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  • Record Talk Radio: NJ remembers WWI

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    This August marks 100 years since the outbreak of fighting in World War I, the so-called "War to end all wars."
    Join us on Friday,  Aug. 1 at 10 a.m. when our guest will be Rod Leith, a Rutherford historian who will talk about what his community is doing to mark the occassion and how Bergen County responded.
    Our guests also will include Record reporters Monsy Alvarado and Colleen Diskin.
    Alvarado who will talk about her story this week on a West New York man who paid to smuggle his daughter into the United States from Guatemala.
    She also will talk about a controversy that's broken out over attempts to serve a popular Korean alchoholic beverage in restaurants with a "bring your own bottle" policy.
    Diskin will discuss her story on dead beat dads and the debate over incarcerating them for failing to make child support payments
    Have a question for our guests. Email your suggestions to johnensslin@gmail.com. 

  • A new man with The Bishop

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    The power of the wor


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  • Sharon Hunter Bey Morning Show - Domestic Violence

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    When Is Enough Truely Enough
    In 2011, the most recent year for which such data is available, black females were murdered by males at a rate of 2.61 per 100,000 in single victim/single offender incidents. For white women, the rate was 0.99 per 100,000. Ninety-four percent of black women were murdered by someone they knew. And the vast majority of homicides of black females were not related to any other felony crime. Most often, they were killed in the course of an argument. In cases where the circumstances could be identified, 87 percent were not related to the commission of any other felony. Here are some common reasons about women and domestic violence:
    A strong personal identificationbased on familial structure/hierarchy, patriarchal elements,and cultural identity (e.g., role as wife, mother, and homemaker)
     Religious beliefs that reinforce the woman’s victimization and legitimizes the abuser’s behavior 
     Fear of isolation and alienation  A strong loyalty to both immediate and extended family,as well as loyalty to race and culture (the “yoke of silence”)  Guarded trust and reluctance to discuss “private matters”  Fear of rejection from family, friends, congregation, and community  Individual needs often defer to family unity and strength 
     Distrust of law enforcement (fear of subjecting themselves and loved ones to a criminal and civil justice system they see as sexist, and/or racially and culturally biased)  Skepticism and distrust that shelter and intervention services are not culturally or linguistically competent

  • The Free American

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    My Guest today is: Every American needs to understand that the entire national press is controlled, and is simply giving you the "news" you are supposed to have.  Very soon, all alternative sources of news, including this website, will be shut down.  That time draws ever closer. Please go to http://freeamerican.com and www.shop.freeamerican.com to order my books and the new Free American Magazines.
    "In order to put public opinion into our hands we must bring it into a state of bewilderment by giving expression from all sides to so many contradictory opinions and for such length of time as will suffice to make the [average person] lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind, in matters political." [Protocol #5]

  • The WHITE Lie with Yahya Bandele

    in Religion

    Yahya Bandele is the Founder and Chairman of The C.O.F.A.H Network and the Creator, writer and director of the best selling Documentary on amazon.com "Hebrew or the So-Called Negro" Yahya will discuss current events, history, science and Geo-politics from a scriptural Hebrew Ysralite scriptural perspective. We also encourage caller participation and feedback
    View Yahya's feature films by clicking link https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=FLdws1o2agoBw-nqaYBjG9Yg
    View Yahya's Daily Video Blog https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv4Ov4g0N91ikDd5zHMAmvxr2Fyhf9s7v
    Yahya's Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/yahya.bandele
    To learn more about COFAH log on to  www.cofah

  • Law of Attraction - What Makes You Glow?!

    in Spirituality

    Join Anna K. as she interviews guests weekly about what makes them GLOW...inside and out!  Every Friday, 10am EST.  Join Anna as she interviews author, Garnet Schulhauser, this week!
    Garnet is a retired lawyer who lives near Victoria, on Vancouver Island, with his wife, Cathy, and little dog, Abby. He grew up on a small farm in Saskatchewan and moved to Calgary, Canada, after law school where he practiced corporate law for over thirty years with two blue-chip law firms. After retiring from his law firm in 2008, he began his new career as an author and his first book, Dancing on a Stamp, was published in 2012. Since the release of his first book, Garnet has been active with book signing tours and speaking engagements and has been a frequent guest on radio talk shows. When he is not writing or connecting with his followers, Garnet enjoys golfing, nature walks in the forest with Abby, and family gatherings with his sons, Blake and Colin, and their partners, Lauren and Bergis, and granddaughter Kymera.
    In Dancing on a Stamp, Garnet recounts how his life changed dramatically one day in 2007 (while still practicing law) when he was confronted on the street by a homeless man named Albert (who was actually a wise spirit in disguise) who revealed startling new revelations about our soul journey on Earth and the afterlife that awaits us. Albert’s revelations were inspiring, uplifting, and comforting, and flew in the face of almost everything that Christian holy men had been preaching for centuries. He wrote Dancing on a Stamp at Albert’s request so that these revelations would be available to everyone.

  • Fri, Aug 1, 2014 -- 10AM (et) :: Rob Conrad

    in Current Events

    *Heisnear.com :: ANTICHRIST & Final foretold Prophecies on the world stage IN PLAIN VIEW ::. *Over 4.4 MIL HeisnearCom visitors, plus over 5 MIL YouTube visitors now "SEE ALL these things" on the world stage today. / (Matt 24:33/ the Lord Jesus Christ) ~ 
    *YOUTUBE Channel of Heisnear.com >
    *Your OFFERINGS are more significant & timely than ever in helping  Heisnear.com  reach more millions of souls during today's FINAL HARVEST.  Thank you for prayerfully considering contributing to the work of the Lord.   ---rob c.
    "The HARVEST is plentiful but the laborers are few."
    (the Lord Jesus Christ / Matt 9:37)

  • FlexKom Next Level Team Leadership

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    Exploring the Next Level with FlexKom.
    Join the fastest growing team in FlexKom as we share the events, ideas and actions that are helping our team members to advance quickly into higher levels of leadership and income.
    Today's broadcast will feature Bill Resides and Mike Livingston as they interview our top leaders who will share their story of success in advancement to The Next Level! 
    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/allwired/2014/07/02/flexkom-next-level-team-leadership#ixzz36R5OO6u6

  • The Swychbladz Show W/ Liah Lazer & Mack #AfterDark

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    Get ready for your hosts Liah Lazer & MackInTheDark to take you on a bumpy ride through these Detroit streets. Every week The Switchblade Show will be packed with pure raw electrifying energy. We play music, shout out events in the city, showcase local talent near and far plus you won't wanna miss our sex talk at 10pm. All we want to do is have a blast, get you laughing, make you dance and share a few pointers so be sure to call in and listen to The Switchblade Show
    Follow them on twitter at Hashtag #SwitchbladeShow
    @theSwitchblades & @MackInTheDark & as always @Tonedefradio1 
    Go click LIKE https://www.facebook.com/TashasTaste

  • The JT LIVE NFL Kickoff Show / The NFC West is on the clock

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    Join JT Live sports analyst from Rank Top 5 Sports Network as he breakdowns the latest news and notes for the upcoming NFL football season. The NFC West is on the clock. Who will be the best in the west? You don't want to miss this show. Follow us on twitter@ranktop5sports

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