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Rev Lisa Giroux

Living the Life You Forgot! How To re-Create your Life


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Start living the life YOU want! We have a choice each day to live our life with passionate purpose, peace of mind and awaken to a prosperity of great health, wonderful relationships and more! But we have to choose it first. Take this journey with me into a realm of Energetic Life Strategies where we are seeking Self Mastery, simply! It is not always easy but I am here so help and support your tiny baby steps toward great giant leaps into something even better! Get your FREE gift at www.lisagiroux.com and become a part of this peaceful, Powerful movement.

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Join me for some Whole Living Coaching as we choose to release stress and move toward the relaxation response. What is wellness and how do we attain more?? Lets chat today about Reiki, relaxation, meditation and more!

Everyday we are going deeper into our relaxation reboot and really feeling everything there. Sometimes it is very ucomfortable and we are in resistence; but when we "direct connect" to our Higher Self, we know it and so does... more

The research has shown for decades now that our happiness is a choice. One of my favorite teachings is the Happy Heart Meditation and how we can increase our own happiness meter. There is no way to happiness-happiness IS the... more

Are you tired of being a "stressed mess" i see so many exhausted women who put everything and everyone else first; and it is killing them! How do you want to feel, be and do in the world? Today we let go of the stress and thestruggle and... more

often times I find myself in doubt about many things and situations! How does the frequency of doubt keep us in repetitive patterns of dissatisfaction and dysfunction? Or does it?? Some alternatives to our doubting self will be... more

All of us seek to be the explorer of new and wonderful opportunities; but lack the understanding and the tools to design an even better life! We are going to talk about alternative healing thru meditation, earth based traditions, quantum... more

How do we KNOW?

Call in and lets chat about your energy field and what you may be unconsciously attracting into your life over and over! Then the process of clearing the field continues! Today it is about creating "presence" for better brain behavior and... more

How we you feeling right now? It matters! You create what you think AND feel about most of the time! As Earl Nightengale taught us 40 years ago; now we know that mind and matter are equal. Would you like to see something better in your... more

How are you living? Are you living with Gusto? What best describes your life is you life filled with Glee, enthusiasm, joy, satisfaction? If not you may not be living your TRUTH! Living in our truth will allow us to live a bouyant, beautiful life and... more
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