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45 minutes of pure talk and radio! Come check out live and archived shows! Join me and my Co-host Mickey Sayshi as we host teen related topics! Don't hesitate to call-in to (347)-826-9740

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If kids ran the world, what would they build? What would they do? Would they be blowing bucks in casinos? Or riding horses on the highway? Kids today, are our future. Who knows if we will all run the earth. If we did, would we have prisons... more

What is in our school lunches? Whats in our fast food? We have to find out whats causing food poising, or even DEATH. What bi-products do they put in our fast food? Whats even put in that chicken??? What ingrediants do they put in... more

This topic is all about the events that are happening in 2010. Like, EARTHQUAKES EVERYWHERE!!! THE HEALTH BILL!! SO MUCH!!Where will the next earthquake strike? Will there be a big heat wave to strike us all?... more

Getting down and dirty on why kids snap! How do they snap? What causes this behavior? Of course, you kids are not going to tell you whats going on at school, because they're afraid you might make matters worse. That's not true. You can... more

Discovering why people drink and drive. Why people hit pedestrians for no reason. Why does it have to be taken out on the road? Why don't we just relax and do some yoga for that anger? I did this show because I have challenge... more

What really grinds my gears is the economy. Not just that, but other thing. Today's topic is on what really bothers you or pisses you off about people or an issue. Don't be afraid to call in to(347)-215-7030!

Abuse and what we can do to stop it. Abuse is a BIG part of the world, in all kinds of ways. Starving animals and kids, hitting, kicking, burning, and many more! If these social workers can't stop it or won't stop it, who will? Thats where the... more

Getting people to stop racial stereotyping. We all want to stop this madness and just except each other for our race. Can't we all just get along? Tune in to The Little G Show Sunday,Feb. 21 @ 2:00p.m. eastern time! The call in number... more

Thinking back on those great challenges that blacks faced to get where we are now. Not just that, but great inventions made by black people. George Washington Carver, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Obama, P Diddy,Martin... more