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As an energetic life strategist I offer teachings on "Pathways to Peace, Purpose and Prosperity" We cultivate a peace of mind practice which moves us toward our Purpose and cultivates prosperity of good health, happiness and wealth of experience! Simply!

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In step 1 we are clearing the clutter in our homes, pantry, in our bodies and our colons! What is our food story? Everyone has one and it can keep us from true nourishment! What is the first nutrient we need? Breath, followed by clean water and then food! From food we are choosing to move 90 seconds for every hour we are awake! Just get up and walk in place, dance, stretch, breath be aware of your beautiful healthy body. Now we are improving our immunity! What foods are key to a healthy immune system? The top 25 will be discussed! Dont forget to make your super smoothie every day! see the video and get creative! How do you want to feel? Whatis your new vision for your life? Lets explore more about Food!
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Let thy food be thy medicine and they medicine be thy food! Hipppocrates stated Lets take back our power with regards to our health thru how we are choosing to nourish our body, mind and spirit! EMPOWER up and lets nourish our self each... more

Join me for another conversation with Rev. Dr. Norma Edwards! We love her energy and we are chatting about creating more balance and harmony in our lives. How important is seeking balance and and can we create more... more

Be here NOW! Powerful words that allow us to access the higher realms of consciousness! Moving beyond our human struggles and having peace of MIND no matter what is ocurring. It is only accessible from this moment in time! Lets... more

As the Holidays approach are you fearful about how to feed yourself well during this time of fruitcake, champagne, turkey, ham, potatoes and pumpkin pie! FEAR no more we are taking back our power and choosing to NOURISH our self... more

What is the best way to access the Power of food? Maybe you subscirbe or prescribe to the "food IS medecine" tribe, as I often do; but what happens when food becomes the enemy? Itchie, bitchie, bloated? Well these things may... more

Join me for my conversation with Dr. Lesly Devereaux as we discuss the many different faces and forms of codependency. Wednesday October 8, 2014 at 11am mst. What IS co-dependency? It is a way we seek fulfillment thru controlling... more

The Divine is always contacting us; we are just too busy, distracted, disturbed, depressed or dazed to recognize this. I know for sure this to be true in my own life and I have a daily practice for contacting information I can use... more

The moon darkens and Summer has slipped away! What does it all mean? How can we welcome the time of the Great Bear and move effectively within, our "cave", and have what we need to sustain us? Join me for this show on the time... more

So often as an adult with ADD my little mind is like a hummingbird or butterfly flitting from subject to subject with very little commitment to what is at hand. I am such a great "starter" but a lousey "finisher" and compound that with... more

Lets start again, right NOW! Feel better! Look better! Have better thru this Divine Connection aka the God Frequency. We are recognizing that there is only GOOD or God in all things. When we let of the worry, stress, fear, rejection,... more
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