Lisa Vicious

A New Kind of Patriot

by Lisa Vicious

 - Fri, Dec 8 2006

The main topic we are going to be discussing is politics and music…. If you recall back in 2003 Americans made a stink about Natalie Maines’ comment about George Bush and country fans were in an uproar about it and protested their music. Personally as a fan of the Chicks and being Anti-Bush I commended them. It’s not because I’m a registered democrat with liberal views or because I strongly dislike the Bush Adminsitration, but because the acts we are taking as a country is a mass murder spree not only of our troops and all the victims involved but of our rights as Americans. In America, the sixties saw the coining of the phrase "protest song," as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and a plethora of other artists were protesting the Vietnam war and from what I’ve heard and read this WAS patriotism. Everyone stood together to change something… now we stand together in disagreement and fear.

Music and politics have long been tied, one influencing the other in often subtle ways. In recent times, musicians and song writers over the world have put their talents to serve social causes, to express political statements, and to voice the plight of the repressed. So what’s changed? Why are we as a nation afraid of the protest song? When did we lose our voices to stand up against the wrong? Maybe it’s a product of age and the flower children who once had stickers on their cars and gave the peace sign instead of the bird realized it was a hopeless fight? Maybe it’s a fear of jobs and social status being lost that these closet pot smoking yuppies only whisper these thoughts at Buffy and Biff’s dinner parties.

So who are the few who aren’t afraid to use their status to express how they feel about living in in age of fear tactics? Whether it’s an indie rock band from the Midwest or a national act I can only think of a handful of bands who encompass true patriotism.

Tonight we’ll be talking with Chris Webster from The Motherfuck’n Saints out of Malcolm NE.

Music played:  A New Kind of Patriot, The American Way, Victim and Eat/Fuck/ Kill by the M-F'N Saints

Interview: Chris Webster of the M-F'n Saints

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