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  • Building Fortunes - Help People, Help Yourself

    in Business

    Peter Mingils and Chris Molinari discuss the topics related to building a large and successful home based busness.  If you're looking to get past all of the hype and BS out there, Peter and Chris will help you.
    Join us LIVE weekly on Friday @ 5:00PM Eastern
    Peter owns NetworkLeads http://www.networkleads.com Chris has been training people for many years.
    http://www.buildingfortunes.com  is an affiliate program and much more
    For previous Building Fortunes Radio Shows, go to: http://www.buildingfortunesradio.com    

  • season 3

    in Culture

    join us for season 3

  • #199 The Conscious Evolution of Divine Feminine Archetypes w/Amanda Elo'esh

    in Spirituality

    Every 4th Friday of the month
    “The Conscious Evolution of the Dreamer-Weaver Archetype: The New Mythologies of an Evolving World”   Exploring Archetypal Wisdom and Conscious Evolution Amanda taps into the energies of ancient archetypes as they, too, shift and change – inspiring the living future of humanity. About this series: With Amanda as our guide we will dive into the Unknown, to explore how current archetypes can be re-imagined and re-invented to support us in our conscious evolution. Each month we will connect with a different archetype and look at it’s foundations, and ponder how they can shift to inspire us as we become awakened Spirit in physical form. Take away practical tips for bringing Mythical Magic into your every day life. Join in on the conversations! Send in your questions and thoughts! http://www.eloesh.com

  • Never Had It So Good Sports Radio Show Live at Hills Barber Shop

    in Sports

    Live show at Hill's Barber Shop to discuss the hot topics in sports. 

  • Belle Salisbury: Life Path, Love, Relationships, and Career

    in Motivation

    Our Host: Svetlana Kim www.svetlanakim.com 
    Our Guest: Belle Salisbury 
    Hello! My name is Belle Salisbury and I am a Spiritualist Minister, Psychic Medium and spiritual counselor. In my abilities as a psychic I am able to see things that are going on around you at the present time, as well as past events, and the possible future outcome of your concerns around love, relationships, finances, career, or life path with a clarity that demonstrates my ability to bring you guidance. As a medium I am able to see and communicate with your Angels and Spirit Guides or departed loved ones, bringing you communications of guidance, healing, validation, and closure.
    If you have an interest in past life events I am able to channel your previous life experiences and share with you how those events are affecting you today, guiding you toward healing, and embracing the lessons that can be useful for you today.
    I have spent many years in the study of metaphysics and am always open to new opportunities to continue learning along my path of growth and discovery. I am a highly respected instructor bringing knowledge to you in a method which is easy to understand. I enjoy teaching all that I have learned to those who express an interest in expanding their knowledge. I prefer teaching others how to open to their own abilities for their guidance and direction realizing their own inner power to make a difference in their lives.
    In addition, I am the owner and creator of Bellesprit Magazine, a free online magazine which brings knowledge and inspiration to those who seek spiritual guidance and education. You can read our magazine at www.bellesprit.com. Join our Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/BellespritMagazine. 

  • In Short Order -- Dr. Mark Shukhman

    in Health

    Mark Shukhman MD is a psychiatrist in private practice in suburbs of Chicago. Prior to becoming an MD, his interests included alternative medicine and mathematics. Dr.Shukhman’s practice is focused on such problems as mood, anxiety, sleep, sex, appetite control, memory problems, chronic pain and addiction to opioids and alcohol. Dr.Shukhman is frequently consulted on psycho-somatic problems and psychiatric symptoms, accompanying general medical conditions. Treatment approach is based on neuropsychiatric interpretation of symptomatology and usually consists of combination of medications with vitamins, supplements and reflexotherapy. LDN is a part of psychopharmacological armamentarium for treatment of mood disorders, eating disorders and addictions. Dr. Shukman teaches, including “doctor teaching other doctors” He was on the faculty of a board preparation course, advisory panels, multiple grand rounds etc. He served as a primary investigator for a several pharmaceutical research studies.

  • The Conscious Awareness Show

    in Health

    The discussion of the illuminati and the new world order.

  • Stepping In and Stepping Up with Nukhet Hendricks

    in Spirituality

    http://www.nukhets.com/ How has leadership changed and evolved for women over the last 30 years? Where were we then and how do we get to the new? How do we awaken to feminine leadership? What is feminine leadership? Nukhet shares her evolution as a leader who arrived in the U.S. as a college student in the 70's and now the executive director of a non-profit organization.

  • Guest: Tom Paladino

    in Culture

    Today Jim and Jennifer welcome Tom Paladino to the show.
    Tom Paladino has developed a treatment process, using a scalar instrument, whereby he is able to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of a pathogen, thereby causing that agent of infection to disassemble or fall apart. He calls this a Pathogenic Cleanse. Scalar energy operates at the quantum level and is capable of disassembling all types of pathogens; for instance, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations, thus eliminating the causative agent of disease. Once the causative agent of a pathogen disease has been eliminated the symptoms associated with that infection decrease or disappear altogether.
    In addition to the Pathogen Cleanse, Tom Paladino has created the Nutrient Therapy and the Chakra Balance. The Nutrient Therapy broadcasts essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fatty acids, collagen and enzymes to the cells that are optimal for health. This is done via the scalar energy instrument, using your photograph and a highly magnified image of the essential nutrients. This broadcast sends vital information via the scalar wave and can be received by the cells in a human being, pet, farm animal, race horse, etc. Finally the scalar energy Chakra Balance is utilized to align and harmonize all seven (7) chakra. Receiving the Chakra Balance frequently throughout the 30 day period of the remote scalar energy sessions, many people report a new sense of well-being, calm, less anxious, more energy, motivation and an increased joy for living their life.
    Website:  http://www.selfhealgo.com/

  • 30JK -- TERRA J. JONES

    in Entertainment

    #U2SB -- TERRA J. -- an ambassador of anti-bullying, she fights for the rights of those who are victimized and have no voice. You have to hear her to believe it! 347-857-2310 or catch us online at www.blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE and check the archives! No one deserves to be bullied... EVER! So whatever you do, if you have a little bit of time on ya hands, come join us and learn something; have a little fun with us. Get to know her... so that YOU can be informed and in the know! Why? Because YOU DESERVE to know! It's YOUR RIGHT!!! BlogTalkRadio... where it's ALWAYS good to talk... sooooo... let's talk, already! The party starts the second YOU get here! The number, again, is 347-857-2310... we shall be together again for another "30JK"! HORNZ UP, SISSYYYYYYEEEEEEE!!! ;)

  • #MoreUpdatesOnEbola #BEESTING #WorldSeries

    in Entertainment

    On Friday's show, Derrick will be discussing hot topics, including more updates about the Ebola outbreak, game recaps of the World Series and also the upcoming encore screening of the horror film "BEE STING."

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