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Lisa M. Hayes and Cassie Parks are friends, coaches and super cool chicks. They have joined forces to bring you Love, Life, Law of Attraction; shows about everything that matters and how to improve anything you desire. Their friendship and unique expertise in relationships, loving yourself, and the Law of Attraction creates the perfect place for girl talk to meet real world solutions. These two bring you the best of themselves and their experiences to support the creation of your dream life. Lisa M. Hayes is the author of Escape From Relationship Hell and The Passion Plan. She also founded Her amazing products include LOA Ass Kicking, Score Your Soulmate and Body Love Boot Camp. Cassie Parks is the author of STOP And Change Directions. She is the founder of Here fabulous courses include Money, Money Money, and Loving Yourself 30/30/30.

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Today on Love, Life Law of Attraction Lisa M. Hayes, Reationship Coach and LOA Expert and Cassie Parks, Lifeologist and Money Maven are going to talk about vibrational whiplash. What is vibrational whiplash? It's when you set that big... more

Do you movies add to being addicted to drama in relationships? It's the tenth anniversary of The Notebook which has the topic of drama, romance and love on our minds. People tend to misinterpret peak experience, especially in... more

Remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally? The one where after Sally does her impression the woman a the next table says, "I'll have what she's having." Laura English is interviewing Love, Live, Law of Attraction co-host Cassie Parks... more

Today on Love, Life, Law of Attraction The Goddess Known as Jacqui is going to interview LLLOA co-host, Cassie Parks about money. Barbar Walters doesn't have anything the Goddess. Jacqui's interview will be fun and uplifting and she's... more

On today's Love, Life, Law of Attraction show Lisa M. Hayes is going to interveiw co-host Cassie Parks, creator of the course Money, Money, Money about all things money manifesting. Lisa got a sneak peak at Cassie's new ebook Retired... more

Reading the signs can be tricky, because we often find what we're looking for. Our brains our programmed that way. So, how do you know if something is a sign of you moving in the "right" direction, if there is such a thing as the... more

The Love Whisperer, Lisa M. Hayes and Cassie Parks are going to discuss loving that person maybe it would be better if you didn't. If you're a Nashville fan you'll be familiar with this topic. A few weeks ago Luke reminded Rayna of a... more

Stressful stituations come in all forms. Some times they are planned happy events like a wedding. Sometimes they come up on us out of the blue like a funeral. Sometimes they last longer than you anticipate, like taking care of someone.... more

Today Lisa M. Hayes will discuss M Theory.

Today on the Money, Money, Money show Cassie Parks, party host at Money, Money, Money, has the privledge of talking to guest Janette Dalgeliesh, The LOABrain Whisperer about neuroscience and how the Money, Money, Money... more