated his work to helping those who don't believe they can own a home. He has focused on working with current homeowners helping them access their home equity to develop wealth. He has a weekly radio show "On The Couch with the Mortgage Therapist" that offers valuable information to the public. He discusses programs available. He has industry specific guests that assist with everything from credit repair to first-time homebuyers to investment property. Davian has created the "1,000 New First-Time Homebuyers Movement". He has dedicated himself to assisting 1,000 first-time homebuyers with purchasing their first home. He will work with them from start to finish. read more

  • Psychic Radio Readings by Rev James

    in Spirituality

    Rev. James is Moving; to USC Productions Radio Station www.uscradioproductions.com  Book mark this address !!!
    Please press follow at the top of this show and I will add you to my show schedule notification at USC Radio Productions.
    1.)Time of the show: 6:00 - 8:00 PM Pacific  Tuesdays
    2.) Call In Number: 480.389.1399
    3.) Link to USC Station: www.uscradioproductions.com
    4.) Link to Chat Room: http://www.uscradioproductions.com/radio-shows-with-chat.html
    More great free readings, healings, and activations- Longer shows, Live video chat room.

  • Power Points of Prayer

    in Lifestyle

    For the best of the best in Prayer Teaching listen daily at 5:30!  Call a friend.  Share a miracle.

  • TS - []

    in The Bible

    This is Topical Study
    Some Topics that Christians and Non-Christians want more knowledge of, need to overcome and or looking to grow deeper convictions in. 

  • When will you elect a President like me - please - it's 4 our own good & world

    in Elections

    Wherever you are, either within or outside the political spectrum, you should have doubts, disappointments and the desire to correct the mess which is our political government and its politically appointed officials & elected representatives. I am neither of those nor ever intend to be one. I wish to serve our country and you as President. Please excuse such a big statement. I know it's important statement. It's almost audacious, almost preposterous, except for you and me, if only, you can weather my broadcasts on Blog Talk Radio - not for a moment compromising your views, but expanding on what is better. Although not bigger than conventional radio, Blog Talk Radio is the only medium open to me for a presently unknown and presently insignificant person. But, imagine, for this moment and more to come, Clinton vs. Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election: a person of the people ( not of a party ) VERSUS politics, PACs, political influence, political contributions, campaign banners, buttons and tv ads. 
    I am for everything better and good. I present myself without the aid of campaign financing or political endorsements. I come to you, as in the old days, by word of mouth and the ride by light of Paul Revere. 
    I am capable of this feat. The same may be said of you.
    I am thankful for your time and consideration...
    I am thankful for our country..
    ( c2it ) 
    i am Curtis Clinton, Curt Clinton & c2 

  • Jack Watts Live

    in Politics

    Jack Watts Live is a power packed half hour, aimed at analyzing current events from a Conservative Christian position.


    in Current Events

    This segment is waiting for a new host ; are you the one ?
    Freedomizer Radio Call in and join us - 347.324.3704 Support our network by joining our live chat and listen at  FreedomizerRadio.com

  • Quick Hits with Amiri and Emily

    in Sports

    Join Amiri Tulloch (also known as JG Sports Talk and one of THE original TSCRN members), and Emily Gruver (also known as Emily 3000), two of the bright young sports talk radio talents around, as they go around the sports world in quick, intuitve spurts. Armed with the knowledge that they have, these two young minds will make all sports fans (Young and Old alike), feel like they are on top of the sports scene like no other.

  • Consider This… Ayahuasca from A to Z with Shaman, Benjamin Bernstein

    in Spirituality

    Welcome! Our returning guest, Benjamin Bernstein, was called to be a Shamanic Healer by Ayahuasca, the living spirit of a sacred and powerful Amazonian plant medicine. Join a fascinating, cutting-edge discussion on "deep-immersion" ceremonial work of this transmutational tea that radically accelerated Benjamin's healing and awakening process. He's taken Ayahuasca 70+ times, from Peruvian jungles... to home in the USA. Explore spiritual astrological dimensions at: http://astroshaman.com 
    Mondays ~ 6pm The Rev. Drs. Linda Marie Nelson and Nancy Ash offer spiritual evolutionary dialog from the heart uniting our world in Oneness honoring ALL perspectives in sacred traditions. Enjoy timely discussion with world-renowned luminaries co-hosted by veteran, contemporary, trans-denominational ministers, Rev. Dr. Linda Marie and Rev. Dr. Nancy. Raise your vibration with Doing a 360 Meditations and beautiful music to re-calibrate consciousness. Since 2010, Consider This programs have inspired and motivated learning -- opening your heart to the multiple ways that integral minds are dedicated to transform our world. Heartfelt Blessings!
    Nancy: http://www.Doinga360.com
    Linda Marie: http://www.shekinahruha.org
    We Love You ~ We Thank You

  • VOC Nation Wrestling: Save Wrestling with Shelly Martinez

    in Wrestling

    Former WWE and TNA Diva "Funtime" Shelly Martinez takes you behind the scenes of professional wrestling, with inside stories, top guests, and upbeat opinions on how to SAVE the sport that she loves. Shelly was voted Host of the Year 2013 by the Wrestling Radio Awards Panel. 
    Follow Shelly on Twitter @funtimeshelly
    Follow JT Dunn @TheJuiceee 
    Follow VOC Nation @vocnation
    Call Save Wrestling or any VOC Nation Radio Show toll free at 855-VOC-RADIO (855-862-7234).
    Visit VOC Nation on the web at http://vocnation.com, simulcast on http://thebradyhicks.com
    The VOC Nation Radio Network traces its roots back to 2009 in suburban Philadelphia.  Bruce Wirt took over the afternoon shift on the Voice America Health and Wellness Network and proclaimed himself, “your new ‘Voice of Choice’ in afternoon radio.”  The V-O-C in VOC Nation was born.
    Over the next 3 years, Wirt took his act to Philadelphia radio, eventually settling in at independently owned WNJC 1360AM.  The VOC Nation Radio Network spun away from WNJC in October 2012 and took to the “cloud”, using their solid fan base to instantly become one of the most listened to mediums on the Internet.  In 2014, VOC Nation merged with Brady Hicks' IN THE ROOM Internet Radio Network, giving the combined medium over 50,000 monthly listeners. 
    VOC Nation Radio streams live programming 7 days a week, and has forged partnerships with BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher Internet Radio, Podomatic, iTunes, and GoDaddy to bring daily live entertainment and downloadable podcasts to listeners worldwide.  VOC Nation has over 100,000 twitter followers and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of downloadable podcasts as ranked by Podomatic, and in the top 5% of live streaming programming as ranked by Stitcher Internet Radio. 


    in Wrestling

    Each & every week. The pros call him the Stephen A. Smith of Pro Wrestling talk Mike Knoxxx & Christopher Spotface along with KME Chad Rivera & you The Million $ audience. Give you the 1st & 10 version of pro wrestling talk radio with our rendition we call III count! Join us each week were will discuss & argue the week in pro wrestling! Stop by as you never know when the pros will do the same! The Barbershop is open & an appointment is waiting for you!!!

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