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Throw away the myths, the propaganda the stereotypical crap and let's get educated about medical marijuana. The forms of medical marijuana ( and it's more than a joint) This is gonna be a good one. And as always feel free to chime... more

Paper classes, illitiracy, fabricated education, hunger pangs, others benefiting from your hard work, .... The life of a college athlete may not be what you think.

we have a special guest to interview about things we didnt know about seniors resources and a whole lotta good stuf

We explore people and why sometimes we feel like we need to give explanation for saying no. And why people always seem to "need" from us but never give anything back. Is it time to..... Just say no?

We talk about the use of force by police officers, the guidelines, and are they followed?

So we didnt believe it either but.... there are schools who still use it and the numbers and stats are somewhat alarming. join us as we talk about this and as always call in and share your thoughts 563 999 3636

We are all aware there is an issue of homelessness no matter where you live. What really is homeless cause there are alot of definitions we will explore those and talk about helping and not. Hiding the homeless doesnt hide the... more

are teachers under unfair pressure rto pass students who arent ready? are test scores fixed? are students on a sports team skating by? whats that have to do with the drop out rate if anything???is no child left behind really benefiting the... more

numbers ..numbers and numbers... is crime really down ..or is media manipulating the numbers to make it look that way..... does the state of our economy really play a part in the crime rate? Its really all about statistics . We all want to get a... more

We'll be continuing the discussion from last weeks show to discuss how predjudices & stereotypes......good and bad, shape our view of the world and each other, and how it lends a hand in discrimination. We'll also talk about UFC 217 &... more