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MEMORIAL TO LITTLEFLOWER ON THE LAKE. I want to welcome everyone to Littleflower on the Lake . I hope you will find this show to be a peaceful place to reflect on your life. A place where intuitive guidance can be found. I will endeavor to find topics that we can discuss and reflect upon on. A place where you can ask questions, a place where you can share your reflections. In addition, my show will allow time for a guest and time for a few free readings. I have used my gifts for others for over 30 years. I was retired from being in the public with these gifts and have been called forth once again. It is an honor to serve. While retired I served for several hours a week in PalTalk where I gave free readings. I will try to continue this and the readings on this radio show will be free to you also. Additional time with me for readings, Past Life Readings, Intutive Guidance or classes you will pay for my time not for my gifts. Please remember that you must be 18 or older for a reading and also you need to know that I do not use any tools, I am just a vessel from which information flows. It is my belief that that information comes from God or Great Spirit or whatever you are comfortable with as a name for God. As I have been taught that it is important that I give you exactly as I get the information, I will let you know that I do not filter it in any way so therefore, you need to make sure you are ready for any information that may come to you. If you need to contact me , you may do so at littlefloweronthelake@hotmail.com .

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Come on and share the topic of lies as everyone knows something about this topic. Free Readings at the end of the topic..come on by chat in our chatroom, call us on the phone. We love having you!

If we put money first in our decision making, then our souls are not leading us at all. If the soul leads , the money will be there as needed but no one will suffer from greedy decision making. We will talk on this and the anniv of the Gulf Oil... more

Tonite I want to spend some time on how to apply past life readings to your life. We have spoken a little on this before but you interest is such that I though we would do more and then I will do some Free Past Life Readings at the end of... more

We will downthe aisle of the stars with our guide, Star and he will tell us what we need to know to flow with the Uranus cycle. Peter and I will do readings at the end of the show. Call in early!

I have very strong feelings about the family and what has happened to break it down, lets talk about it! I will do free readings at the end of the show.

A nite of readings just for you. Get your calls in early and we will take ya'll one after the other for the whole hour!

We had some problems last week with tec things but we are trying something new this week so come on by and take part in this discussion if you think your power is being taken away in your life by outside people, government regulations, etc. As... more

Star tells us about free energy and those possibilites, wow that would be nice. Last half of the show is as always free readings so get your calls in early!

Men, I know you are bugged about what women are doing to ya...tell Peter Dee and I ...Women, we know you are bugged about those men out there, tell us about it! Also will be Star's 5 min astro update. End of show Free Readings

Peter will lead us thru some thinking on this and will show us some guideposts along the way. Afterwards, we will do free readings so get your calls in early.
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