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Lisa Molina

Lisa Molina - Life Beyond The Rat Race - Team Dynasty


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Yep - Things are changing! The world is changing.... And you have heard it before.. Only the Strong Survive. Economic Downturns are simply wealth changing hands.. Personal Certainty allows a person to be equipped and solvent in flexibility to do what is required to live abundantly, prosperously with a level of certainty to lead! We are Polaris Global. Media is the most consumable product available... it beats out FOOD! Our mission is to change mainstream media! Sound Lofty? We are doing it! In the meantime we are changing lives one person at a time with our educational curriculum. We have a lucrative compensation plan for those who believe in what we are up to, and choose to promote the educational curriculum.

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Lisa Molina

New World - New Strategy. We picked up where "The Secret" Left off

  • by Lisa Molina
Personal Certainty comes from one thing...Knowing for Yourself! A person knows when they have their own experiences. A person believes when they have their own evidence. A person strengthens when the are validated over and over. A... more
Lisa Molina

On into February.

  • by Lisa Molina
What an incredible start to the new year! SO MUCH TO SHARE!! At the end of the year, I spoke of making Bold decisions. With the bold decisions, I am right on track of achieving my main goal this year of getting to know who I am, and... more

a NEW year = a NEW game! if your life could use a little repair, now is the time to get to know who you are. When we connect with who we really are and what is most important to us and give energy to that...we are UNdeniable! I look forward... more

Getting clear on what we want is Key to be able to give the way you want to. HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Bobby (my husband), me and my little man Skye- Click on the link to enjoy Skye's Xmas message.... more

SELF APPRECIATION Acceptance (of Self) is the foundation of Receiving ...... thus Giving. When we accept ourselves and actually appreciate ourselves, we show the world how to treat us, and allow others to accept themselves.... more

Yes - it may sound cliche... and SO true... I listen up to Stuart Wilde as he says in his above listed book " Money making is not a serious business. It is a game that you play. At first it may seem that it is a game that you play with forces outside... more

Been inundated with interest - and excited to assist the team in building for our KICKOFF event on Jan 10th in Hollywood. Do you want to Know w/ Certainty that 2009 is your best year ever?! COME JOIN US! With so many having record... more

Gratitude is an immediate vibe enhancer! Tune in to learn how to be Wealthy when the Circumstances don't indicate wealth.

YES! Security is a mind set. Our economy starts with our individual economy, the way we think about ourselves.. determines our SELF worth which turns into our NET worth. Our responsibility to the Economy begins with us!

WARNING! RESPONSIBLE Listeners ONLY! The Gloves came off. You hear it softly from everywhere else.
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