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Targeted Individuals: DRONES & SMARTDUST, Gangstalkers are FOOT PATROLLER'S

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Join Host Lissa as she continues an open discussions of a worldwide horrid, an unthinkable direct energy and kinetic weapons takedown with military weapons of massive destruction and chemtrails, Haarp, CERN, towers and cellphones, smart-meters and smart-dust, V2K/Synthetic thoughts and more, infecting 1000s with government organized stalking known as gangstalking to harass in a Cointelpro-like fashion a total slow destruction of innocent people around the world in a slow-torture death culture. Included are Americans and abroad, falling victim to JADE HELM, NDAA, PAA, MkUltra (worse) in an Orwellian Articifial Intelligence driven AI SKYNET solar warden secret space weapons systems for Silent Weapons for Quiet War(fare) that's putting innocent Americans and abroad classified as dissidents, whistleblowers and the likes, many average citizens for a global depopulation. And, its pure evil.

NOTE: Targeted Individuals: DRONES & SMARTDUST, Gangstalkers are FOOT PATROLLER'S

They say satan rules the airwaves and this earth. It is true corrupting everyone in sight against the good people of this earth. Join the discussion, become a guest, Let your voice be heard. 

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Thank you. Lissa