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Lisacast is a popular tech show about media, marketing, science and digital culture. Read more at I am also the Co-founder and CMO of Burst Studios -- always scouting web series, documentaries and other productions headed for online and IPTV distribution. Contact me at

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Hello!I'm Lisa Padilla. I am host and editor of Lisacast, a blog and podcast about technology and media. You can subscribe here or read more at Please share your own show, if one has been... more

Micoy's immersive video technology can be produced in up to a full spherical 360 degree field of view. Unlike other 3D formats, our format has true stereo separation at a pixel level throughout the entire image. this allows multiple... more

The Emerging Communications (eComm) conference was founded in 2007 by Lee S Dryburgh, a telecommunications engineer and a communications visionary. eComm emerged from several alignments of opportunity and inspiration. In late... more

We kickoff the new year with a show dedicated to using energy more efficiently, in the environment, in our personal worlds too.

CEO of

Alan Levy came out of retirement to fulfill a personal need, one that spread globally and gave a voice to millions. Recent venture backing underscores the importance of user generated media, Alan joins to share his views.

Vipul Vyas of

Elad Yoran, Executive Chairman, KoolSpan joins Lisacast to discuss TrustChip technology and recent financing of $7.1 million. KoolSpan's crypto engine is a self-contained authentication, encryption and key management platform. That's... more

Steve Gal, CEO of, a free Web site for consumers to stop unwanted postal junk mail
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