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Lissa Humane Life: SEE GOD IN YOU


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We're in End Times. Time of the return of the second sun and the Nibiru system of 7 planets with moons and a lot of space debris. Its here now. A pole shift sill happen. Its also the return of satans minions, the archonic fallen ones have been released for a purge Matrix w/DARK MATTER, the Veil Ripping open w/the HICKS FIELDS properties. Our thoughts are not our own. Hyperdimensional AI-Demiurge w/Archons Parasitic Chemtrails. This is the Gangstalking on Targeted Indivdiuals since 1994. Originally powered from Ft Hood Texas experimenting on minds from Texas to South Dakota. Now its released on us with programmed smart dust. All of us are infected. They're corrupting everyone. Walk in the spirit, with your self awareness and loose fear and emotions. Heal past issues and traumas, loose the story line with the ego--it will be used against you. You have God in you. ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:20-21). Listener Call-in -(646) 787-8166 New Website URL http://lissashumanelife.wordpress.com/

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Tonight's discussion I take on the globalist matrix controller's grid-neural, many call gangstalking. Guest Call In (657) 383-0688 -- Lissa HumaneLife Room opens for 1 hours @ 1AM & 8pm EST. Call-in's welcomed. A place to feel free to... more

Room opens for 2 hours @ Fri night 11pm EST. Call-in's welcomed. This is a place to feel free to discuss more advanced Weaponized targeting-evil perpetrated against humanity [TIs]. I offer no help, but a gathering place, during the storm.... more

Lissa takes to the airwaves again to discuss demonic archonic fallen ones AI-Hyperdimensional gangstaking & Chemtrail w/parasitics & the Smart-Grid w/Satellites, Drones & Towers--the poisioning of humanity that's GENOCIDE.... more

Maybe all of us.


Host Lissa live Fri/Sat/Sun eve. 11 PM EST. Call in @ (646) 787-1542. (3 hrs).

Call in...(646) 787-1542 http://lissakr11humane.com/. 11pm EST. 2 hrs. Open-discussion on the spirit world. Real or holagrams. Listener 646 787-1542. GANGSTALKING is DARPA-MILABS Wyatt, E. J..The Devil Beside Me: Gang... more

Open-discussion on the spirit world. Real or holagrams. Listener dial 646 787-1542. There is the force of the Creator, the Source of Life Itself – love, creative expression, higher consciousness, and people and beings who are... more

Open-discussion on a Dark SKYNET A.I. Genocide Agenda, continued. Listener dial-in number:(646) 787-1542. The Armor of God - 10Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can... more