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SKYNET Weapons Drones CERN AI MindWar Stealth Radar on Humanity

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The epitome of hell on earth, the devil, or fake, whatever... they've created an end times henous hell with stealth drone uav/uas radar attacks on defenseless civilians.

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Tonight we talk about the end times, and how it relates to the evils perpetrated upon all of us, like the use of psychotronic nano-tech/bio-tech UAV/UAS/Drones Cellphone/tower gangstalking with smart-dust and HAARP under SKYNET AI, powered by CERN as a second heaven holocast invasion (1950s) as disembodied spirits, demons, hybrids, satanic mindwar, psychotronics (cellphone application) attacking Americans. We'll talk about the end-game of the "serpents as reptilians, the Black Nobility, otherwise referred to as the Illuminati that includes George Bush, distant cousin of the Queen.

Its all been done before.. .its ancient and its undefinably wicked--purely evil as our ancestors from the past tried to warn us of. I will be discussing this. Also, relating it to our present targeting.

These things are being done to your fellow Americans, right before their eyes... in a deadly luciferian Anti-Christ driven chess game where the winner is satan's minions, gangstalkers. AI and 666 is CERN & that means satan.

Also, updates on and past show information.

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Showtime: 5/29/2016 at 6:30:00 PM 120 minutes*