Love, Life, Law of Attraction

Love, Life, Law of Attraction

The Love Whisperer

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Lisa M. Hayes and Cassie Parks are friends, coaches and super cool chicks. They have joined forces to bring you Love, Life, Law of Attraction; shows about everything that matters and how to improve anything you desire. Their friendship and unique expertise in relationships, loving yourself, and the Law of Attraction creates the perfect place for girl talk to meet real world solutions. These two bring you the best of themselves and their experiences to support the creation of your dream life. Lisa M. Hayes is the author of Escape From Relationship Hell and The Passion Plan. She also founded Her amazing products include LOA Ass Kicking, Score Your Soulmate and Body Love Boot Camp. Cassie Parks is the author of STOP And Change Directions. She is the founder of Here fabulous courses include Money, Money Money, and Loving Yourself 30/30/30.

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Feng Shui is working in your life whether you are working with it intentionally or not. Things, space, placement, and energy all matter. However, for most of us, the whole idea of Feng Shui is overwhelming and mysterious. Ariel Joseph Towne is... more

I recently had a client who met her fiance on a Habitat for Humanity build. She was bored with online dating and decided to go live a life out in the real world. She met a man she had a lot in common with doing something really cool she... more

It's the deliberate creators delima. You know you need to manage your thoughts. But what do you do when you're trying to manage your thoughts and nothing is changing? A lot of times people get so far into law of attraction denial they don't... more

Kids, bills, pets, jobs, carpools, appointments, errands, broken down cars, in-laws, neighbors, housekeeping... How is a woman suppose to make the time to invest in keeping her marriage interesting and passionate when running a family... more

My mother always says a family is built on it's rituals. I think that's really true, and even more true for a marriage. Shared experiences define how we see our relationships. Maggie Reyes from Modern Married is joining us to talk about... more

It is very, very hard to attract something you aren't familiar with. When something feels completely unfamiliar, it is pretty much "out of network". So, when you're wanting to attract something you can't conjure up from experience how do you... more

Don Gowey is a genius. He is the author of Mystic Cool which is a book that's a perfect blend of science and mystisism. If you've ever wondered why it seems so difficult to change, Don Gowey has the most elequent way of explaining, it's all... more

Everyone goes through a funk from time to time. Sometimes it's obvious why you're funky. Sometimes not so much. However, for all the reasons or non-reasons for being in a funk, there's one thing all funky people have in... more

It's not entirely clear why, but Angelina Jolie's choice to have a mastectomy has generated a lot of very intense reactions. Some in support of her choices, and some not so much. No matter what side of the issue you stand on, the one thing... more

Do you ever feel like you just aren't programmed for happiness? Everyone wants to be happy and yet many find themselves seeking something that seems ellusive. Maybe they getting fleeting moments of happiness, or glimpes, but they never... more