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Are you ready to connect with women around the world who will support and love you unconditionally? Are you tired of women who are catty and cruel? Have you reached a point in your life where you would like to connect with women just like you for support and love? Have you been hurt in the past by other women from vicious gossip? Is your family grown and gone and now you'd like to figure out "whats next"? Are you going through a divorce and could use support and love? Are you a single parent and need advice? Well, you have found the right group!!! Welcome aboard! Membership is free on facebook! Our group is Prancing Kitten so come and be a part of a new movement!

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?If we can't add days to the life of our children, we will add life to their days? is the motto of Ladybug House. Suzanne Gwynn has been working to put together a team to raise funds, find a location, design the space, and make her idea into... more

?When the universe sends you a miracle, and then asks you to surrender to the journey that is about to unfold, you have two choices. You can politely say thanks-but no-thanks, or you can commit your heart and soul to doing... more

The 3rd Annual "Nautical Networking"with Amy Wiebeck!!! Event Details: Pre-Networking at Ivar's Salmon House starting at 3:30 PM Ask for Nautical Networking or Sip & Socialize Cruise Details: Door Boarding and Closing at... more

Join Jen Duchene and Lisa Lamont to ask questions about what direction are you headed in life. Can you change your destiny? Are are blocking yourself from finding your true love? Why can't you let go from someone who hurt you? Jen... more

If you're ready to… Have 2x the Strategists do the heavy business lifting for you and with you… Know it is all about you and your business, with no boring filler or awkward up-sell tactics… Believe you won't need us,... more

Get your questions answered with Claircognecent/psychic Martha Reed!!! Martha has the gift to see that which is hidden and know that which is unknown; ) You don't want to miss the opportunity to call in and ask her what's in the future for... more

Founder and Conscious Leader of Soul Language, Jennifer Urezzio is going to share what 'Soul Language' means and how is can enrich your life and relationships! This is an exciting topic you won't want to miss!!! Twitter:... more

Who is the mysterious "Socially Savvy" Lb Dutchess... She is a Savvy tip writer for MODE fashion magazine. A cosmetic beauty stylist at the fabulous Nordstrom...and the Host and CEO of "Socially Savvy"!!! Lb Dutchess is the top... more

Want to start eating healthier? Trying to give up processed foods, drinks, sugar and caffeine? Feel energized throughout the day without any ?mid-day? slumps? Feel less bloated so you can fit comfortably in your favorite jeans? Join me with... more